Power and Love by Medrae
Power and Loveby Half a King
The old king is dead. His son, Alfred F. Jones, rises to the throne and has to find a Queen. When Alfred finally finds his Queen, who's surprisingly a boy, he notices h...
  • king
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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IV OF SPADES FANFIC 》》° ♠️ by Labyrinth_Chase_Cyan
IV OF SPADES FANFIC 》》° ♠️by αυτοκαταστροφή
"I cant save you!" she violently said. "Why? Youre always there for me right?" he cried. "B-because, how c-can I save you w-when I cant save my...
  • band
  • blaster
  • beatles
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The Queen of Spades...  by vynllScratch
The Queen of Spades... by vynllScratch
Arthur Kirkland is a noble omega in the kingdom of Spades he acts kind and nice to anyone who he meets. But he is not all he appears to be! Even though he has lines of a...
  • family
  • usuk
  • alfred
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Chain Reaction [COMPLETED] by pfanzaxx
Chain Reaction [COMPLETED]by ἄλφα
It all starts with a faulty elevator. Suddenly, a weird chain reaction causes havoc on everyone's lives. Ever since that incident, lives are in havoc. Someone is behin...
  • spades
  • eisukeichinomiya
  • voltageinc
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The Suit War by JBKantt
The Suit Warby J.B. Kantt ♥️
**This was a Featured Wattpad Story** One, two, three, four; I declare a suit war. In a parallel universe known as Drac, the four kingdoms (called suits) have been at wa...
  • drac
  • war
  • queen
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Boku No Hero Academia:  The Ace of Spades by EnzotheTwistedChild
Boku No Hero Academia: The Ace Enzo
Izuku Midoriya, called Deku by most people as an insult, may seem like the weak and nerdy type of person. He certainly acts and looks the part. But he is most certainly...
  • midnight
  • deku
  • bnha
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Broken Hearts [Hetalia] by Spanish-Brit
Broken Hearts [Hetalia]by Spanish
• hetalia kingdoms au • • not-quite-cardverse au • All is well in the Kingdom of Hearts. In fact, as we speak, the royals from the other kingdoms - Spades, Clubs, Diamon...
  • kingdoms
  • murder
  • aph
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♠The Missing King♤ [A KnB fanfiction] by kurodokidoki1110
♠The Missing King♤ [A KnB Ao-chan
"I won't stop looking for you, my King. You have to come back. " The red-haired man prayed silently under the bright moonlight. He held his hand together and...
  • murasakibaraatsushi
  • anime
  • aominedaiki
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The Beginning is With a Shot (3rd book to cardverse series) by zelli_nelly
The Beginning is With a Shot ( Zelli
A vision has arrived to the King of Clubs and unfortunately this vision isn't pleasant. It's about Alfred and Arthur's children, about their future...but what if the fu...
  • aphitaly
  • hetalia
  • clubs
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Home Sick (Ace of Spades One-Shot) by NickyTheDestroyer
Home Sick (Ace of Spades One-Shot)by Nicky•Ginger
♠️ In which a pretty blonde girl is pissy because of her 101 fever and ruined plans. ♠️
  • ace
  • aceofspades
  • spades
Pieces To Finding You- Watty Awards 2012 by _SweptAwayByLies_
Pieces To Finding You- Watty Ai Jiang
"Can you just give me the freaking chess piece?!" I gave up trying to be calm, and snapped at Nate with crossed arms. "Not until you get up there and sing...
  • sharing
  • barbie
  • monkeys
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The Beginning is with a Link (book 2 of cardverse series) by zelli_nelly
The Beginning is with a Link ( Zelli
When the Cardverse Universe is linked with a parallel universe. Intruders enter the world, through the Link and Crossover. But guess what? It isn't just any intruders...
  • aphengland
  • arthurkirkland
  • hearts
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Ngiti [Blaster Silonga] - hiatus by -disarrayed-
Ngiti [Blaster Silonga] - hiatusby elle
❝Sa mata'y nakatitig, mga kamay nakabisig, may pusong pumipintig, at ngiting sanhi ng pag-ibig.❞ all rights reserved ©
  • silonga
  • zild
  • badjao
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The Queen of Bloods  by fire_rebel
The Queen of Bloods by Queen Dragon
Ruby had the perfect life, she had awesome siblings, amazing dad, an okay mom, and they were rich. She was invited to all the parties, she was friends with everyone, she...
  • blood
  • rouge
  • school
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Monkey D Gracy by Mp10514
Monkey D Gracyby Paden Gentry
She is Luffy's twin sister. She goes blind at the age of seven, trying to save Sabo from the cannon fire. She sails with Ace and Sabo, at the age of 14. Sabo, Ace, and...
  • blind
  • luffy
  • onepiece
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Death Goddesses by ItsMe_Anniiya
Death Goddessesby Anya_Ludine
Sila ay may kaniya-kaniyang buhay,naninirahan sila ng tahimik ng isang trahedya ang nangyari at namatay ang kanilang mga magulang ito kaya ang tulay para makilala na nil...
  • baekhyun
  • spades
  • death
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Spade King? by nightwing2
Spade King?by Lord Glorfindel
Cardtalia All rights reserved to their legal creators and owners. Alfred's story of how he becomes the King of Spadia. Much better then my description. I promise... I m...
  • random
  • epicness
  • usuk
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♠ ~ SυιʂWσɾʅԃ ~ ♣ .2 by HttpBrokenReflection
♠ ~ SυιʂWσɾʅԃ ~ ♣ .2by Ðムᄊム乇Ð 乇ㄎイ乇乇ᄊ
#AU #Eddsworld #Cardverse #Book2 ≈ ƤєяѕσηιfιєɗƇαяɗѕ!ƐɗɗѕωσяƖɗ AU 2017™ ≈
  • spades
  • jokers
  • angst
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The Essence Of Trewest: An Interview by isobelstephen
The Essence Of Trewest: An ISOPHEN
This is a short interview with one of Wattpad's greatest writers- TREWEST. When I was very new to wattpad, her book 'Queen of Spades' caught my attention and I could ha...
  • stephen
  • trewest
  • relaxation
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Queen of Spades (A Cardverse!AU: FRUK - Hetalia FanFiction) by Night_0_Shade
Queen of Spades (A Cardverse!AU: Zero Nights
Arthur Kirkland was completely surprised when the Elders chose him to become the new Queen of Spades. The King, Alfred F. Jones, was overjoyed, and demanded marriage and...
  • bonnefoy
  • spades
  • love
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