Eight Boys, Three Words, One Girl (Completed) by CharlotteCarol
Eight Boys, Three Words, One Girl... by Charlotte
Bambi Raye's life was normal. Well as normal as any girl's life can be. That was until she was 15, when her life changed forever. All her friends that she thought she wa...
  • bambi
  • jesse
  • storm
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KotLC Oneshots by OwlieBoo
KotLC Oneshots by OwlieBoo
I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. I do all ships, and non-romantic pairings. Enjoy! *All characters and settings belong to Shannon Messenger*
  • kotlc
  • fitz
  • sophitz
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Maybe Perfect by winx1348
Maybe Perfect by emma rose
Sophie Campbell is a seventeen year old senior at Jackson High that also holds down a part-time job at the local coffee shop. The way Sophie sees it, there's no need for...
  • friendship
  • sophie
  • class
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Married to the Vampire King by angeltwist
Married to the Vampire King by Lady Angel of Twist
Sophie Reese is a young woman struggling to save her local community center when a mysterious stranger offers to solve all her problems in exchange for a dinner date... ...
  • love
  • prince
  • royalty
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Forgotten Love by Blossom_Peaches
Forgotten Love by Jessica
Sequel to My Brother's Best Friend.. It's been five years since the day that Zac Sanders left Sophie Danvers waiting for him at the airport with news that made her the...
  • matt
  • kat
  • zac
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✵There all αℓσηg☾ by IshKattiiee
✵There all αℓσηg☾ by ꜰᴀɴɢɪʀʟɪɴɢ ɪꜱ ᴀ ꜰᴜʟʟ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴊᴏʙ
This is a KeeFoster fanfic(duh)! All characters belong to the amazing Shannon Messenger. (a better description coming soon when I find a good quote to put here from the...
  • öf
  • linh
  • fanfic
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It Was Only A Kiss, Right? [BoyxBoy Romance.] by sophiejones123
It Was Only A Kiss, Right? [BoyxBo... by Sophie Jones
You wouldn't think that a silly old dare involving a kiss would make someone so crazy about the other, that everything just gets so confusing, would you? Well, for Jake...
  • evil
  • plans
  • clare
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Safe and Sound (Watty Awards 2012). by icypastels
Safe and Sound (Watty Awards 2012). by icypastels
Meet Madeline Harwell, a bruised and broken young girl who is new to the town. She has had to grow up faster than most teenagers; looking after her three year old brothe...
  • biology
  • depression
  • lawyers
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  • turner
  • fire
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Living With Mr Shelby by bonniebird
Living With Mr Shelby by Bonniebird
Lola Farnsworth was running away from Billy Kimber and was informed that he avoided Birmingham at all costs, when she unknowingly becomes wrapped up with the very family...
  • peaky
  • 1990
  • polly
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Keefe's cheesy Pick-Up lines by KeefeFoster
Keefe's cheesy Pick-Up lines by The Cat Enthusiast
Keefe's a total Keeper. That's why you want to know his Pick-Up lines. *warning* each pickup line is extremely cheesy, best stay away if you're lactose intolerant *also...
  • keefe
  • pickup
  • random
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After Effects by tapqueen101
After Effects by Grace
Book Four in Series: (1) Mysterious Miss. F, (2) President of the Sophie Foster Fanclub, (3) Light in Their Eyes It ended with Sophie entering the void. It started with...
  • sokeefe
  • biana
  • danger
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His alpha her Omega (Book 1 of the His Alpha Her Omega Series) by Rose_Wolf_
His alpha her Omega (Book 1 of the... by Rose_Wolf_
Highest ranking #61 in Werewolf 4/17/2016 When Sophie Peterson meets her mate, she realizes he's Luka, an Omega; the lowest and most disrespected rank of the E...
  • destiny
  • werewolvesofwattpad
  • choice
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Finally- A Sophitz Fanfiction by TheSophitzOwl
Finally- A Sophitz Fanfiction by Livvie
This story is about how Sophie and Fitz finally get together. Please don't judge me too hard, this is my first fanfiction. Note- I do NOT own these characters, they be...
  • sofitz
  • linh
  • fintan
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What a sleepover can do! by TeamFoster-Keefe
What a sleepover can do! by Linbee3015
Sophie and her friends are at a sleepover and they are playing a human game that Sophie taught them. Truth or Dare. Relationships blossom, hearts are broken, and things...
  • lost
  • shannon
  • cities
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Making the Match by PJOfanatix
Making the Match by PJOfanatix
Sophie Foster is now a Level 6 prodigy at Foxfire. The Neverseen has been put down and the war has been won. All was calm for the last two years and things have only bee...
  • scroll
  • making
  • cities
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stranger | p. parker by mxrvelous-
stranger | p. parker by ❝son of...a bitch!❞
❝ stran • ger ❞ noun a person whom one does not know or with whom is not familiar. in which a misdial turns into a friendship between strangers...
  • holland
  • ned
  • tom
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Because of a Scroll | KotLC Fanfic [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by NuelaChik
Because of a Scroll | KotLC Fanfic... by GingerNuela
When the Neverseen is finally defeated, Sophie and her friends get their Match Making Scrolls. Matches are made, relationships are created, and hearts are broken. But i...
  • matchmaking
  • elves
  • boas
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Sophitz by BelleMeansBeauty
Sophitz by BelleMeansBeauty
Only one word...SOPHITZ...okay maybe more words but anyways this is my first fanfic as well as my first story on wattpad and if you read this than GREAT AND THANK YOU no...
  • sleepover
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • fophie
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My Perfect Mistake (#Wattys2016) by SimplyAmber96
My Perfect Mistake (#Wattys2016) by Amber
Every girl in school idolizes Aaron Evans, the school player. He's drop dead gorgeous, football captain, has a hot body, and not to mention those gorgeous blue eyes. But...
  • dad
  • love
  • sophie
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