SPN | Gif Series by InannaGilbert
Supernatural Gif Imagines  by 1Dlover1234321
Supernatural Gif Imagines by 1Dlover1234321 Fanfiction
Well the title pretty much says it all. I find gifs and I make imagines out of it. Sometimes it'll be a little long because I tend to drag things on longer than it has t...
One Boy; One Girl - The Lost Winchester (Sam twin; Castiel pairing) by insaneredhead
One Boy; One Girl - The Lost Winch... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
John Winchester gave up his little girl after the house fire that claimed his wife, 6 months old and one half of a set of twins, Erika Winchester was left outside of a c...
Supernatural House Arrest (Supernatural Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
Supernatural House Arrest (Superna... by KittyHazelnut Fanfiction
Chuck and Amara bring all (okay, maybe not all, but this a lot of people to keep track of already, dammit!) your favorite characters back and locks them in the bunker to...
Daughter of the Universe // [SPN + Lucifer] by LuluLovesEristine
Daughter of the Universe // [SPN +... by LuluLovesEristine Fanfiction
The first thing you should know about Alexa is that she's a crossroads demon and a hunter. The second thing you should know about Alexa is that she's actually an archang...
Character Ideas and drabbles by insaneredhead
Character Ideas and drabbles by insaneredhead Fanfiction
This is where I will put possible character profiles and drabbles (usually sneaks/practice of those characters) that I may use in existing or upcoming stories
Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTER by smolderholders
Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTER by k.a.y Fanfiction
❝show me a hero and I'll write a tragedy.❞ [dean winchester x emery wilson] [supernatural; season one-three] [book one in the emery wilson series] [completed] [under ver...
Supernatural Imagines and Stories by morgansbabygirl12
Supernatural Imagines and Stories by morgansbabygirl12 Fanfiction
Imagines, preferences, and oneshots about Supernatural This is smut free! Requests are open! WARNING: may contain spoilers depending on caught up you are!!
Broken Apart (Dean Winchester x Reader) by Krazyk2314
Broken Apart (Dean Winchester x Re... by Krazyk2314 Fanfiction
Your relationship with Dean is tested time and again when he receives the mark of Cain in order to kill Abaddon. Will it be able to survive the mark, and what happens i...
Imagines ⌲ SPN by winchasster
Imagines ⌲ SPN by нαу∂єи ☕️ Fanfiction
"Jerk." "Bitch." Supernatural Imagines {REQUESTS ARE OPEN} Enjoy!
Destiel Oneshots by WavyBrown2
Destiel Oneshots by WavyBrown2 Fanfiction
+ This book is filled with oneshots about my OTP, Destiel. I hope you enjoy reading them. + Started: [26/12/2016]
♥Supernatural Imagines♥ by ember_ann
♥Supernatural Imagines♥ by ɛɱɓɛʀ ɑɳɳ Fanfiction
Imagines of, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and of course Castiel These are imagines of the character x reader. If you want an imagine only for...
Reckless (A Supernatural Fan Fiction) [Dean Winchester] by arrow_to_the_heart
Reckless (A Supernatural Fan Ficti... by prim/sammy/miss barnes Fanfiction
**Set in Season 8** "You a cop?" "You probably wish I was." ________________________ He knew it was a bad idea to let her in, but he did it a...
autumn ⇅ gif series by lemonlawrence
autumn ⇅ gif series by Sarah Fanfiction
•this book contains short multi-fandom imagines about you and your favorite character!! each imagine is written by me obviously, and each imagine consists of one gif. •i...
Winchester of the Pack (Paul Lahote Imprint) by insaneredhead
Winchester of the Pack (Paul Lahot... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
Fearing her safety Sam and Dean Winchester send their little sister Addison to stay with their 'Uncle' Billy, she meets Bella and they become fast friends, both girls un...
MISHA COLLINS PICTURES ➵ spn by pastelnovak
MISHA COLLINS PICTURES ➵ spn by ashlyn ✿ Random
literally just a bunch of pictures of misha being adorable and cute c:
online // destiel by OfficialCastiel
online // destiel by secretly misha Fanfiction
Cas is typing ... copyright © officialcastiel highest ranking: #1 in destiel triggers: worst grammar ever and spelling errors
A New Life (Dean Winchester X Demon Reader) by Krazyk2314
A New Life (Dean Winchester X Demo... by Krazyk2314 Fanfiction
Dean Winchester x Reader Synopsis: You're a Demon who is trying to erase all the bad you've done, by helping the Winchesters. But the price to be good can be too much...
One shots (Supernatural) by Joline_Soccer
One shots (Supernatural) by Jo❤ Fanfiction
Just a bunch of one shots with the guys! Cas x reader Dean x reader Sam x reader If you want a one shot, dm me and we'll figure out one
Dance With Me {Dean Winchester X Reader} by Deans_Apple_Pie_
Dance With Me {Dean Winchester X R... by Dean Hamilton Fanfiction
You are the second best hunter in the world, only second to the infamous Winchester brothers. When your close friend tells you to work a case with them, you comply, want...