Falling in rose bushes  by lunacat2004
Falling in rose bushes by lunacat2004
Her first expectation was it was going to be a great experience but turns out to be the worst of her life
  • xreader
  • romantic-thriller
  • kidnapped
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Wind by AmyMarieZ
Windby Amy Marie Z
•• Wattpad Featured Story •• One day, a wind blew into the town of Millstone and didn't stop. Slowly people moved away. It was like the town was trying to clear itself o...
  • smalltown
  • spirits
  • psychological
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The Return  by mukesalbum
The Return by ya boi
He killed her months ago. Now she's back to get revenge.
  • death
  • spooky
Without You (Inanimate Insanity) by cheesemelon
Without You (Inanimate Insanity)by #TheLionKing2019
After a tragic event Paintbrush, Test Tube and Fan team up with Knife to solve a mystery about who the person really was who did what might have been against the law. Li...
  • spooky
  • lightbursh
  • fantube
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cherry wine by akriones
cherry wineby zara
❝haunt me, darlin' haunt me, just to make the nightmares fade.❞ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ➝hr #30 in poetry
  • duellaawards
  • poems
  • freeverse
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florida kilos ― harry potter by godforms
florida kilos ― harry potterby mia
❛❛she's a heartbreaker!❜❜ mia guerrero x harry potter order of the phoenix ― deathly hallows july 8 ― tba
  • fanfiction
  • harrypotter
  • spooky
Horror Stories by Helpless_Writer
Horror Storiesby Helpless_Writer
Some pretty neat horror stories and shit like that
  • horrorstories
  • short
  • spooky
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Milky Way Eyes by BloodyTeaParty
Milky Way Eyesby Bloody Tea Parties
My secret is weighing me down. I tried to tell my mom once, but she was too busy with divorce papers. I didn't bother trying to tell my dad, he was too busy cheating on...
  • paranormal
  • death
  • violent
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Short Horror Stories {DELETING SOON} by Storyteller-swarnoxk
Short Horror Stories {DELETING SOO...by Sam
  • creepypasta
  • paranormal
  • halloween
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Scary Stories by Cientjuhhhood
Scary Storiesby X Cien X
scary stories some are made up, some aren't it's up to you to decide wich is wich.
  • horror
  • ghosts
  • scary
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365 Nights of Fear by horrerfreak
365 Nights of Fearby michael
How many ways are there to be scared? Well, in my book 365 Nights of Fear I will tell you one good way to be scared each and every single night. Just watch out though be...
  • projectreadersreact
  • scary
  • thrilling
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Stop, Look And Listen by TheSixRoyalties
Stop, Look And Listenby Royalties
[HR: #60 in Horror ❤] Just keep your mouth shut at wala tayong magiging problema.
  • horror
  • trip
  • secrets
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 My Creepypasta Experiences/Sightings/etc. by UrbanEXE
My Creepypasta Experiences/Sighti...by UrbanEXE
I will keep updating on this as soon as I find something. It may be something or a piece of a puzzle.
  • horror
  • paranormal
  • reallifeexperience
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Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated Begining of the E.N.D (Fanfic) by Nindromunlimited
Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated Be...by Nindrom unlimited
By Destroying the Evil Entity, the gang created an alternate universe where no one in Crystal Cove was ever touched by evil. The gang wants to get there own world back b...
  • fanfiction
  • gắng
  • traps
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honey ― leo valdez by godforms
honey ― leo valdezby mia
❛❛honey honey!❜❜ sasha carmine x leo valdez march 19 ― tba
  • fanfiction
  • harrypotter
  • spooky
Wow! Art! 2018 by melody_melancholy
Wow! Art! 2018by Melody Melancholy
Some digital art I've made with some trash and Smosh sprinkled in.
  • spooky
  • fanart
  • art
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Blank (Crankgameplays) by imthedoggo
Blank (Crankgameplays)by K
D́o̯̬n̛͉̹̰͎̯̟ͅ'͎̫̤̥t͞ ̠̻̠ͅh͍̜̲̬͘i͍̙d̘è̲͍̮.̰̣͚͈͇ ͞H̱̞̺͖e̲̖'̣̥̳l͚̭̼̻̹̕l̥̤̲̲ ͎͕̜͙͎̞͚f̷̠̯ͅi̪͍̯͖n͞ͅd̛ ̺͈̫̼̜yo̡̝̻̺̣̗̼u̟̣̯̥.͔̞͎̣́ͅ
  • possessions
  • blank
  • paranormal
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Default Title - Write Your Own by Phishs
Default Title - Write Your Ownby Phishs
  • horror
  • hotel
  • spooky
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MY Creepy Pastas by Get_Schwifty_rick
MY Creepy Pastasby Your.guardian.Angel
I lave a bad imagination.
  • spooky
Don't Go In Alone by k-pain
Don't Go In Aloneby Kai
The old Victorian across the street has always given Molly the creeps. Despite her fears, she goes inside one night with her friends in what they hope will be a fun sto...
  • youngadult
  • spooky
  • victorianhouse
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