His Step Daughter by iloveanimals26
His Step Daughter by X)
Annabelle Frey how do I describe her she is sarcastic, not afraid to speak her mind, and a badass. She is a 18 year old girl who hates her mom, after she finds out her m...
  • stepdad
  • drama
  • badgirl
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Versace On The Floor || Bruno Mars x Zendaya  by ThePinkHooligan
Versace On The Floor || Bruno Mars... by pιnĸ
Life suddenly changes for Bruno when he finds himself tangled in a web of lies with his girlfriend's seventeen year old daughter.
  • agegap
  • stepdaughter
  • secretrelationship
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Step Daddy <> j.g by givemegilinsky
Step Daddy <> j.g by irene♡
she's an innocent virgin who makes her step daddy get boners. of course, she doesn't know what boners are.
  • stepdaddy
  • gilinsky
  • daddyfanfiction
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My Lover, My Mate, My Step-Dad by KatherineSaalea101
My Lover, My Mate, My Step-Dad by Katherine Saalea
Thea is the daughter of Alpha Jax Summers and Luna Jocelyn Summers. She had an average life, being annoyed by her older twin brothers Zander and Maddox. She was content...
  • mate
  • love
  • stepdad
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Stepdad Lil' Doll by S_Desiree
Stepdad Lil' Doll by S_Desiree
Stepdad Lil' Doll
  • stepdaughter
  • stepdad
  • adult
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It's Louis Not Daddy [L.T.] by AFool4Louu
It's Louis Not Daddy [L.T.] by Louu Tommo
"How many times do I have to tell you that don't call me daddy. My name is Louis and you must call me Louis or if it that important to you you can call me dad but j...
  • harrystyles
  • spanking
  • payne
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The Stepfather  by Gurly_Witter
The Stepfather by Brianna
She fell in love with her stepfather then stared being stalked by her ex boyfriend who want her back when he get her back things change but what happens when her birth f...
  • stepdaughter
  • safehouse
  • redroses
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My Step Father's Love by nightworld12
My Step Father's Love by Sierra CS
I'm Taylor and sadly I figured out I can describe myself in three words already.1) anti-social 2) friendless 3) annoyed. My mother is such a brat I thought I was suppos...
  • taylorswift
  • stepdaughter
  • stepfather
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The Perfect Family(Chris Brown Tale) by LadyJ1034
The Perfect Family(Chris Brown Tal... by Shanthenia
Tamia is a 22 year old single crime scene investigator with a 5 month old daughter. After having her daughters dad walk out on her and her parents killed she was left al...
  • augustalsina
  • family
  • shemarmoore
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Peachy by IvMarshall
Peachy by Hadassah Innocent
Kimberly gets Married to Derrick, it's all rosy, until Nicki, Derrick's daughter returns from Egypt, she gets the shock of her life seeing her father is married to a wom...
  • lies
  • love
  • pretence
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You Don't Know // Negan (?) by AnonymousDarko
You Don't Know // Negan (?) by Anonymous Darko
He doesn't share his secret. Although he wouldn't call it a weakness, he thinks of it as a strength. So, who is she to him? Idea from anonymous darko! I don't own the...
  • jdm
  • zombies
  • stepdaughter
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You and Me by Miro-chan1002
You and Me by Miro-chan1002
It was December 15th of the year 2012 when the outbreak had reached a critical state, spreading across the globe in a matter of days. The virus had the same name as the...
  • zombies
  • stepdad
  • zombiesurvival
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I'll Never Let You Down. (Leland Chapman) by HannahxMetallica
I'll Never Let You Down. (Leland C... by HannahxMetallica
This is a story about Campbell Grey and her life as Leland Chapman's stepdaughter.
  • stepdaughter
  • hawaii
  • leland
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M¥ €M₱£®O®.....         [Slow Updates] by BlissfullyElegant
M¥ €M₱£®O®..... [Slow Upda... by Gul-e-mah
"Finished.... I'm finished" She mumbled, with bruised lips. Face stained with dirt and tears, golden scruffy hair with little curls, lime lighting the dry leav...
  • cinderella
  • anniee
  • boss
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The Billionaire's Stepdaughter by Max_24
The Billionaire's Stepdaughter by Maximus Maximilian
He pinned her to the wall and cupped her face with his hands. Lust and longing were his only companions when he looked at her. She ripped her eyes off his. This annoyed...
  • mature
  • billionaire
  • dominating
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My Mafia Stepdaddy by kile13
My Mafia Stepdaddy by sakile
Miyomi Smith always ran from her problems, but the one time she faces it her world turns upside down . Finding out her new stepdaddys secret she has nothing but distate...
  • mafia
  • stepdaughter
  • stepfather
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Trapping His Stepdaughter [COMING SOON] by _thewhitebunny_
Trapping His Stepdaughter [COMING... by Jennifer Lee
Tidak ada kata 'Tidak' untuk Blake Morgan. Seluruh perkataannya mutlak dan tidak ada satu orang pun yang boleh menyangkalnya. Tidak terkecuali dirinya, anak perempuannya...
  • stepdaughter
  • kinky
  • forbidden
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Step Daddy || M.H by lukehoeings
Step Daddy || M.H by — jenni x
"you're daddy's princess now" in which Ally's step dad, Matthew Healy, takes a liking to his now fifteen year old step daughter
  • stepdad
  • mattyhealy
  • the1975
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stepfather h.s by aryanashiv
stepfather h.s by aryana shivmangal
in which harry is a stepfather and forces his stepdaughter to blow jobs. sex and deep throat
  • bdsm
  • fanfiction
  • harry
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Stop Breathing  by enjoylifereadbooks
Stop Breathing by enjoylifereadbooks
This, story is about the rough life of a black teenage girl. She's 16 now but the drama started when she was about 8 years old / when her mom married a lowdown ass man...
  • creeper
  • life
  • stepdad
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