The fox and the wolf (boyXboy) (sterek) by shameless24
The fox and the wolf (boyXboy) (st... by Sterek Fanfiction
Derek finds a boy half fox in the woods. The fox was injured so, Derek takes him home. Where did the boy come from and why was he so hurt mentally and physically? Also w...
Are You Nobody Too? (A Sterek Story) by Char1ieValentine
Are You Nobody Too? (A Sterek Stor... by Charlie Valentine Fanfiction
Stiles has been alone for a while now and has turned to several different coping mechanism. No one is ever around, he's all alone, and worst of all in love with Derek. W...
Professor Hale and His Husband by Fandom_Happiness
Professor Hale and His Husband by Gigi Fanfiction
Cover credit:SepticGirliplier At first Stiles didn't mean to intrude but now he finds it fun to crash Derek's lectures. Especially when his students gossip about Derek t...
-I N S A N I T Y- sterek fanfiction [COMPLETED] by ThePhoenixAshes
-I N S A N I T Y- sterek fanfictio... by Cactus Child Fanfiction
(under editing) "You Really Have To Learn Not To Trust A Fox. They'll Fool Ya They'll Fool Everyone" Stiles...
I'm fine. |stiles stilinski• by fandomstcries
I'm fine. |stiles stilinski• by Fandomstoriess Fanfiction
"Scott... I, I- I have cancer." I say, shutting my eyes, waiting nervously for his reaction. "What?" He asks, in disbelief. "Yeah, I have-"...
Hey, Brother... by BaraOShukketsu
Hey, Brother... by BaraOShukketsu Fanfiction
Hey, Brother. . . Summary: When Sam Winchester goes missing, Dean Winchester seeks help from his long lost brother; Stiles Winchester. ***I do not own Teen Wolf, Superna...
[Sterek] Cupboard Love (boyxboy) by mklutz
[Sterek] Cupboard Love (boyxboy) by mk Fanfiction
He's carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost dr...
Las Jamie Aventuras by MaileDC
Las Jamie Aventuras by MaileDC Fanfiction
James Hale Stilinski tiene un don, o eso dice él... Lo único de lo que está seguro es que es hijo de Derek Hale y Stiles Stilinski
Sterek One-Shots Book by DaddySatan24
Sterek One-Shots Book by Daddy Satan Fanfiction
Basically just a bunch of cute Sterek AU's.
Baby Stilinski by Maddhatter1997
Baby Stilinski by Hailey Taylor Fanfiction
This will be a more detailed and longer version of the story in my one shots. Basically Stiles gets hit with a curse and is left on Derek's door step. Derek is not pleas...
Sterek and Scisaac by TooAttachedAsAlways
Sterek and Scisaac by TooAttachedAsAlways Fanfiction
Just a bunch of one-shots of Sterek and Scisaac. I would love some requests and comments are always snazzy to receive.
Jealousy [Sterek] by Innocent_little_girl
Jealousy [Sterek] by Innocent_little_girl Fanfiction
So Derek has a small crush on Stiles and some of the pack members figured it out so they decided to play a game to see who can make Derek jealous by flirting with Stiles...
Save Me by RunningTheMaze95
Save Me by RunningTheMaze95 Fanfiction
When Stiles dad turns back to his old way of drinking and starts to abuse him Stiles doesn't know what to do. He doesn't tell anyone in hopes that it will go away. It d...
I'm Fine by leakycauldrcn
I'm Fine by ♡ Tiana♡ Fanfiction
Stiles has a boyfriend, but that boyfriend is abusive and everyone knows it except Stiles. Will Derek and the pack be able to help Stiles before it's too late? A/N: No s...
Mute - Sterek fanfic by otaku6337
Mute - Sterek fanfic by Otaku6337 Fanfiction
Stiles got kidnapped by Kate. Derek and the pack saved him but that wasn't the end of the problem - it never is. How is Stiles going to live now that he's mute? How is t...
one shots (teen wolf) by blueflu
one shots (teen wolf) by Blueflu Fanfiction
teen wolf bxb one shots
Time is Priceless series Part One: This is Just the Beginning by FandomsAreLife82691
Time is Priceless series Part One:... by FandomsAreLife8-26-91 Fanfiction
Summary: Stiles is abandoned in the time he needs help the most. Will the return of a familiar face save him? Will he rise with a new sense of power? Will his empty hear...
Sterek One-Shots by Patnis
Sterek One-Shots by Love At First Klance Fanfiction
Enjoy! + I do own these short stories, but not the characters
Accidentally in Love || Sterek  by fictionalcandy14
Accidentally in Love || Sterek by MaKayla Fanfiction
Derek receives a text from an unknown number. He expected the number to stop texting him after the mishap but it turns out the boy just doesn't stop. Stiles knows he sh...
Lamentable Allies - Sterek by raeoozzi
Lamentable Allies - Sterek by raeoozzi Fanfiction
Derek was very much straight. And Stiles was very much annoyed by Derek. How did these two end up together again? Jeff Davis owns all characters :-)