Sweet and Sour by kanubia
Sweet and Sour by kanubia Teen Fiction
Humble, shy, and quiet, people always mistook Candy as a softy even though she was the sweetest person. Ace is Atlanta's biggest Kingpin after building his own empire...
No Heroes Here. by LunaShamya
No Heroes Here. by Shamya Johnson Teen Fiction
6/2/17: #188 in teen fiction 6/9/17: #98 in general fiction 6/13/17: #93 in general fiction 6/14/17: #88 in general fiction 6/17/17: #85 in general fiction 7/7/17: #53 i...
Caretaker | Urban  by yamalex
Caretaker | Urban by Sandra Dee. Teen Fiction
Athena Kelly is the most curious and shy girl you will ever meet. A straight A student and the most hated girl at her high school. Senior year hasnt been the easiest for...
Unique Beauty [ Book 1] by UrbanQueenBee
Unique Beauty [ Book 1] by Upcoming Authoress ChickLit
Ciara is a beautiful girl but everyone think that she's ugly and looks down on her. Ciara is a 17 year old girl that's just trying to get out of school and start a new l...
My Toxicant by ambershanelx
My Toxicant by ambeezy. Teen Fiction
How many years apart are you and your lover? If you were to ask Ciara Nola that question she wouldn't answer simply because Julian was older than her. Too many years old...
Dangerously In Love by kissxmyxbadgal
Dangerously In Love by ✨princess✨ Teen Fiction
"I am in love with you. You set me free, I cant do this thing called life without you here with me. 'Cause I'm dangerously in love with you." [Description insi...
Queen Pin by lostiny0urmind
Queen Pin by lostiny0urmind General Fiction
19yr old Gia Queen De La Cruz, aka Queen, is known for being ruthless and trigger happy. With her father's business passed down to her at the age of fifteen, she became...
DEMONS | Urban by NovaaCanee_
DEMONS | Urban by Wavey General Fiction
"We're all looking for someone whose demons play well with ours."
Saving River Island by briannalorraine
Saving River Island by briannalorraine General Fiction
Growing tired of the abusive relationship that she's been dealing with for the past year and a half, River hatches a plan to escape. There's only one issue; she's dealin...
BITTER SWEET ( Empire fan fiction )  by Staizzie101
BITTER SWEET ( Empire fan fiction... by Lizzie Fanfiction
Meet Robyn Bree Lyon. Empire's daughter Join her as she struggles with her past, her family and her love life. This story is a pure work of fiction. Any references to r...
I Never Loved You |kenneth San Jose Fan fiction| by wasted24jocelyn
I Never Loved You |kenneth San Jos... by Jocelyn Marie Fanfiction
Kendall pierce, a famous dancer, falls in love with Kenneth San Jose, another famous dancer. See where their relationship takes them. Is it just another high school love...
Unintended Consequences (NaNoWriMo 2017) by SafuraSalam
Unintended Consequences (NaNoWriMo... by Safura Salam Spiritual
"It's simple; you help me convince everybody that we're a normal married couple and I help you hide from your homicidal gangster ex-boyfriend." "And the...
Two Misfits by saluteShae
Two Misfits by Shae Action
Two women going through life trying to figure things out meet up and join forces and become the petty duo. Somehow, it seems they are the only ones who see through the b...
Rebel Caniff by OldMagcon_2810
Breakdown | lil yachty by cestlahvie
Breakdown | lil yachty by 🌸CarpeDiem🌸 General Fiction
Campbell High school Is home to the ratchet and outspoken. Problem, Miles is the exact opposite he's shy, quiet and can be the most friendliest person you can ever meet...
Everyone Has A Story by Honeybunn_
Everyone Has A Story by Ah'mira Cox Mystery / Thriller
Amber and Jayden Fox were very close siblings. No one could separate them, they needed each other to breathe. The two of them hold a secret that they created together an...
urban graphics (OPEN) by getcovered_byk
urban graphics (OPEN) by "i got you covered" Random
An amateur portfolio of urban graphics created by a procrastinating, future college student. Message me for requests! **PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! **I DO NOT O...
Masked Addiction by Renay_M
Masked Addiction by Renay_M General Fiction
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Mama Was Right . by Tbh_Renae
Mama Was Right . by Tbh_Renae Romance
I watched as tears gradually flew down her face, "tell me your lying....please" she pleaded weakly. My heart clenched seeing her in this state. "Jay....&q...
Free as a Jailbird by IsabellaModra
Free as a Jailbird by IsabellaModra General Fiction
Jess Knight likes her freedom. Despite being in jail for about sixty-five percent of her teenage life, she is in complete control. But there's only one problem: she does...