Returned by BillieJay3
Returnedby Billie Jay
Book 2 of the stolen collection. Blake's baby. After being returned to her home, Jade is pretty much lost in her life. How can someone go from being pampered, loved, and...
  • romance
  • taken
  • love
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The Ticklish Game Show by Tickling-Feathers
The Ticklish Game Showby Tickling-Feathers
Emily was just like every other teenage girl. Fun, perky and cute. However one day she was in for a life changing experience once she was kidnapped and taken off the str...
  • gameshow
  • kidnapped
  • kinky
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Forbidden Fantasy by NinaKari
Forbidden Fantasyby NinaKari
***Book is Finished but not perfect. Needs Editing**** It all began with a stolen kiss. Layla Bungah had a normal life before the school system threw a new teacher into...
  • affair
  • kiss
  • teacher-student
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The Dragon Prince's Bride (Incomplete) by cjyoung24
The Dragon Prince's Bride ( C.J. Young
She stole a stranger's heart, and then he stole her. ****** In the days of Knights and Kings, a young maiden named Sylvia finds an injured man deep in the woods. She not...
  • slave
  • dangerouslove
  • kidnap
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Taken by Night_Watcher
Takenby Night_Watcher
17 year old Katie woods happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnesses a robbery and a murder take place. Once the robbers find her, they realize...
  • searching
  • ransom
  • trapped
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Cupid [pjm] by writer_seok2
Cupid [pjm]by BANANA SEOKED
The head quarters called in Chaelyn Yoo for a mission, she had to make a client named Park Jimin fall inlove with his destined companion, Jung Yuna. If fate twists every...
  • regret
  • stolen
  • btsjimin
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Loving Unexpectedly (GXG) by TAllie_Jayne
Loving Unexpectedly (GXG)by T. Allie Jayne
Cover- Created by the Amazing @fangurling4life Vampire #12-4/5/2015 Savannah had a normal life for a teenager, a boyfriend, friends. But Savannah has a secret... She is...
  • curse
  • mate
  • slave
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Loving Unexpectedly (GxG) **DRAFT** by TAllie_Jayne
Loving Unexpectedly (GxG) **DRAFT**by T. Allie Jayne
Cover- Created by the Amazing @napolean_blownapart Assistant Author @deamariemalik Vampire #12-4/5/2015 Savannah had a normal life for a teenager, a boyfriend, friends...
  • magic
  • master
  • kidnapped
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(Pokemon Fanfiction) The Ice Trainer by FrostyLuna13
(Pokemon Fanfiction) The Ice Luna
A gym leader from the Sinnoh region is kidnapped. But just when Ash and his friends here the news, Team Rocket suddenly appears and takes Ash! Follow his new journey alo...
  • fanfiction
  • stolen
  • heros
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Succulent memes :P by Kitty_Munchkin
Succulent memes :Pby Kitty_munchkin
Memes I stole from ifunny pretty self explanatory
  • funny
  • offensive
  • stolen
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Rainkissed by AlyRielle
Rainkissedby Aly Rielle
She embraced the rain and the rain embraced her. "Can you do me a favor?" I looked at those eyes before nodding, I was heading out to start Argreis's biggest...
  • hidden
  • stolen
  • shadow
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Unearthed by Aufaite
Unearthedby 乂❤‿❤乂Ghost乂❤‿❤乂
Nobody Owens and Ghost Simmons are both orphans who were rejected by any and all possible foster parents due to their foggy and smudged backgrounds. The children,now old...
  • unearthed
  • runaway
  • lost
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Captured by PointeLove
Capturedby PointeLove
A short story of an online predator. This story is mainly written in text messages.
  • kidnap
  • online
  • liar
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Stolen by my Vampire Mate by TinaMontella22
Stolen by my Vampire Mateby TinaMontella22
A boy named Alex is taken away by his (so to say mate) Dereck. He goes through several traumatizing things before he truly falls in love. Dereck's family is really his g...
  • manxboy
  • gay
  • stolen
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Til The End (StolenTrilogy) by RajaNumba1
Til The End (StolenTrilogy)by Ryann
THIRD BOOK TO STOLEN. So read those 2 first... If you want I guess. It's been 2 years since Jenna has returned home. She is growing up to be a mature, young woman. After...
  • frankiero
  • mychemicalromane
  • mcr
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Stalked And Stolen [The Blood Captive Book One/ON HOLD] by SophiexXxSky
Stalked And Stolen [The Blood Sophie Sky
"Obey me or be punished. Or maybe, I'll just kill you." They say you see your life pass by you when you near death. And in Lexi Heart's secluded universe, she...
  • stalked
  • father
  • hurt
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3 A.M ; poetry ; completed by hollywood_haley
3 A.M ; poetry ; completedby Queen Bear
100% of 3 A.M thoughts from a problematic tomboyish girly girl -Highest rank: #104 in poetry on 2/18/17-
  • recovery
  • trust
  • tumblr
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Fire and Ice  by EdensWritting
Fire and Ice by ♕ Eden ♕
My life was once normal. I dance and I live. Average, Normal, and dance use to sum up my life until I met him. He told me that I wasn't human, that I was special and tha...
  • fire
  • good
  • new
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neglected and inslaved by fairydemon666
neglected and inslavedby kiya namikaze
for the first 5 years naruto was neglected for his brother and sister who are the jinjuriki's of the nine tails. but one day when naruto is all alone walking along the s...
  • kiba
  • mito
  • kiddnaped
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Stolen Teddy Bear [ Mafia Series]  by Zelmirrah
Stolen Teddy Bear [ Mafia Series] by Belle
What would you do if you saw an adorable cuddly brown teddy bear in an unlocked apartment in the hotel? Obviously, you wouldn't care about it. But here we are talking...
  • drama
  • possessive
  • love
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