69 Short Stories by ShallowSnowdrop
69 Short Stories by L
A collection of stories that are short and doesn't take long to read. Suitable for people who aren't in the mood of reading a super long novel. :) The number of w...
  • adventure
  • shortstories
  • fiction
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Just Poems by -extragalactic-
Just Poems by ♡
"that girl was quiet but her mind wasn't" ➖ poems with stories, emotion, anxieties, love, message, suicide, tears and humor. +warning: poems may include suic...
  • melancholy
  • books
  • stories
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HIS One shots by SarcasticallyWitty
HIS One shots by Leata
This is a one shot book about Stayden, Rivel, Lake, The Original Devils, The Spawns, The Descendants, pretty much everyone. This includes one shots about what happened a...
  • chapters
  • spinoff
  • sequel
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The Art Of Series by knightsrachel
The Art Of Series by Rachel
This is a spin-off of several works I have completed or are currently underway. This series of short stories will follow a few of my characters through the rehabilitatio...
  • alcohol
  • suicidal
  • perfection
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Scary Facts and Creepy Stories✔ by RaeStylez_16
Scary Facts and Creepy Stories✔ by Raven Guthrie
{Highest Rank - #1 in Horror [October 23,2017]} {Highest Rank - #10 in Random [November 21,2017]} COMPLETED✔ [NOT EDITED!] Scary Facts that keeps you up at night wonder...
  • mystery
  • murdered
  • abducted
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Scary Facts, Creepypastas, Legends, And Mysteries ✔ by MyAllTimeRomance
Scary Facts, Creepypastas, Legends... by !
A compilation of Scary Facts, Unsolved Mysteries, Urban Legends, Creepypastas and Scary Myths that I saw in various websites. If you're a fan of mysteries and all scary...
  • stories
  • urban
  • killers
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Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by InfernoEDM
Extremely Short Horror Stories (Tw... by Joel K
The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways
  • two
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Zodiac Stories by ZodiacPsycho
Zodiac Stories by Marie
A book full of Scenarios and stories involving the Zodiac Signs. Don't see those Everyday.
  • senarios
  • zodiac
  • stories
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Reader's Choice---Swasan Stories by Mars by mars_111
Reader's Choice---Swasan Stories b... by mars_111
#64 in random on 07/09/2017 So here u can request me the short stories u wish to read on swasan. For further information peep inside.
  • love
  • sanskar
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Ten Word Stories by JaneConquestBackup
Ten Word Stories by JCB
Some short little stories. Enjoy! *** All of these were written by me. Stealing/reposting without permission is a violation of copyright law! *** Copyright © 2016 Jane C...
  • writing
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  • poems
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you're mine | jenzie  by onlyjenzie
you're mine | jenzie by jenzie is real.
mackenzie ziegler, more commonly known as the nerd of king cross high. she's your typical, cliché, straight a student who hides behind her glasses, sarcastic comments an...
  • goodgirl
  • comedy
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80S AND 90S PLOT SHOP by coreyhaim
80S AND 90S PLOT SHOP by ㅤ
❝the guy who's got the biggest tool, he's the one who wins the pool!❞ { highest ranking #725 in random }
  • storyideas
  • love
  • nineties
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         FACE CLAIMS  (  under editing.  )  by obIivions
FACE CLAIMS ( under edi... by ㅤ
o. FACE CLAIMS ... real life has no appeal ! ❪ face claims : #72 in random ❫
  • male
  • nonbinary
  • dc
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Zodiac OneShots by LoveandLight123
Zodiac OneShots by WARNING BIO IS LONG
I've been reading about Zodiacs more the usual XD so I'm making some one-shots! Requests are open! !WARNING! I'm not that familiar with some signs (Scorpio, Taurus) so I...
  • virgo
  • aquarius
  • astrology
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One Shots by xx_smuttybanter_xx
One Shots by So Cosmo
"leave your fears behind, and come dance where all the naughty souls thrive" Now, this is my very first time writing smut, so I have no clue how good I am at i...
  • dirty
  • oneshots
  • hot
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Scary Stories and Urban Legends by femenoodles
Scary Stories and Urban Legends by femenoodles
A collection of the creepiest short stories! None of these are mine.
  • scary
  • stories
  • urbanlegends
Beyoncé One Shots (Explict) by Symonebranson
Beyoncé One Shots (Explict) by MoMo_bihh😛✨
Beyoncé Short stories
  • beyonce
  • short
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Scary Stories & Creepy Facts by My_Jazurich
Scary Stories & Creepy Facts by My_Jazurich
The title speak. . . Read at your own risk, darling... . . . Some of the contents are not mine so credits to the owner. . . . Advisable to read bef...
  • ghost
  • dreams
  • truths
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-_- 3 (Updates and Shitposting) by The_Ocean_Gem
-_- 3 (Updates and Shitposting) by ❦ᴵᵀ'ˢ ᴿᴬᴵᴺᴵᴺᴳ ˢᴼᴹᴱᵂᴴᴱᴿᴱ❦
Mother help me. 囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧 Book 3 to my updates, shitposting, vents, rants and more. 囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧囧 #918 in Random December 7, 2017 #471 in Random December 8, 2...
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News & Updates by Wattpad
News & Updates by Wattpad
Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more! Cover by @onederstruck-
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