Stiles is a Winchester? [ COMPLETED ]  by StilinskiGirl16
Stiles is a Winchester? [ COMPLETE... by Brandy winchester Fanfiction
One day Scott decided to kick Stiles out of the pack because he's a 'weak' human. Obviously he isn't weak, after all he is a Winchester. After he is kicked out of the pa...
Natural Disasters ➳ Derek Hale by hoe-chlins
Natural Disasters ➳ Derek Hale by rosie™ Fanfiction
"you don't know how strong you are till being strong is your only option." ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ {DEREK HALE X OC} COVER CREDIT TO @EMERALDGRAPHICS
Violent Creatures ➣ Teen Wolf by melsthealpha
Violent Creatures ➣ Teen Wolf by Mels™ Fanfiction
"How do you know my son?" "The voices." ➣ Eleanor Rose has been locked away in Eichan House for years, upon her release, she is being steered t...
"and her smile- it forges galaxies and fosters life in a barren world but oh, her rage- it shatters the stars and brings constellations to their knees" teen wo...
Sunshine | Dylan O'Brien by faithtrustmusic
Sunshine | Dylan O'Brien by Marissa Fanfiction
Well known singer Avery Hart just joined the cast of the hit MTV TV show Teen Wolf. She quickly becomes friends with the cast and develops a crush on the one and only Dy...
BABY DADDY - MCCALL by scamarauder
BABY DADDY - MCCALL by • aria jay • Fanfiction
❝You may not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant.❞ - rupi kaur [ season three a- tba ]
orphic [1] ⇻ stiles stilinski  by heartp0sey
orphic [1] ⇻ stiles stilinski by clo Fanfiction
"Stop pining over him Elle, you can do better." "I don't want better Lyds, I'm not sure it's even possible. I want him." [ based off Teen Wolf, Seas...
I'm not human, I'm a Mikaelson  by ilove_TVD_TO_TW
I'm not human, I'm a Mikaelson by ilove_TVD_TO_TW Fanfiction
What if stiles wasn't human? in fact he hadn't been human for over 1000 years. What is he is really Genim "Stiles" Mikaelson? Then add his little sister into t...
KURASA || STILINSKI  by ailie-willow
KURASA || STILINSKI by Ailie Fanfiction
KURASA - 暗さ[noun]: Darkness --- "Weren't you dead?" "Wrong family member. Surprisingly you're alive? What did you do, sacrifice a newborn?" --- &quo...
Dylan O'Brien Imagines :: BOOK 2 by AnxietyModified
Dylan O'Brien Imagines :: BOOK 2 by AnxietyModified Fanfiction
"i want to wish you all luck with every bit of life you have ahead of you! be strong, be fearless, be passionate." - DYLAN O'BRIEN
SYMMETRY ➽ D. HALE by z0mbabe_
SYMMETRY ➽ D. HALE by ☼ fawn ☼ Fanfiction
sym·me·try /ˈsimətrē/ noun similarity or exact correspondence between different things [SEASONS ONE & TWO] ~Summary inside~ [All rights go to the writers of Teen...
Journey from Hatred to Love (Derek Hale) by DarylDloves
Journey from Hatred to Love (Derek... by DarylDloves Fanfiction
Caitlin Stilinski hasn't exactly had a normal life. She's a Stilinski, her father is the Sheriff and her brother is a funny smart mouth sibling. Although her life gets e...
Teen Shadows: TW/Shadowhunters ('Now You've Seen Me' Rewrite)  by BaraOShukketsu
Teen Shadows: TW/Shadowhunters ('N... by BaraOShukketsu Fanfiction
Shadow hunters and Teen Wolf crossover fanfiction of Stiles - if you read my original fanfic of this crossover 'Now You've Seen Me' this is a rewrite that will hopefully...
The Betrayed Son by Hannah-pierce
The Betrayed Son by Hannah-pierce Fanfiction
Percy Jackson has saved the gods and the world multiple times, he was willing to sacrifice his own life to keep his family and friends safe. In the end, the ones he wan...
I Promise (Scalia) by Malialover222
I Promise (Scalia) by Malialover222 Teen Fiction
These 2 people never really got along, But what happens when he asks her to be his math partner? What happens when a dare forces them closer than expected..... I do not...
IMAGINES ⌲ dylan o'brien by sourstiles
IMAGINES ⌲ dylan o'brien by PAIGE Fanfiction
❝ I just happened to step into acting. And now I can't imagine myself doing anything else. ❞ REQUESTS ARE NOT OPEN :( btw, i will give warnings enjoy #53 in FANFICTION a...
It's My Job (Mitch Rapp/Teen Wolf Cross Over) by Piper5
It's My Job (Mitch Rapp/Teen Wolf... by Clare Fanfiction
Stiles Stilinski vanishes after the Dread Doctors incident. Years later he comes back. A changed man.
New Girl // Stiles Stilinski [1] by KileyPayne
New Girl // Stiles Stilinski [1] by KileyPayne Fanfiction
Brianna Hollis, new girl to Beacon Hills. Only child to a single parent. Her mother died about a year ago and her father wanted to forget the past and start a new life...
STEREK one-shots by dylanobemyboyfriend1
STEREK one-shots by >The Devil < Fanfiction
If you have any requests just comment or message me!! Just random stories of STEREK maybe others like SCILES yeah
Teen Wolf Imagines by stydiaokay
Teen Wolf Imagines by Z A R A♡ Fanfiction
This is a book of imagines and prefrences on the boys of teen wolf: Stiles Scott Derek Isaac Jackson Ethan Aiden Liam Parrish Theo Brett Thanks for reading! Xx & Req...