Cannot be. by anotherhermione
Cannot be. by Hermione Granger Romance
Its an incest love story between couzins who grew old together,live together and fvcks together.
FU.BU. by RoShan932
FU.BU. by BelieveandAchieve❛✿ Romance
"This is an absurd agreement!" he grins and put his hands inside his pockets "Don't like it? It's a win-win situation for the both of us. I get what I WAN...
Damon Hellion Montenegro by sky_rose96
Damon Hellion Montenegro by marviolet General Fiction
Damon is a ruthless and heartless man in the country. Wala syang pakialam sa iba kahit lumohod pa sila sa kanyang harapan. Pero sa isang kasal ng kanyang pinsan. He was...
Your mine, I'm Yours by SenpaiYami
Your mine, I'm Yours by Romance
"Sunset is the proof that even in endings can be a Beautiful too." ***SPG PO*** Tagalog po ito mga kareaders kakastart lang kaya sana enjoy nyo! Mabilis lang...
Not Your Drink by QueenCylalove
Not Your Drink by QueenCylalove Romance
Rated SPG po ito. Read at your own risk. This is my first entry, wag niyo naman po sanang i-block or kung ano man. Pag bigyan niyo po muna ako. Thanks!!!
The Heart that never Forgets by jencen21
The Heart that never Forgets by J E N C E N Romance
SEBASTIAN... I loved you with all my HEART, My Soul , My Life. Nangako tayong mag sasama habang buhay at bubuo ng Masaya at Simpleng pamilya. Ngunit lahat yon ay nakali...
Marry Me by dentargaryan
Marry Me by dentargaryan Romance
They say love is sweeter the second time around. Really?
WARNING: RATED SPG MATURE CONTENT ONLY pero alam ko makukulit kayo bahala kayo wag niyo sana ito i report kung hindi niyo kaya basahin. only 16+ lang pwede below the 15...
My FuBu by Kimnielle88
My FuBu by Elyen Yehet Fanfiction
Bestftiends turns to fuckbuddies.
One Shot SPG stories by JeyceeSoGorg
One Shot SPG stories by JeyceeSoGorg Random
para sa mga malilibog dyan! haha para sa mga bata,aral nalang kayo please Read Vote comment and share
Hands All Over by JamieMhey
Hands All Over by Jamie Sullivan General Fiction
He moves suddenly so that his hand is cupping my sex and one of his fingers sinks slowly into me. His other arm hold me firmly in the place around my waist. "This i...
Teach Me How to F*ck [On-Going] by EljayBrionesAugusto
Teach Me How to F*ck [On-Going] by Eljay Briones Romance
"Sigurado ka??" "Oo" "Baka masaktan ka..." "Pake mo ba??Ako ang masasaktan hindi ikaw.." "Baka hindi mo kakayanin.." &q...
Byuntae Family by JiminPark404
Byuntae Family by Jimin Park Fanfiction
May pagkaSPG.... wahahhaa
body shot (one shot) by arandlle
body shot (one shot) by arandlle Fantasy
Klarise has this thing with the birthday celebrant's brother and the next day something happend that they both liked Come and read it Inocente here
My Naughty Boss by kCrime_Princess
My Naughty Boss by Living_Poison General Fiction
I need to work for myself , hindi ko akalain na iiwan talaga ako ng parents ko kapag nakagawa pa ko ng kasalanan.. Im a brat a spoiled brat na laki sa layaw pero bakit k...
6 Moons gone wild by Jaimaxx
6 Moons gone wild by Jeime_25 Fanfiction
This is a fanfiction of the cast the 2 moons. I just wanted to make them more happier to each in this story. So just read and have fun. And there are parts as I apologis...
Kiera's Step Brothers by MysticBtch
Paint me a dream - The Spine X Robot!Reader by phoebe_measures_xox
Paint me a dream - The Spine X Rob... by Sparkly Neko Fanfiction
When cute little (Y/n) is discovered by Peter Walter VIII after having been left to rot for many years , she is promptly adopted into the Walter Manor for further invest...