Beautiful Liar  by LoyalBigbangVip
Beautiful Liar by PeaceMinusOne Fanfiction
Big Bang is know as the most popular Kpop boy group all over the world nowadays.All of the members are succesfully have their own carrier and solo songs well.Somehow,man...
BIGBANG Imagines and Prefrences by pureyoongism
BIGBANG Imagines and Prefrences by αяια ѕ. Fanfiction
Imagines/Scenarios and Prefrences with BIGBANG. Requests are always open!
Última Oportunidad. by elish15
Última Oportunidad. by Anxiety. Fanfiction
Y si fuese la última oportunidad para qué sus almas se amen para siempre? Capítulo nuevo cada sábado.
Eclipsim © by Cero18
Eclipsim © by Cero18 Fantasy
Secuela de ''Ángeles de la Música (AdlM). Layla y Haruki han sido coronados, y la guerra dará comienzo. Sin embargo, los misterios del pasado aparecen continuamente y...
BigBang : Imagines and Scenarios by j-hiphope
BigBang : Imagines and Scenarios by MS CRINGE DESU Fanfiction
Hardcore VIP waiting for the kinds to return to continue my book
lobos y demonios by lectoracreativa24
lobos y demonios by lectoracreativa24 Werewolf
los cambia formas y los demonios han estado enemistados durante mas de mil años mas jamas se ha visto que un cambia formas tenga de mate a un demonio menos el alfa de lo...
jimin tiene los ojos de luna by venusocean
jimin tiene los ojos de luna by sayuri Fanfiction
VENECIA: JIMIN © Then I bathed in the poem of the sea, infused with stars, the milk-white spume blends, Grazing green azures: where ravished, bleacherd flotsam, a drowne...
BIGBANG SCENARIOS by BoomShakalaka Fanfiction
Short stories about these adorable men.
MONSTERS • bigbang by hey_miss_true
MONSTERS • bigbang by hn Fanfiction
What if you wake up one day and everything changes? Your life, Job and even fate? Well, this happened to Song Sooyoung. She works in a science department called M.T.F (M...
Remember That Ghost by Fallen_Notes
Remember That Ghost by Blue Teen Fiction
Even if I cant remember you by my mind... My heart saying that I already know you... that I love you... *** I know Im not the one you love but please... give me chance...
Reflected Light by ashhhliehhh
Reflected Light by Ashleigh Teen Fiction
Sol was always the prettier, smarter, friendlier twin. She had the most friends, a long line of admirers, and great grades. Luna, however, was a completely different st...
Eclipse Wars  by AnotherCosmonaut
Eclipse Wars by AKnownUnknown Science Fiction
149.6 million kilometers, 0.00001581 light years away from Earth lies the very thing the Earth and all the other planets depend on; The Sun. 4.5 billion years old, the...
80FF00 || c.h.s by brosvt
80FF00 || c.h.s by veda Fanfiction
in which choi hansol is a bartender with a signature trademark ©︎cookingyu :: 2k16 started: 16.01.10 published: 16.05.11 finished: 16.07.24
Saturno, A Filha da Lua e do Sol by gabematozo
Saturno, A Filha da Lua e do Sol by Gabriela Fantasy
Dizia uma lenda que o Sol e a Lua sempre foram apaixonados um pelo outro, mas nunca podiam estar juntos, pois a lua só nascia ao por do sol. Sendo assim, os Deuses decid...
Solaya by Mariicaa
Solaya by Marica Avanzi Werewolf
• 15/12/16 #81 Lupi mannari • "Eh si, tutte le favole della buonanotte che narrano di Cappuccetto Rosso e il lupo sono vere. O almeno una parte di esse. Q...
A Traitorous House on Traitorous Earth: Shattered Past Book 3 by FactOrFunction
A Traitorous House on Traitorous E... by UWantARefund Fanfiction
The Fallen; A proud, honorable, warrior race, reduced to nothing but a shadow of its former self. Their homeworld of Ralterra produced the finest warriors the galaxy had...
In Love With Apollo by SilverSpur
In Love With Apollo by SilverSpur Romance
She dreamt about him. He dreamt about her. She never wanted a boyfriend. He knew she was made for him. Selene Rashid has an unbelievable stroke of luck that all girls w...
School of Love by I33c44
The Rave Boy by ForgiveMy7Sins
The Rave Boy by ForgiveMy7Sins Fanfiction
We met through an unexpected event of my life, one I thought and prayed wouldn't happen. But now, I'm grateful. I met him. Yes, this is getting harder and more dangerous...
Kuumantis #JusticeAwards2017 by Reaperwrt
Kuumantis #JusticeAwards2017 by Adrián Vázquez Fantasy
Esta es la historia de un mundo mágico en el cuál existen dos tipos de magos, los heliomantes (quienes toman su poder de la luz solar) que se encuentran en mayoría, y lo...