A Book Full Of Fluff! (Soramafu Oneshots~) by Liyah_Cri
A Book Full Of Fluff! (Soramafu On... by Yah Fanfiction
Fluffy scenarios for your Soramafu fantasies~
♡SoraMafu Oneshots♡ by BreadGalaxy
♡SoraMafu Oneshots♡ by my brain's an egg Romance
because no one really reads my story, I made a oneshot book! Filled with netas and fanart and good st cover (c) by ening
Chance  »KashiTsuki« by Kiryuyu
Chance »KashiTsuki« by KiryuTrashToni🐱 Fanfiction
A chance to change the past... Amatsuki, in his second year of high school with his best friend, Mafumafu, whome he liked for years now, has been living normally, not ca...
meow , soramafu by shamuon
meow , soramafu by ㅤ Fanfiction
soraru is a cat that does more than meow. , boy x boy
Behind The Scenes [SoraMafu] by Kiishii098
Behind The Scenes [SoraMafu] by Kiishii Fanfiction
We know who Soraru and Mafumafu are as famous utaites. We listen to them and fell in love with them, but do we know who they are behind their avatars? Who are they behi...
Truth or Dare // Soramafu [ Major Editing ] by _puriiizu_
Truth or Dare // Soramafu [ Major... by 【 Lyss 】 Fanfiction
" Truth or Dare? " was the start of it. Soraru and Mafumafu hadn't thought that such a simple game of ...
Utaites Facebook Life by HalfPoopers_
Utaites Facebook Life by bryophyta Humor
[ DISCOUNTED ] Well yeah just like the title it's a book about utaite on facebook I can't find utaites memes.... (On wattpad) So yeah....
[SoraMafu Oneshot Series] Your Song by Souna1420
[SoraMafu Oneshot Series] Your Song by s o u Teen Fiction
Tittle: [SoraMafu Oneshot Series] Your Song Author: Souna1420 Fandom: Utaite Pairing: Soraru x Mafumafu / Soramafu Status: On going Rating: K Summary: Chỉ là các onesho...
SoraMafu One-shots [COMPLETED] by AineKo_1018
SoraMafu One-shots [COMPLETED] by Crazy for BillDip Romance
Time for SoraMafu (some are not SoraMafu)'s been a long time since I ship these two...if Mafu-san or Soraru-san read this, please don't take this story down ;-; (ev...
Soramafu oneshot!~ by Yurin_999
Soramafu oneshot!~ by Yurin_999 Short Story
As the title say~ some soramafu or other pairing oneshot~ ENJOY!~ Pictures not mine! all credit to owner!~ thanks!
Utaite Shorts [One Shot] by Juvia_Sama_
Utaite Shorts [One Shot] by Juvia Humor
A one shot of Utaite shorts.
After the Rain (SoraMafu One-shots) by MonoXs
After the Rain (SoraMafu One-shots) by Cross Fanfiction
- Soraru x Mafumafu - ~ One-shots and Parts stories ~ "I've always wanted to hold you." A book about Soraru and Mafumafu, the famous Utaite and their love life...
Anata No Uso by Neko-kawaii88
Anata No Uso by Loka lectora :v Fanfiction
Y soy una marioneta... Una marioneta que sale al escenario con alma rota y sonrisa en cara... Pero yo no quiero ser eso... Ayudame porfavor... ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ...
From A-Z, and Everything in Between by RandomlyCreative15
From A-Z, and Everything in Between by ✧Ria✧ Fanfiction
A collection of SoraMafu one-shots that range anywhere from sickeningly sweet fluff to cry-your-eyes-out angst. Basically if you like seeing these two cute dorks be exac...
Just Like Snow [ON HIATUS] by RandomlyCreative15
Just Like Snow [ON HIATUS] by ✧Ria✧ Fanfiction
Normal was good. Mundane, ordinary days were perfectly fine. There was no need to seek something different. But when different seeks you all of a sudden, there's little...
Change The World Together (Soramafu) by vinnavanilla
Change The World Together (Soramaf... by vina vanila Fanfiction
A Fantasy Game soraru attract attention, this game looks different from the usually. This game can display visual and original form of our hero in the form we want. we c...
Are You Listening? (Soramafu) [COMPLETED] by artwork_bean
Are You Listening? (Soramafu) [COM... by 99-09-09 Fanfiction
So this is another soramafu fanfic I have done, en-joy!! Not oneshot. This is another long story!! Soraru and Mafumafu are from different worlds, at least that's...
« SoraMafu Oneshots! » by insertusernamehere10
« SoraMafu Oneshots! » by 【 keilix ☆彡】 Fanfiction
Little ideas can turn into big things. ☆彡
SoraMafu One-Shots [2] by AineKo_1018
SoraMafu One-Shots [2] by Crazy for BillDip Fanfiction
Second soramafu book!! Continuing from what I left in the last book. SLOW UPDATE NOW OPENING REQUEST Including: - Fluffs - Angsts - (some) smuts Warning: poor grammar, t...
Don't Leave Me (Soramafu) by artwork_bean
Don't Leave Me (Soramafu) by 99-09-09 Random
This is Maybe I Do Love You's sequel, yay! Check it out if you enjoy reading my first book.