My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
  • darkness
  • epilogue
  • time
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THE TRUTH IS, WE WERE ONLY EVER BORN TO DIE. clove x cato { previously known as 'the girl who played with knives' } featured in @fanfic's official hunger games reading...
  • cato
  • hadley
  • clato
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you literally fell from heaven (black butler) by CuteSinnamonRoll
you literally fell from heaven (bl...by ❣️ Soekie ❣️
Kira is no normal girl. She likes to watch anime (normal), horseback riding (normal), playing the violin, the guitar, the piano, the drums (normal) and... killing (not t...
  • trancy
  • demons
  • williamt
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Model in Love (A Justin Timberlake Fan Fiction) EDITING by LittleSecretFan
Model in Love (A Justin Timberlake...by Jenny the Bookworm
Rachel Films is the famous supermodel every woman and girl are dying to be. She has such a perfect life any girl would die for. Perfect body, boyfriend, job, friends. Wh...
  • spears
  • timberlake
  • friendship
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🌼 A TEACHER'S LOVE 🌼 by _Flower_Princess_21_
🌼 A TEACHER'S LOVE 🌼by (☆∀☆)
(Original Work) Heaven Palace Academy has conquered a total of 24 crowns, having the last one in the possession of Beckoning Academy. If ever the last one was attained a...
  • nofoulwords
  • blood
  • classmates
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Undyne's Daughter by fanficcions4thewin
Undyne's Daughterby fanficcions4thewin
Sorry for the ones thinking this is a daughter scenario but sadly it isn't.But who's saying you can't change the name and other stuff in your head?Now to the summary: Un...
  • wattys2016
  • spears
  • alphys
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His Precious Snowflake by Grelle
His Precious Snowflakeby Grelle Sutcliff
One afternoon, while helping William review old Record's, a nagging question slips from the lips of everyone's favorite red head; 'Why did Undertaker quiet being a shini...
  • grell
  • black
  • knox
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A perfect pair of glasses (William T Spears x reader) by cowthing
A perfect pair of glasses (William...by cowthing
My first "X Read" so.... Yeah hope you like :D
  • william
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Forbidden Love (Ciel X Fem! Reader) by AnimeOcgirl
Forbidden Love (Ciel X Fem! Reader)by Neona Gurinu
You are the Daughter of William T. Spears. You are out in the human world, Even though your dad William Forbids it, as you have not been trained to be a grim reaper yet...
  • spears
  • self
  • daughterofwilliam
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7 Years Of Love (Modern! Human! Sebastian Michaelis X Reader) by bornfree0110
7 Years Of Love (Modern! Human! Se...by Belle Di Lioncourt
From friends to lovers then they fell apart. What will happen if they meet again? This my first book... I hope you'll like it :)
  • blackbutler
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • romance
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Stop the Suffering by PastelGrellSutcliff
Stop the Sufferingby Pastel Sutcliff
This is another SebaGrell but it is different from my other one... This one won't be as happy and may cause triggers. It actually has some of my experiences in this so y...
  • sebastian
  • kuroshitsuji
  • blackbutler
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Part Of Me. William T. Spears Fanfic. (Black Butler) by hellgirl1998
Part Of Me. William T. Spears Fanf...by Beautiful Filth
Hey, guys! This is dedicated to all the people who suggested of continuing my one-shot into a full-on fanfiction :D For the complete story on how they got together, plea...
  • williamt
  • hellgirl1998
  • kuroshitsuji
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Kuroshitsuji: Shinigami Flower Arc by DayDragon12
Kuroshitsuji: Shinigami Flower Arcby DayDragon
When Alan Humphries gets the Thorns of Death, Eric Slingby is distraught. But after he is healed, another mysterious condition strikes the couple. How will the Shinigam...
  • shinigamiarcs
  • kuroshitsuji
  • random
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The World Of Combat by kingtutur
The World Of Combatby kingtutur
Humans have been captured by a advanced alien race and have been forced to fight savage creatures for survival.
  • hero
  • planet
  • adventure
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The Reaper's Little Apprentice *BLACK BUTLER LEMON* **Discontinued** by PandaB00
The Reaper's Little Apprentice *BL...by UwU
A little sequel to "I Can't Contain It Anymore", featuring the reapers! I DO NOT OWN BLACK BUTLER OR ITS CHARACTERS! I ALSO DO NOT OWN THE ART USED FOR THE COV...
  • sutcliff
  • black
  • butler
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Black Butler group text!? Black Butler x reader by CelinePhantomhive
Black Butler group text!? Black Bu...by CelinePhantomhive
This is just for fun and its NOT the story you would normally read at all! if you want a little amusement, then read! Read it!~ You know you want toooooooo!~ Oh, and I D...
  • spears
  • shinigami
  • humor
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She Falls In Love With A Reaper ( William Fanfic) by TearKuchiki
She Falls In Love With A Reaper (...by Medusa Scarlet Titania
William was cold man until he saw her but what Meeka doesn't know is she was falling in love with a reaper enjoy and after this story I will go back to Teachers Pet ~...
  • spears
  • fanfiction
  • williamt
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Black butler One-Shots & T or D by owldreamer
Black butler One-Shots & T or Dby InSaNiTy
There is smut. A lot. Deal with it. I will take requested one shots and Truths and Dares... So yeah...
  • grell
  • michealis
  • dare
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Lyric Book #1 by vettechoneday
Lyric Book #1by Kim
Just songs I listen to on a regular basis.. Some of them are pretty important to me... If you want me to add one, just ask and I will find the lyrics, video, and I'll de...
  • swift
  • love
  • kimmiezombeh
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...Is It Hopeless? by PastelGrellSutcliff
...Is It Hopeless?by Pastel Sutcliff
Not very good at descriptions but it is A sebagrell and takes place a few years after the ending of season 2... After Sebastian and Ciel leave... What happens after Seba...
  • spears
  • necromancers
  • yaoi
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