Strong by JenYarrington
Strongby Jen Yarrington
In a whirlwind romance, Kate falls in love with Harry, who has been partial paraplegic since a horrific car accident at age 17. Kate and Harry quickly make plans to spen...
  • harrystyles
  • teenromance
  • whirlwindromance
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Who Says You Can't? YOU DO by DanielChidiac
Who Says You Can't? YOU DOby DanielChidiac
Get ready to embark on an inner journey that is sure to change your life forever... This is a sample of 'Who Says You Can't? YOU DO' by Daniel Chidiac. It has ranked #1...
  • self-discovery
  • self-help
  • daniel
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Beginners Guide To Wicca And Witchcraft by spirit_wolf_of_fire
Beginners Guide To Wicca And Witch...by Cyrus R. Silverwolf
This is a beginners guide to Wicca and witchcraft to help those who wish to practice the craft
  • spirituality
  • belief
  • guidebook
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My Husband , My Kidnapper by onceuponamuslim
My Husband , My Kidnapperby onceuponamuslim
Highest Ranking #192 in Mystery / Thriller (26.1.2018) It is the last day of summer, and I am walking under a blue prairie sky through the grounds of a medium-securit...
  • mafia
  • babies
  • spirituality
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a pure heart by cloelle
a pure heartby cloelle
"a pure heart, hidden behind a broken mind." Quinn often found herself with her head buried in a book, hoping to live a false reality through the fictional pag...
  • together
  • romance
  • poetic
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God Is In Control by _meercee
God Is In Controlby merce
#48 in Spiritual 7/28/16 2nd book/sequel to the first book, God Brought Us Together. You do not have to read the book but it will give you a clearer understanding about...
  • god
  • pregnancy
  • teen
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My pagan path by Akio522
My pagan pathby Akio522
(New Cover soon lol) All about paganism All about my path of paganism hope you enjoy Comments open for debate and Discussion as long as you are not hateful and a bigot
  • gods
  • religion
  • spirituality
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Immortal Dream by Dreamspawner
Immortal Dreamby Reza Mohamed
Although none of this content is original, the way in which it is presented in this book is. Through the story of an invented male character named Ahad-a Semitic name, m...
  • epistemology
  • culture
  • philosophy
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Revival: Operation Holy Spirit by delta421
Revival: Operation Holy Spiritby John Taylor
NOTE: This is a complete rewrite of an old story idea-one that was taken down after hearing complaints that the story was too violent. Ex-Special Forces operative and co...
  • revival
  • friends
  • christianity
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Matter Over Mind: How To Develop Future Potential and Personal Genius by KaalaNaag
Matter Over Mind: How To Develop F...by Christopher Tisdale
Personal development tool
  • goals
  • spiritual
  • nonfiction
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finding urself  by Priyaparashar4
finding urself by Priya parashar
We look for our identity that we have defined by the perspective of others... Are we following the crowd or we following the creator.... The choice lies within us.. Just...
  • within
  • spirituality
  • yourself
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My Spiritual Journey by CyrasLilac
My Spiritual Journeyby Robbie Charles
My whole childhood was centered around doing the right thing and pleasing God and my family. Until one day there was something I couldn't ignore anymore. I began realiz...
  • lifeexperiences
  • journey
  • spiritual
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Tricky Teen Girl: A Whisper of Peace [Ramadan Story] by iqrawrites
Tricky Teen Girl: A Whisper of Pea...by Iqra Asad Khan
Inaya Moin is sixteen, superb and smiling this Ramadan because she is all set for the holy month of Quran. At least she thinks so. Shouldn't her Ramadan chart, journal a...
  • love
  • life
  • teens
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Finding Your Way In Christ by Jesusfreak_116
Finding Your Way In Christby Langston
This is a collection of posts from me and my friend's blog, "Finding Your Way In Christ." These aren't all the posts we've written, [by far] but these my favor...
  • teens
  • thoughts
  • religion
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Poetry, they say by ImaneAzma
Poetry, they sayby [이슬람교]♥
Words that we've been holding to ourselves. We were afraid to say feelings, yet now we must speak them out. Enjoy reading some words! And thanks in advance for reading...
  • moments
  • emotions
  • words
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The Hidden Path (WINNER OF THE BEAUTY AWARD for Spiritual) by happygirl1
The Hidden Path (WINNER OF THE BEA...by TheMysteriesOfLife
Warning! This is a book for the open-minded only! If you feel that you already know all about the mysteries of our existence, your view of life is set and you would like...
  • happiness
  • drugs
  • teenagers
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خَوَاطِر / Thoughts by Angella02Demon
خَوَاطِر / Thoughtsby Angella
لِأَنَّ الْعَرَبِيَّةَ أبلغ My thoughts aren't literally translated.
  • arabic
  • thoughts
  • spirituality
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Aya Visions by ayavisions
Aya Visionsby ayavisions
This is a real story of how my life has changed once my body and mind was reconnected to spirit. Please vote and share
  • soul
  • spirituality
  • love
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The Prophetess by Williams_AC
The Prophetessby Williams_AC
Princess Alia knows something terrible has happened to her, but she cannot remember what it is. All she knows is since her recovery she has a strange gift and ability. I...
  • middleages
  • spirituality
  • mentalasylum
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Bare by AMALLEY369
Bareby Ashley Alley
Ramblings and Poetry to satisfy the urge to expose parts of me. Some of these are old, some are new.
  • dreams
  • rambling
  • hope
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