Adonis  by KardashianwithaK
Adonis by Sips Tea
Before I could stand up right he reached for my hand. "Please let me go,sir. "I calmly tryed to pull my hand away."Mine,"he said. Then the next thing...
  • werewolf
  • bwwm
  • alpha
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Where The River Flows Red by InsanelyCorrupted
Where The River Flows Red by Lily Pierce
With no real past, Amelia Bourne tries to move forward with her life. She finally finds a loving family that takes her in and feels like life is starting to change for t...
  • family
  • coven
  • demon
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When the Dead Come to Play by BNSilvia
When the Dead Come to Play by Brittany Silvia
As a child, Theresa was given, the worst fate imaginable; to be without the ones she love. More than that, the betrayal of being thrown into a dark, dangerous sanatorium...
  • paranormal
  • dreams
  • ghostwhisperer
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dug up. by ephereall
dug up. by e
When a small-town girl named Bexley finds an odd-looking vintage notebook in a homey book store seemingly appearing out of nowhere, she's inspired by the bright color co...
  • cliffhanger
  • spellbound
  • uncovered
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The Fairytale Of Sawyer Blue [girlxgirl] by sapphicauthor
The Fairytale Of Sawyer Blue [girl... by India Kiely
Sawyer Blue thought she had life all figured out until the night she comes across the beautiful, enchanting witch Cal Thorne and the Coven of The Lost and Found. Soon...
  • spells
  • spellbound
  • fairytale
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Little Wishes | rewritten  by IIRedRosesII
Little Wishes | rewritten by Abba.
"Rule number one - No raising the dead Rule number two - No making people fall in love Rule number three - No wishing for more more wishes. Promise...
  • angels
  • teenfiction
  • wishes
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The Pack by Capsie_kookie
The Pack by Capsie_kookie
"Better to die on your knees than live your life on your knees." ~ Pancho Villa What do you do when your past life committed a crime so bad that you and eight...
  • comedy
  • curse
  • supernatural
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Bewitched (Spellbound Sequel) by singmetosleep6
Bewitched (Spellbound Sequel) by Katie
Katrina and her sisters have been shipped off to live in secret and isolation. She has not only lost Lucas, her soulmate, but she's separated from everything that makes...
  • spellbound
  • lucas
  • war
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Bloodshed: A Spellbound Novel (Book II) by amc714
Bloodshed: A Spellbound Novel (Boo... by AnneM714
Previously on Spellbound: The past two weeks were all a waiting game to see if any of them would crack or be so naive to think that it was anywhere close to over. ...
  • magic
  • sequel
  • bloodshed
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Spellbound [COMPLETED] by amc714
Spellbound [COMPLETED] by AnneM714
Annabel's life use to be normal. Well, as normal as being the Sheriff's daughter can be. But since the mysterious and bizarre murders that have been happening, as well a...
  • spellbound
  • thriller
  • historical
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T e e n • W i t c h |√ by Lord_Of_Summer
T e e n • W i t c h |√ by Lord of Summer|√
Black cats and dead best friends ••• But it's all just smoke and mirrors right? •See update schedule in my bio•
  • spellbound
  • witchcraft
  • straight
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