Your not my dad by 1D_kid_Spanking
Your not my dad by 1D_kid_Spanking Fanfiction
Jace is Clary's older brother and he loves her a lot but sometimes she miss behaves and he has to lay down the rules. SLOW UPDATES
My 3 masters  by steviemaexx
My 3 masters by Steviemaex Teen Fiction
"N-no daddy"I push him away moving backwards until I hit the wall. "You better get you're ass here ally I swear"he shouts I yelp jumping tears falli...
Untamed by herroizmeye
Untamed by herroizmeye Fanfiction
Desi has always been a rebel. Bouncing around from foster home to foster home, obeying no one. No one can tame her... or so she thinks- until she is adopted by a man nam...
Little Mix Of A Family🤗(spanking story) by Kardashianlover22
Disciplined by Dad by LovePineapples123
Disciplined by Dad by DreamBig123 Fanfiction
In this story, we read about The Howard Family. They live in the Florida in the U.S. Mr. Randy and Mrs. Emily has 5 beautiful children. Two boys and three girls. ( You c...
Cuddle Buddy by whenhazzametboo
Cuddle Buddy by Ruby Fanfiction
Zayn had never had a good home life. Struggling through abuse and neglect, he finds comfort in his uncles, Harry and Louis, and his two older cousins, Niall and Liam. As...
Its Not Always Okay, Life Is Hard ( Clair's Story ) by Alkw123
Its Not Always Okay, Life Is Hard... by Alkw123 Teen Fiction
This is the story of Clair. She is a tough and intelligent 13 year old. She was always raised like that. After a tragic accident, Clair was sent to an orphanage. Soon en...
Demi Lovato (Spanking Story) by CelinaJuliette
Demi Lovato (Spanking Story) by CelinaJuliette Random
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are married and live happily together in California. They have an 8 year old son named James. They adopted James when he was four and decided...
Spanking Stories by BadChic7
Spanking Stories by BadChic7 Random
Spanking Stories to read while you are bored
Mr. Red by PosinedAlpha
Mr. Red by PosinedAlpha Romance
1) No arguing with daddy. Daddy knows best. 2) Always listen and respect daddy. Never question him. 3) Speak unless spoken to by daddy. No one else. 4) Take all punishme...
Bad Lynch's Get Punished by sweeteststorieshere
Bad Lynch's Get Punished by Sweeteststorieshere Fanfiction
When Riker is put in charge he decides to punish the Lynch kids and Ratliff with spanking, diapers, or wedgies when they get in trouble
Mashton's Kids by Mcmicrx
Mashton's Kids by Lacey Random
Chapter 44
obey // jolinsky [spanking] by 372372jj
obey // jolinsky [spanking] by satan Fanfiction
Jack Johnson, biggest troublemaker has to live whole summer with strictest but hottest boy he ever saw Jack Gilinsky, the opposite of Johnson has a task to discipline Ja...
Rebel Cry by BraveShy
Rebel Cry by BraveShy Fanfiction
Liam Payne is a hardened rebel. But when he's sent to a special school and meets his four roommates: Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles, he finds...
Magcon Family ( A Spanking Story) by thatgirl1252001
Magcon Family ( A Spanking Story) by -A Fanfiction
After Taylor Caniff and his husband, Cameron Dallas for married, they knew they wanted kids. But with the little obstacle between their legs, they knew it wasn't possibl...
Chilton Academy (Spanking Fanfiction) by AddictingFanFiction
Chilton Academy (Spanking Fanficti... by AddictingFanFiction Fanfiction
My name is CeCelia Jonas, I am a student at the very prestigious Chilton Academy. Chilton is ranked the number one private school in the country and is known for its str...
Rapunzel, Mine by PamBurgundy
Rapunzel, Mine by Pamelanor B. Romance
*Complete* #89 in Romance - 31st March 2017 Damien Jespard, his Royal Highness, the King of Rohsé Islands, a small island nation, detached from the rest of the wor...
Nannybot by anonymousauthor7
Nannybot by anonymousauthor7 Random
The nannybots are invading. Jade lives in a normal world, until a robot that was designed by NewTechPro, a new age technology company, to help parents care for infants...
Little one by katie8989
Little one by K_8989 Fanfiction
"Welcome home little one"...
His Slave by mrspotter2000
His Slave by Georgia Fanfiction
When I woke up my hands were tied behind my back and I could feel something over my mouth. I was lying in the back of a van and my head was pounding. I groaned slightly...