ACADEMIA DE VAMPIROS: contada desde la perspectiva de Dimitri Belikov by KarlaRuizLara
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Vampire Academy: Broken Trust by stalkersxoxo
Vampire Academy: Broken Trustby stalkersxoxo
Rose has been injured and now she has to recover, to get back as Lissa's (The Queen) Guardian. But not long that she is living her dreams, by being a royal Guardian and...
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Queen Thorn by TeresaSullivan427
Queen Thornby Teresa Sullivan
Rose was driven from court, because of the treatment she received from Dimitri and Lissa. But what happened to her? Did she become a bloodwhore, a rouge killer? Or did s...
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The Red Rose by pattybubs
The Red Roseby pattybubs
Rose was heartbroken after what Dimitri said. She didn't know what to do. So she ran away with the help of her Dad. She became the Red Rose, feared by Strigoi and a leg...
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It's All Fun And Games by VampGirl555
It's All Fun And Gamesby Niki
Rose Hathaway is up to no good and the only person who can tame her is Dimitri Belikov. What will happen? Read to find out.
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What do you wish for? by TeresaSullivan427
What do you wish for?by Teresa Sullivan
What are the two things, that Dimitri has wished for, since he met and fell in love with Rose? Well, in this story, we find out. Join our favorite couple, on their journ...
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All I have is You by mampty
All I have is Youby Agnidipta sarkar
After shadow kissed . Rose saved Dimitri in the caves. Rose returning to her dorm room from hospital finds ............ ...........................Something . Read to fi...
  • betrayal
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  • babybelikov
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I don't belong.  by Jackoffalltrades
I don't belong. by Jacky Mulder
Caracter of Vampire academy woven into my ow vampire fantasy. The caracters are the same but the story is totaly diffrent
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Arrow of Artemis (The Brother's Grimm, #1) [PUBLISHED] by TeaNHeartache
Arrow of Artemis (The Brother's StrangerGranger
*SAMPLE ONLY* A Cursed Bloodline. A Bloodthirsty Beast. A Single Bite. The only thing Loren Bell cared about was passing all of her college finals and getting some m...
  • romance
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He's My Comrade And I'm His Roza ❤  by DreamWriter75
He's My Comrade And I'm His Roza ❤ by Ms. RD
This story is about Rose and Dimitri after everything has happened with Rose getting framed for the late Queen Tatiana. Lots of amazing things are happening with Rose an...
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Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy) by ha_roonie
Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy)by 春菜
****ALTERNATE ENDING IS UP**** vampire academy .... takes place after the series. There are too many strigoi attacks. Too many morois and dhampirs at risk. Is Rose and...
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Rose...... Mazure?! by KenzieP15
Rose...... Mazure?!by Makenzie
What if instead of Janine taking Rose away and placing her in the academy, she stayed with Abe and became Zmeyyete? Abe taught Rose all about the 'family business'. She...
  • moroi
  • lissadragomir
  • christianozera
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Blood Promise Vampire Academy Dimitri's POV by x_aNoNYMouSTaCHe_x
Blood Promise Vampire Academy ,',',',',',',',',',',',',---a...
Dimitri Belikov was awakened against his will. He had turned into a Strigoi, a remorseless, cold Vampire. Moving to Siberia, he hopes to avoid ever facing Rose, the woma...
  • fantasy
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Undead Love~A VA Fanfiction by LunarShamanicDhampir
Undead Love~A VA Fanfictionby Lunar Shamanic Dhampir
-COMPLETED- Did anyone else want to see Shadow Kiss end in a different way? Here it is. The story will have have POVs of Rose and Dimitri and other characters as well.I...
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#40 in Mystery(29,1,18)... Dimitri is leaving on a mission. Before that he finally persuades Rose to get married. Everybody is excited for the marriage of the first Gaur...
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The Hybrid (The Strain FanFic.) by alpha_hybrid
The Hybrid (The Strain FanFic.)by alpha_hybrid
Hiding for the past forty-five years has been the worst for me. I was thirteen when my father abandoned me because of what I was. My father had been after a man, or shou...
  • master
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The Twin Bond  by ladypervell
The Twin Bond by ladypervell
Rosemarie Hathaway is born a Dhampir a while her twin sister is born a Moroi ,something that had never happened before. But Rose was still born, Lissa not concuis of wha...
  • lissa
  • vampireacademy
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It All Started As Revenge by Neothecat20
It All Started As Revengeby Neo
When Lissa saves Dimitri from the clawed grasps of the darkness in being a Strigoi, everything changes. Dimitri no longer harbours feelings for Rose, and there borne the...
  • revenge
  • hathaway
  • romance
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« Daring Heart » by thoughtfxll
« Daring Heart »by mhm💭
WITH RICHELLE MEAD'S CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS OF HER SERIES VAMPIRE ACADEMY AND BLOODLINES My own little fanfiction of the series. With my oc, Addison. She hasn't always...
  • drama
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Blaues Blut aus der Sicht von Dimitri Belikov by Hannoverzicke
Blaues Blut aus der Sicht von Hannoverzicke
Nachdem Dimitri Belikov Rose Hathaway im ersten Teil der Saga begegnet ist, geht ihre gemeinsame Reise in "Blaues Blut" weiter. Wie empfindet Dimitri die Rückk...
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