The Fire Within by paris_girl22
The Fire Within by paris_girl22 Fanfiction
"I could have hurt you. I could have killed you without even meaning to." "I'll never leave you, Stiles. You could never hurt me." Stiles Stilinski...
close | PENNIG by kjapa-
close | PENNIG by emily. Humor
tyler posey + shelley hennig
The Real Him 》Derek Hale & Teen Wolf  by Inde4422
The Real Him 》Derek Hale & Teen Wo... by Inde4422 Fanfiction
Vanessa McCall is a shy and loving girl. She's the twin of Scott McCall and is a werewolf. She is also mates with Derek Hale. So imagine her surprise to see her mate 17...
Always you ~ Stalia by staliaxdolan
Always you ~ Stalia by staliaxdolan Werewolf
When new girl Malia moves to, Beacon Hills, strange things start to happen. New creature and problems have to be faced. Even a new love interests is evolved.
HUNTRESS » SCOTT MCCALL by «r» Fanfiction
'oh scott mccall, how come you always fall for the hunters?' [season four] [I DO NOT OWN TEEN WOLF]
[1] negative space | s. stilinski by -inslaytiable
[1] negative space | s. stilinski by b Fanfiction
in which olivia argent meets stiles stilinski ••••••• "GET AWAY FROM ME!" I hear a loud growl from the locker room and start to run faster towards it, I quick...
The Wolf Runner (maze runner/teen wolf) by voidstilespack
The Wolf Runner (maze runner/teen... by Amanda Fanfiction
WARNING!!! Do not read if you haven't read the death cure or seen teen wolf season 4!!! I don't own the maze runner or teen wolf!!!All rights go to James Dashner and Jef...
golden ➳ o'brien  by alissasviolet
golden ➳ o'brien by ❨EMILY❩ Fanfiction
❝hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.❞ in which danni anderson finds herself utterly in love with a mets-loving actor. ON HOLD TEMPORARILY [s...
bruised//«stiles stilinski» by fandomstcries
bruised//«stiles stilinski» by Fandomstoriess Fanfiction
Depressed, anxious, ADHD Stiles is growing up, after the recent suicide of his mother, with a now drunk, abusive father. A/N SUMMARIES R HARD BUT I ASSURE YOU ITS ALOT...
It's not to late  stalia  by Dbell45
It's not to late stalia by Dbell45 Fanfiction
Start during season 5 finale
Stiles Stilinski - Beautiful Bones by maleficmouse
Stiles Stilinski - Beautiful Bones by mira Fanfiction
\\the paths of glory lead but to the grave\\ Stiles is a vampire, not the traditional kind you might be thinking of but just as dangerous. As Stiles comes of age, he wi...
My forever ||stalia|| by scilesisbae
My forever ||stalia|| by Teenwolflover Romance
This story is about stiles and Malia and their journey after their breakup, they go through so much by staying together and also finding their way back to each other no...
(Sterek) Punked Out The Story by XsterekX
(Sterek) Punked Out The Story by Jen Fanfiction
Teen Wolf, the not so normal story of Stiles Stillinski and his new life. Stiles was once an ordinary, sarcastic, witty 16 year old thin, lanky and fragile human boy. Bu...
Percy Jackson in Beacon Hills: The Deadpool. by EllimaiFreeman
Percy Jackson in Beacon Hills: The... by E.M.Freeman Fanfiction
After the war, Percy and Annabeth just want to leave the world of gods behind and have quiet life. When Percy suggests going to California, Annabeth jumps at the chance...
Punked Out by stilinskilover024
Punked Out by stilinskilover024 Fanfiction
What happens when Stiles is kicked out of the pack? Will Malia leave Beacon Hills with him? Does he become a supernatural creature? Read to find out!!
TEENWOLF Imagines by princeodolan
TEENWOLF Imagines by its B Fanfiction
The Title Says It All! Imagines include ⇨ The Attractive Smart Kid ⇨Cute Werewolf Daddy ⇨Sour Wolf ⇨The Crazy Girl •as a sister• ⇨Badass Girl Who Was Brainwash By Her S...
Stalia||It's Progress by MakanaleiKaeo
Stalia||It's Progress by MakanaleiKaeo Teen Fiction
Stiles and Malia have a long road ahead.
Teen Wolf - Next Generation (Book 1) by superwolf_24
Teen Wolf - Next Generation (Book... by Bella Bookataub Fanfiction
7 years since her father, Stiles, and mother, Lydia, had gone missing. 16 year old, Allison Stilinski, faces high school with the aid of her father's best friend, Scott...
Red Ribbon ✦ 1 by Ahsxwolf
Red Ribbon ✦ 1 by Arizona Amaya Fanfiction
Stiles and Malia have been secretly dating ... well sort of. Now that she's back in school Stiles tutors her but she wants to learn more than math from him.
Pack Texts | Teen Wolf by voidxhannah
Pack Texts | Teen Wolf by hannah Fanfiction
AU // texts of Scott's Pack from MTV's "Teen Wolf" characters including: Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski Lydia Martin Allison Argent Malia Tate Kira Yukimura Lia...