The Hunter McCall by multi_fandom2015
The Hunter McCall by multi_fandom2015 Fanfiction
Elizabeth McCall is not your average girl. True, she is the twin of Scott McCall but that is not the only thing she is. Not only is she a high school girl, friends with...
Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean Winchester x Abigail Whistler) by insaneredhead
Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean Winc... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
*SLOW UPDATES* Abi was raised by her father in the life after her mother was killed in a house fire when she was a baby. She's always been talented at hunting, as if she...
Drunk On You ||  punk!cas jock!dean by wingsandhunters
Daughter of the Legend: A Supernatural Fanfiction (WATTY AWARDS WINNER 2013) by TrueSupernatural13
Daughter of the Legend: A Supernat... by Rachel (Winchester) Fanfiction
Have you ever known you were meant for more or that there was another piece to the puzzle? I always had known this small town Nevada life wasn't what I was meant for. Th...
Dance With Me {Dean Winchester X Reader} by Deans_Apple_Pie_
Dance With Me {Dean Winchester X R... by Dean Hamilton Fanfiction
You are the second best hunter in the world, only second to the infamous Winchester brothers. When your close friend tells you to work a case with them, you comply, want...
Fallen- Castiel Fanfiction by ToxicWinchester
Fallen- Castiel Fanfiction by ToxicWinchester Fanfiction
Madison Winchester, the middle child of her siblings, is destined to play a role in the apocalypse just like her brothers. She's been in the family business all her life...
Character Ideas and drabbles by insaneredhead
Character Ideas and drabbles by insaneredhead Fanfiction
This is where I will put possible character profiles and drabbles (usually sneaks/practice of those characters) that I may use in existing or upcoming stories
666 ♛ Crowley by Hellz-Yeah
666 ♛ Crowley by Trickster Fanfiction
❝Dude, you're not gay for one of them are you?❞ In which a woman messages the number 666 for a dare and ends up friends with the King of Hell. [crowley x oc] [supernatur...
hunters curse ↦ twd/spn by potatojesus-
hunters curse ↦ twd/spn by madi Fanfiction
(from the mind of a thirteen year old me.. pls don't h8) ❝they know who i am. that's why they ran.❞ it's hard to accept you're different. it's even harder when...
Supernatural Imagines by RiotManor
Supernatural Imagines by Hi There Fanfiction
Supernatural Imagines! There are a few that I found on tumblr and I liked them so much I wanted to share! Tumblr usernames will be listed below the imagine! #9 in Supern...
online // destiel by OfficialCastiel
online // destiel by OfficialCastiel Fanfiction
Cas is typing ... copyright © officialcastiel highest ranking: #1 in destiel triggers: worst grammar ever and spelling errors
Destiel Oneshots by WavyBrown2
Destiel Oneshots by WavyBrown2 Fanfiction
+ This book is filled with oneshots about my OTP, Destiel. I hope you enjoy reading them. + Started: [26/12/2016]
Lady of the Dead (Lucifer x Fem!Hades x Crowley) by insaneredhead
Lady of the Dead (Lucifer x Fem!Ha... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
Hades: Ruler of the Underworld Crowley: King of Hell Lucifer: Satan The perfect power threesome and soul mates. Book Two in the Supernatural Soul Mate series - Crowley...
Had Me At First Fall [A Sabriel AU] by Moosifer_bilinski
Had Me At First Fall [A Sabriel AU] by Moosifer_bilinski Fanfiction
Sam, the quiet, younger brother of the never serious Dean Winchester, all he wants to do is live a normal life, get good grades and not be constantly moving around. Gabr...
Finding An Angel - Gabriel x Reader by elysium_is_real
Finding An Angel - Gabriel x Reader by Elys Turner Fanfiction
Most people don't really have a guardian angel, especially not one of the big four. Guess you're special, eh? Throw in the Winchester's and a few more angels, it can get...
Tattooed Heart by acreativeblur
Tattooed Heart by kat Teen Fiction
"I'm not going to pick and choose the pieces of you and your life that I will take. I want all of you, Grace Baker. I want the smiles, I want the cries. I want the...
1 | Castaway ∆ Tom Holland by -artsysivan
1 | Castaway ∆ Tom Holland by k • @whipitwyatt Fanfiction
❝tomholland2013: amberallegheny don't steal my girl breestan: your girl? tomholland2013❞ ∆ book one of the Heroes At Heart series [comp...
Jensen Ackles/ Dean WinchesterX Reader by brokenwingspn051416
Jensen Ackles/ Dean WinchesterX Re... by Planetary Insanity Fanfiction
A collection of One Shots I have been writing.
territory | gif series by joshsjoseph
territory | gif series by laurenn Fanfiction
"so, keep me close like your territory" multifandom gif series {completed}
A New Life (Dean Winchester X Demon Reader) by Krazyk2314
A New Life (Dean Winchester X Demo... by Krazyk2314 Fanfiction
Dean Winchester x Reader Synopsis: You're a Demon who is trying to erase all the bad you've done, by helping the Winchesters. But the price to be good can be too much...