Aviophobia (Leonard McCoy) by ElizabethDarcy19
Aviophobia (Leonard McCoy)by Elizabeth Samuels
As her heart kept racing, she heard stressed voices all around her, but one voice cut through all the rest of them. She heard Leonard exclaim, "Jim, get her the he...
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Star Trek Reader Inserts by KobayashiMarue
Star Trek Reader Insertsby Ann
I kinda like doing these reader insert/one shot things so I thought to give this a try. Complete! For now??? I will not be doing any smut what so ever and no boyxboy or...
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STARSTRUCK | [Jim Kirk] by oliversqueen
STARSTRUCK | [Jim Kirk]by ˗ˏˋ ALEX ˎˊ˗
"you changed him, noah" > in which a playboy changes for the girl of his dreams [star trek reboots] [three books in one]
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alatus.     JIM KIRK by mvanderbizen
alatus. JIM KIRKby m
J I M K I R K x C L O V E O S W I N - P I K E [ O C ] STAR TREK ― STAR TREK : BEYOND 'i wrote god a simple letter' mvanderbizen © 2018 started ; octo...
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Spirk Drabbles by prettyspaceprnce
Spirk Drabblesby Space Prince
You guessed it! Just some Spirk Drabbles.
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Star Trek Imagines Book 2 by Clo2603
Star Trek Imagines Book 2by marvel_fan_forever
Imagines between the reader and various Star Trek characters. The characters I mainly write about are Chekov, Bones and Kirk but I can write about others if requested. ...
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Spock's Heart (Spock X Reader) by WhovianTrekkie101
Spock's Heart (Spock X Reader)by WhovianTrekkie101
Spock is a Vulcan. Seemingly heartless but logical. He would have no reason it fall in love...then you came. (This book is not One-shots or imagines. It is an actual sto...
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Fandom One Shots by Deathdujour
Fandom One Shotsby QueenofNeverland
Collection of small one shots about various fandoms. Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Hawaii5-0, The Originals, Star Trek, Supernatural, The...
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  • hawaii5-0
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100 More One Shots by susiephalange
100 More One Shotsby susie ♡
There's just something about fictional characters that makes you want to be in the story with them. Well, here in this book, you can! In here, you get to read about your...
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Star Trek Imagines by Clo2603
Star Trek Imaginesby marvel_fan_forever
Imagines between the reader and various Star Trek characters. The characters I mainly write about are Chekov, Bones and Kirk but I can write about others if requested. ...
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Falling In Love With Jim Kirk by DiverseConstellation
Falling In Love With Jim Kirkby Riley M. W.
      Lieutenant Lillian "Lily" Walker grew up with Captain Jim Kirk. They've literally been best friends since birth. They attended the same schools and they...
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Meine Zeichnungen - #JupiterAward17 by JedziaWho
Meine Zeichnungen - #JupiterAward17by Träumerin
Ich zeichne seit circa drei Jahren richtig und ich habe schon so viele coole Zeichnungen gesehen, dass ich mir dachte: Komm, pack deine Sachen auch noch dazu! Ich hof...
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Star Trek Into Darkness (Kirk x Reader) by LayceJ25
Star Trek Into Darkness (Kirk x RJ
The crew of the Starship Enterprise returns home after an act of terrorism within its own organization destroys most of Starfleet and what it represents, leaving Earth i...
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Fandom Imagines by Whovian3135
Fandom Imaginesby ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
Imagines and Preferences for various fandoms. Requests- Open [ ] Closed [X] I write/wrote for the following fandoms- • Star Trek • The Maze Runner • Jurassic World • Go...
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Love is Illogical ; Spock by aesthetic-age
Love is Illogical ; Spockby Valkyrie
"I'm sure we could find something to amuse ourselves with." He mused. "I mean it's only logical that we're productive." I added. "Precisely.&quo...
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Jamie T. Kirk & Spock (StarTrek Fanfic) by Blondie__Lexie
Jamie T. Kirk & Spock (StarTrek Blondie__Lexie
Jamie is Jim's twin sister and is practically a little sister to him, they were very close until Jamie joined StarFleet and never looked back at her past, she befriend U...
  • spock
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Fandom Imagines by Fandom-Before-Blood
Fandom Imaginesby (>•-•)>
I had too many Fandom's And too many ideas for imagines "Do I make a book for all of them?" I thought "God no, I would get them confused" So this...
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Co-Captains (Star trek fan fic) by alliekatt314
Co-Captains (Star trek fan fic)by alliekatt314
Intro is first page
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A Kestrel for a Star (Star Trek fanfiction) by Tinytotsmc
A Kestrel for a Star (Star Trek Tinytot
Kestrel Stibbons is part of an extinct race and trying to keep her head down and work her way up through Starfleet . . . but being friends with Jim Kirk means life is ne...
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Star Trek (Kirk x Reader) by LayceJ25
Star Trek (Kirk x Reader)by RJ
Aboard the USS Enterprise, the most-sophisticated starship ever built, a novice crew embarks on its maiden voyage. Their path takes them on a collision course with Nero...
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