Nobody's Business | Editing by jadaamourbri
Nobody's Business | Editing by jadaa brishawn 💘
Nobody's Business Book One -------------- Morgan has been through a lot in her life . When she turned 14, Morgan's mother died of breast cancer so she had to live wi...
  • urbanfiction
  • drugs
  • generalfiction
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Street Fighter | August Alsina by goldbmh
Street Fighter | August Alsina by GOLD BMH 👑
In a world filled with drugs, shooting and deaths, how do find love?
  • bibby
  • streetlit
  • thuglove
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My Deal With The Devil by Bling_xox
My Deal With The Devil by BBB
He staggers back holding his jaw then wipes he's nose with his other hand. "Bitch" he spits his eyes turning black with anger. "What's wrong Princess...
  • guns
  • streetlit
  • badboy
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Dangerous Desires © (Being Rewritten!!) by CiaraTHall
Dangerous Desires © (Being Rewritt... by Ciara T. Hall
The first book to the What I'd Do For You Series... How it all Begins... Out for revenge, Raundre tortures and kills everybody that was apart of the so called tragedy he...
  • love
  • african
  • nivea
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Caretaker | Urban  by yamalex
Caretaker | Urban by Sandra Dee.
Athena Kelly is the most curious and shy girl you will ever meet. A straight A student and the most hated girl at her high school. Senior year hasnt been the easiest for...
  • romance
  • youngadult
  • urbanfiction
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Sweet and Sour by kanubia
Sweet and Sour by kanubia
Humble, shy, and quiet, people always mistook Candy as a softy even though she was the sweetest person. Ace is Atlanta's biggest Kingpin after building his own empire...
  • urbanfiction
  • romance
  • love
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I Never Loved You |kenneth San Jose Fan fiction| by wasted24jocelyn
I Never Loved You |kenneth San Jos... by Jocelyn Marie
Kendall pierce, a famous dancer. Let's everyone believe she's the most heartless person. But deep down she has the biggest heart, even though many people keep breaking i...
  • wattys2017
  • kensanjose
  • drama
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A Thugs Baby Mama by Mypenbleedsink
A Thugs Baby Mama by Mypenbleedsink
Not every woman is equipped on being a Babymama. Meet twenty-one Dreamer Damato she is the Baby Mother of Clinton "Big C" Greene a well-known drug dealer in Ar...
  • thug
  • thuglove
  • urban
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Her Eyes 2 by UrbanQueen
Her Eyes 2 by শহুরে রাণী
After a shocking turn of events and revelations, twin sisters Cilia and Iris Hunter are now at odds. The wildness of Cilia and Allele's attempts at gaining money for Iri...
  • deceit
  • queenpin
  • urban
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Book Recommendations  |  ✓ by richieliitx
Book Recommendations | ✓ by ḱĩỿẩℏ ŕ.
❝Urban Fiction book recommendations recommended by me.❞ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ cover created by: @fanna-tastic
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Pusha Man's Girl by camisha_neverscared
Pusha Man's Girl by Camisha
Tamia was raised just how her parents planned, religious, smart and ahead of the game. But every girl has a bad side. After being told what to do and how to act for so l...
  • pmg
  • hoodlove
  • ratedr
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Brazy Baby by hoodbarti
Brazy Baby by ♔ bri.
brazy over you. a Molly Brazy fan fiction. intended for mature audiences. copyright 2017 yourstrulypresents @_tolerated made my cover #750 in general fiction: 11-27-17 #...
  • weed
  • youngadult
  • fanfiction
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Evaporate #Watts2017 by -hoodrich-
Evaporate #Watts2017 by L'A Mari ♞
work #5 In which a girl tries to get it all together. but when secrets collide it creates a storm. ||Evaporate BCC:dabwithbri
  • sexual
  • hood
  • mature
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Outlaws by CiaraTHall
Outlaws by Ciara T. Hall
Osabi Holloway, bullied all his life and misunderstood at a young age, turned to the streets at the age of seventeen and never found his way out. A menace to society and...
  • size
  • criminal
  • general
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Dead Benjamins by richiiex
Dead Benjamins by ţỗⱴą ṝ. ✦
With a childhood built off poverty, hardships and lessons shaped solely from living on and off the streets, Toddrick "Todd" Walker has grown to become a prospe...
  • deceit
  • lies
  • moc
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30 Days In Rehab by LunaShamya
30 Days In Rehab by Shamya Johnson
  • running
  • abuse
  • friendship
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The Skeletons In A Thug's Closet by richiiex
The Skeletons In A Thug's Closet by ţỗⱴą ṝ. ✦
Conceived from a money-hungry street soldier with the perilous fast life instilled in his mind as a necessity, and a cold-hearted, and flawed thief with the expertise of...
  • betrayal
  • secrets
  • murder
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Unintended Consequences (Act One) Completed by SafuraSalam
Unintended Consequences (Act One)... by Safura Salam
"It's simple; you help me convince everybody that we're a normal married couple and I help you hide from your homicidal gangster ex-boyfriend." "And the...
  • islam
  • muslimromance
  • romance
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I Fell In Love With A Gangster  by MissWWonder
I Fell In Love With A Gangster by MissWWonder
~ When Two People Really Care About Each Other, They Always Find A Way To Be With Each Other, No Matter How Hard It Is. ~ *Hey guys! I am so excited to finally share wit...
  • goodgirl
  • crime
  • gangster
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Twisted  by Diamonnd_
Twisted by Diaamond
It's Nicole's Senior year of NorthShire Highschool, she has the beauty, brains, and courage, but it all changes when she meet a prime aged man name Teron. Facing terribl...
  • romance
  • abuse
  • radomness
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