Guy, Lies and Deadly Spies. by blue698
Guy, Lies and Deadly _ta_mia_
Humor/Action. For the first time ever, agent B92 is exposed to teenage life. Read how she adapts to it, especially at an all boys school. == By the time you mastered...
  • danger
  • undercover
  • complete
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HUMOR | ROMANCE | ACTION ❝Octavia Snow, you're going to have to come with me,❞ the stranger said with an amused look. ❝No thanks, I'm really not a big fan of kidnapping...
  • cocky
  • fighting
  • mafia
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Him 『Jeon Jungkook』 by kitkrystal
Him 『Jeon Jungkook』by kitkrystal
**Two Sided (ORIGINAL TITLE)** The boy within. Innocently playful. She was going to expose him undercover. But there was more to him than she expected.
  • bts
  • jungkook
  • jungkookimagine
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Espion | Book One by janmwhite
Espion | Book Oneby jmwhite
No emotions. No fears. Fulfill the mission. That is the code Annabelle lives by. She has no life, no friends, no family. What she does have is the ability to defuse a bo...
  • youngadultawardsentries
  • consipracies
  • thinkfiction
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British Exchange Agent by JoannaNGrace
British Exchange Agentby JoannaNGrace
Kayla is an expert at finding globally wanted criminals. She knows everything about being an agent. High school? Not so much. When given an assignment to track down Cyr...
  • badboys
  • undercover
  • teen
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The Perfect Crime by misguided_thoughts
The Perfect Crimeby Dee
The world's clumsiest girl and the world's first class spy? They should never cross paths. But, somehow, Olivia and Will are stuck together if they want to go home and t...
  • london
  • funny
  • misguided
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Undercover Lies by LipglossSlays
Undercover Liesby Marie
"Would you not do that, Cupcake?" He moaned. "Cupcake, really? We escalated to pet names?" I said annoyed. "Well you haven't confirmed your name...
  • kidnapping
  • gun
  • romancestories
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The Shadow by NeverlandsKey
The Shadowby The_Serene_Writer
When a new serial killer starts causing chaos, a top secret operation ensues where The Shadow, a deadly assassin, is released from confinement and ordered to work alongs...
  • thriller
  • murder
  • fighting
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His Bodyguard | On Going  by alba_arcarius
His Bodyguard | On Going by Alba Arcarius
"They are undercover and are here for your protection." "What? Are you crazy? I don't need protection. And these two bulls undercover?" I said pointi...
  • teenfiction
  • writteninaction
  • agent
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The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 ) by RDHayes
The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 )by R.D. Hayes
After years of pulling heist, the Great Bandit is caught. The judge discovers something different about her, and gives her an opportunity that most criminals would only...
  • superpowers
  • memory
  • destruction
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Presidents, Spies, and Boys, Oh My! by bellav173
Presidents, Spies, and Boys, Oh My!by Bella
What if you one day fell in love with a boy you weren't supposed to? What if that boy was your employers son? Seventeen year old Ember Rhinehart has been raised to beco...
  • firstfamily
  • washingtondc
  • romance
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The Girl Behind The Glasses (On Hold) by Karoo_Girl
The Girl Behind The Glasses (On Karoo_Girl
[Highest rank #2 in Action 19/09/17] [Highest rank #20 in Adventure 09/02/18] This book is currently on hold but you are more than welcome to read what is up already. ...
  • youngadult
  • badboy
  • badass
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Spy-Mantic *Completed* [Wattys2015] by starlet-
Spy-Mantic *Completed* [Wattys2015]by ☾halo halo halo ☾
Ella Greene thought her life was nothing but boring, and uneventful. Then again, being someone who hates attention, how could her life be so interesting? That answer is:...
  • spys
  • spies
  • humor
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The Teenage Life of a Secret Agent by RandomGirl1302
The Teenage Life of a Secret Agentby Random Girl
Two and a half years ago, Clara Stone was offered a deal. Now, Seventeen year old Clara is working at the SSF (Special Secret Forces) as one of their top and youngest se...
  • secret
  • romance
  • fiction
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The Billionaire's Gift by Estrellastar96
The Billionaire's Giftby Estrellastar96
Katherine Smith, young and independent, has worked hard all her life. From working hard through high school to get a full ride for undergrad to working while attending g...
  • bride
  • lover
  • africanamerican
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Avengers Imagines & Preferences by avengersxv
Avengers Imagines & Preferencesby avengers :)
->Steve, Natasha, Bruce, Tony, Thor, Clint<- Loki, Pietro, Wanda & Bucky included❤️
  • superheros
  • action
  • steverogars
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School Girl By Day Assassin By Night by crazygirl558
School Girl By Day Assassin By crazygirl558
Thea is your typical bad girl, she lives on her own, goes to tons of parties, has the schools bad boy on his toes. I mean cliche right. Wait, did she forget to mention...
  • gắng
  • assassin
  • spy
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ESCAPED by sepatuketsbening
ESCAPEDby SepatuKetsBening
Nadira pergi ke benua lain hanya untuk melarikan diri dari kenyataan bahwa kekasihnya, Erlangga, berselingkuh dengan sahabat baiknya, Sophia, ketika mereka telah merenca...
  • mata-mata
  • adult
  • dewasa
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The Hijabi and Her Kidnapper by Price_Is_Right
The Hijabi and Her Kidnapperby Price_Is_Right
She wasn't looking for love. She was looking for the perfect heels for her sister's wedding. He wasn't planning to kidnap her. He was planning to kidnap t...
  • muslimah
  • marriage
  • love
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When the Badboy meets his Match(Kim Taehyung Fanfic) by AlyssaAnneObienda
When the Badboy meets his Match( Alyssa Kim (Kim TaeMin)
bad boy Kim Taehyung meets his match that is also a bad girl Lee Jihae and had a cold heart together with the BTS,The BTS wanted to be Taehyung and Jihae together so the...
  • jungheosek
  • kimseokjin
  • bts
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