The Billionaire's Stepdaughter by Max_24
The Billionaire's Stepdaughter by Maximus Maximilian Romance
He pinned her to the wall and cupped her face with his hands. Lust and longing were his only companions when he looked at her. She ripped her eyes off his. This annoyed...
My Lover, My Mate, My Step-Dad by KatherineSaalea101
My Lover, My Mate, My Step-Dad by Katherine Saalea Werewolf
Thea is the daughter of Alpha Jax Summers and Luna Jocelyn Summers. She had an average life, being annoyed by her older twin brothers Zander and Maddox. She was content...
Loving my stepmother! by Gracerose_x
Loving my stepmother! by ❁Grace❁ Romance
*This story is still on going and being edited* - Rose's dad is a businessman, always going away on 'business trips' This time he goes away for 3 weeks. - Rose's mum die...
Step Daddy || M.H by lukehoeings
Step Daddy || M.H by j e n n i f e r 🍃 Fanfiction
"you're daddy's princess now" in which Ally's step dad, Matthew Healy, takes a liking to his now seventeen year old step daughter
The other side of me by XxAllTimeDemixX
The other side of me by XxLittleBrichesxX Fanfiction
What if some of the most well known celebrities were actually agents who were helping the police stop child abuse? Alex Gaskarth and Demi Lovato, two well known celebri...
M¥ €M₱£®O®.....         [Slow Updates] by BlissfullyElegant
M¥ €M₱£®O®..... [Slow Upda... by BlissfulyElegant Spiritual
"Finished.... I'm finished" She mumbled, with bruised lips. Face stained with dirt and tears, golden scruffy hair with little curls, lime lighting the dry leav...
Peachy by IvMarshall
Peachy by Hadassah Innocent General Fiction
Kimberly gets Married to Derrick, it's all rosy, until Nicki, Derrick's daughter returns from Egypt, she gets the shock of her life seeing her father is married to a wom...
My Mafia Stepdaddy by kile13
My Mafia Stepdaddy by sakile Romance
Miyomi Smith always ran from her problems, but the one time she faces it her world turns upside down . Finding out her new stepdaddys secret she has nothing but distate...
Abused by tecumseh15
Abused by tecumseh15 Short Story
A short story about a step father abusing his step daughter.
Wherever You Wander h.s. (daddy addition) by breakalegstyles
Wherever You Wander h.s. (daddy ad... by Call Me Schy Fanfiction
••••••• "I bet you have boys bowing down for you all the time. So tell me Wesley, what made you come to daddy?" "Wrong, not even close. Girls like me don'...
Mere Meherbaan by SidrawShaikhh
Mere Meherbaan by SidrawShaikhh Spiritual
Running From The Beast by BloodyRose0103
Running From The Beast by Emalee Dana Mystery / Thriller
16 year old Emily James lives with her father and her stepmother. the stepmother is very unkind and malcontent and evil towards Emily, she tries to tell her father but t...
Like Step Father, Like Step Daughter (A Dallas Winston Fanfic) by 80s_Greaser_BH6
Like Step Father, Like Step Daught... by Silent_Dove🔮 Humor
Dallas Winston is a step-Father of two, when his fifteen year old step daughter Katherine never even want to hang out with him, because he married her mother. So Dally h...
Daddy [H.S] by sincerleystyles
Daddy [H.S] by sincerleystyles Fanfiction
"Harry" she moaned quietly in his ear as he went a little faster. He knew they shouldn't have been doing this. Her mother just died and she was his step-daugh...
LESSONS.   ( ryan reynolds ) by vancityreynoIds
LESSONS. ( ryan reynolds ) by sam ☁️ Fanfiction
- step-daughter wants older step-father to teach her about love ! ( ryan reynolds x oc | au )
PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!! by 2cute4you16
PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!! by 2cute4you16 Teen Fiction
Looks like kiesha has a new stepdad. But what happens when he isn't as nice as he seems??