All Mine (A Joker Fanfiction) by broken_beauty_x
All Mine (A Joker Fanfiction) by Chelsea
Who said evil and good go well together?
  • evil
  • suicide
  • joker
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Brenton's girl by bebadassy
Brenton's girl by 👑💫
"Call me daddy.". "Daddy?" "Daddy." ~ A book where the bad boy, gang leader falls for the innocent good girl. - Brenton is the towns gang...
  • drugs
  • love
  • romance
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imagines and preferences → younowers by itsMarioSeIman
imagines and preferences → younowe... by 👻💍👼🏼
cringey imagines and preferences:)
  • younow
  • nathantriska
  • westonkoury
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Mystic Messenger - Zodiac Book by simply_possessive
Mystic Messenger - Zodiac Book by Ƙιяα
Hiya ;) Not many of these are around yet and I thought it'd be fun to do this, so why not? Also, don't be afraid to request a scenario~ *Might not be exactly spoiler fre...
  • fun
  • zodiacs
  • zen
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Instagram. {Omaha} by Jade_august
Instagram. {Omaha} by BabyAJ
@SkateMaloley started following you @DerekLuh started following you @JackJohnson started following you @JackGilinsky started following you @SammyWilk started following...
  • sammywilk
  • maggielindemann
  • drama
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Vlog Squad And TFIL Preferences and Imagines by Emma0000007
Vlog Squad And TFIL Preferences an... by TheBeeMovie
VLOG Squad and TFIL Preferences •And Logan Paul and friends• •Zane Hijazi• •Heath Hussar• •Scotty Sire• •Toddy Smith• •Carly Incontro• •Erin Gilfoy• •Elton Castee• •Sa...
  • wattys2017
  • preferences
  • heathhussar
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S.I.X by KateeSmurfette
S.I.X by Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
Lunch went by pretty quickly, and we were back to classes soon enough. I'd forgotten to get a book from my locker, so I quickly went to get it. I was leaning on the lock...
  • love
  • badboy
  • newfamily
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My Life At Lawanson High School by toyosibby
My Life At Lawanson High School by The Queen👑
Winner of the Nigerian Wattys "Best teen fiction" Thank you so much!🎉 Highest ranking: #553 in teen fiction! 'Lase Adesina is a young Nigerian girl who goes t...
  • school
  • nigeria
  • badboy
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Pretty Much One Shots by RileyJaiM
Pretty Much One Shots by Bianca
A collection of one shots/imagines of PRETTYMUCH Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu ❤😍
  • squad
  • edwin
  • zion
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Friendzones usually end up ruining a friendship, but this time... It takes it to a whole new level. Book One of the "Zone" series. ⓒ copyright | mesnate Book #...
  • sam
  • magcon
  • squad
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Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {BWWM} by wollff
Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {B... by wolf.
Not exactly a villain, not exactly a hero, Cheyenne, an assassin in Gotham City is given a proposition by Batman himself. In 92 days, she is to hand Joker over to the au...
  • harley
  • quinn
  • romance
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Act 🎬 Vlog Squad by writer1092
Act 🎬 Vlog Squad by writer1092
It was all an act .... at least to Abigail it was. The coyness, dumb remarks, confused looks. It was fake, an act for David Dobrik's vlogs. [VLOG SQUAD FANFICTION] 11.10...
  • lizakoshy
  • zanehijazi
  • joshpeck
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RED FLAG | Suicide Squad by stxrmborn
RED FLAG | Suicide Squad by ˗ˏˋ jolly vic ˎˊ˗
❝ I bet you bleed red, white, and blue, Hot-Stuff. ❞ SUICIDE SQUAD - RICK FLAG #1 Rick Flag story © stxrmborn COMPLETED
  • zoeydeutch
  • suicidesquad
  • taskforce
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Predator. Prey. by suicidesquadfanfic
Predator. Prey. by Veronica
Joker and Harley's classic love story takes on a modernized origin, with twists and turns ultimately leading to a deranged, power hungry, fucked up romance.
  • poisonivy
  • joker
  • jarleyfanficawards
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BAD ➸ Farkle Minkus by cocoa-beans
BAD ➸ Farkle Minkus by underoos
"I'm not like the others, Farkle, I'm not good." "But you're not bad either." [girl meets world] [season three] copyright © 2017
  • squad
  • girlmeetsworld
  • bellatrixbrown
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MARS || SUICIDE SQUAD by Ashlinized
"I was born a fighter. Gatekeeper of an endless war. Where justice and revenge are dishes best served warm. Where the lines between right and wrong don't exist anym...
  • slipknot
  • killercroc
  • suicide
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The Bad Boy Kept My Secret by meepsahir
The Bad Boy Kept My Secret by Meep
Avila Arthur~ -Student Body President -Short-tempered -Bookworm -Nerd throu...
  • food
  • studentcouncil
  • love
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Preggo  (j.g.) by whygrier
Preggo (j.g.) by whygrier
"Get me preggo?"
  • jackgilinsky
  • jack
  • baes
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Lil's part 2 by CutkoskyDobre
Lil's part 2 by Brittany
Sequel of Lil banks ❤️💕 (09.20.17 #615 in humor) (09.21.17 #265 in humor) (09.22.17 #229 in Humor) (09.23.17 #109 in humor) ( 09.25.17 #119 in h...
  • rickybanks
  • alissaviolet
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Diza One-Shots by dizaxzabbiexzeath
Diza One-Shots by KK Liza
Started 10/19/17. Give me suggestions! (Read my other story to pls! The Perfect Life) also this is mostly sad ones so unless u like them I suggest u don't read. (Still d...
  • daviddobrik
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