Statistic by KayyKaponee
Statistic by KayyKaponee Teen Fiction
Every one has a breaking point. Some closure then others . And after a life of nothing but heart break and betrayal Niah was nearing hers .but she could not let herself...
Making The Best of It by bandfanarii
Making The Best of It by A Teen Fiction
15-year-old Taylianah Lukai moves from Honolulu, Hawaii to Baton Rouge, Louisiana because her mom takes a better job. She takes this as a new start--an escape from all o...
7 Deadly Sins - The Lost Banished Heir by Tri3LyriX
7 Deadly Sins - The Lost Banished... by LyriX Action
The Seven Deadly Sins have awoken and are now in search of "The Lost Banished Heir", Cain who would be the key to their ascension to power. Cain's reincarnatio...