Step dad (15+) by AlisonBlindy4
Step dad (15+)by Alison Blindy
Smut "Jimin your my step dad, I think we should stop" I told him. He inserted another finger and started going rough.
  • jimin
  • slave
  • bts
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His Step Daughter by iloveanimals26
His Step Daughterby X)
Annabelle Frey how do I describe her she is sarcastic, not afraid to speak her mind, and a badass. She is a 18 year old girl who hates her mom, after she finds out her m...
  • stepdaughter
  • drama
  • billionaire
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Step Daddy <> j.g by givemegilinsky
Step Daddy <> j.gby irene♡
she's an innocent virgin who makes her step daddy get boners. of course, she doesn't know what boners are.
  • daddy
  • jackgilinsky
  • daddykink
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Step Daddy || M.H by lukehoeings
Step Daddy || M.Hby — jenni x
&quot;you're daddy's princess now&quot; in which Ally's step dad, Matthew Healy, takes a liking to his now fifteen year old step daughter
  • the1975
  • stepdad
  • stepdaughter
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Abused by tecumseh15
Abusedby tecumseh15
A short story about a step father abusing his step daughter.
  • stepfather
  • short
  • abuse
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Sitting on Daddy's Lap by kink_guy
Sitting on Daddy's Lapby kink_guy
After Dark
  • ddlg
  • daughter
  • daddysgirl
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Versace On The Floor || Bruno Mars x Zendaya  by ThePinkHooligan
Versace On The Floor || Bruno pιnĸ
Life suddenly changes for Bruno when he finds himself tangled in a web of lies with his girlfriend's seventeen year old daughter.
  • stepfather
  • daddykink
  • sexscene
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Handle with care by SalutemeimT
Handle with careby SalutemeimT
Sixteen year old, Zendaya Coleman, has a hard time reading and writing and suffers from constant batter by her vicious mother who has a strong hatred for her. Her longte...
  • abuse
  • underage
  • zendaya
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Our Forbidden Love by AshleyWL
Our Forbidden Loveby
My Stepdad My lover My Whole World I knew falling for him was wrong he said he loved me I left my mother for him but when school ended he left me 3 years ago alone cold...
  • lovers
  • stepdad
  • stepdaughter
Don't Tell Mommy by Sweetness_SNL
Don't Tell Mommyby Scarlet La Marche
A story about a dad and his stepdaughter and keeping there secret affair from mommy. Some will like this but it starts with a 10 year old girl and her step dad what happ...
  • teaching
  • foreplay
  • stepdaughter
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Unintended Vows by VictorySneakers
Unintended Vowsby Sister Sister
Jerome Knight of the Midknight pack is 24 years old and the next alpha in line. He has to prepare to take the position because his father is ready to pass down the title...
  • mates
  • stepdaughter
  • forcedmarriage
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My Mafia Stepdaddy by kile13
My Mafia Stepdaddyby sakile
Miyomi Smith always ran from her problems, but the one time she faces it her world turns upside down . Finding out her new stepdaddys secret she has nothing but dictate...
  • cougar
  • love-hate
  • stepdaughter
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I'll Never Let You Down. (Leland Chapman) by HannahxMetallica
I'll Never Let You Down. (Leland HannahxMetallica
This is a story about Campbell Grey and her life as Leland Chapman's stepdaughter.
  • dogthebountyhunter
  • chapman
  • fanfiction
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Trapping His Stepdaughter by _thewhitebunny_
Trapping His Stepdaughterby Jennifer Lee
Tidak ada kata 'Tidak' untuk Blake Morgan. Seluruh perkataannya mutlak dan tidak ada satu orang pun yang boleh menyangkalnya. Tidak terkecuali dirinya, anak perempuannya...
  • dominant
  • stepdaughter
  • alpha
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Hot and sweaty sex stories by crazyforever5912
Hot and sweaty sex storiesby crazyforever5912
Hot and Sweaty sex stories
  • lesbian
  • cumming
  • dontgetcaught
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Wherever You Wander h.s. (daddy addition) by breakalegstyles
Wherever You Wander h.s. (daddy Call Me Schy
••••••• &quot;I bet you have boys bowing down for you all the time. So tell me Wesley, what made you come to daddy?&quot; &quot;Wrong, not even close. Girls like me don'...
  • stepdaughter
  • one
  • relatable
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Peachy by IvMarshall
Peachyby Hadassah Innocent
Kimberly gets Married to Derrick, it's all rosy, until Nicki, Derrick's daughter returns from Egypt, she gets the shock of her life seeing her father is married to a wom...
  • stepmum
  • lies
  • love
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Stop Breathing  by enjoylifereadbooks
Stop Breathing by Kendra ❤️
This, story is about the rough life of a black teenage girl. She's 16 now but the drama started when she was about 8 years old / when her mom married a lowdown ass man...
  • stepdad
  • thedevil
  • hurt
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CRUEL; ʲᵉᶠᶠʳᵉʸ ᵈᵉᵃⁿ ᵐᵒʳᵍᵃⁿ by bloomjdm
CRUEL; ʲᵉᶠᶠʳᵉʸ ᵈᵉᵃⁿ ᵐᵒʳᵍᵃⁿby wine mom™
  • thriller
  • stepdaughter
  • mystery
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Like Step Father, Like Step Daughter (A Dallas Winston Fanfic) by Silent-Dove
Like Step Father, Like Step Silence.
Dallas Winston is a step-Father of two, when his fifteen year old step daughter Katherine never even want to hang out with him, because he married her mother. So Dally h...
  • stepfather
  • theoutsiders
  • stepdaughter
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