Twisted Fairytale (Snow White With The Red Hair) (Ryu x OC) by grace5151
Twisted Fairytale (Snow White With... by grace5151 Fanfiction
The kingdom of Hyoushou is located in the far North of Clarines, holding bonds as great allies. Happy as anyone can be, tragedy is only common. Driving out the sole prin...
Assassins (Obi x Reader~) by GalaxyTheDragon
Assassins (Obi x Reader~) by Queen Noot Noot Fanfiction
You are Shirayuki's close friend and you break into the castle to find her, and end up being an aide?!
Forgotten Princess by sudzie
Forgotten Princess by jen Fanfiction
• Snow White With Red Hair fanfic • You are (Y/n) (L/n) -- A princess with a tragic past. The ability to change eye color based on emotion and the best assassin around...
My Princess (Obi x Reader) by jaebird236
My Princess (Obi x Reader) by Jae M. Williams Fanfiction
(Y/n) Wistaria. Princess of Aerea and cousin to the Princes of Clarines. Not your typical princess but the kind of girl who likes riding horses bareback and running out...
Obi X reader by haruharuotakua
Obi X reader by haruharuotakua Fanfiction
Obi X reader I don't know why else to write (Upadate) Welp a sequel is coming so stay tone
The Red-Haired Princess by FloraWisteria
The Red-Haired Princess by FloraWisteria Fanfiction
"Color has meaning, and red is supposed to represent fate. You may not like it much now, but your red might lead to something good when you least expect it."...
New Guard (Zen X Reader)  by Hanji_Zoe_Shipper_98
New Guard (Zen X Reader) by Fune_Sakka_Sutōrī_100 Fanfiction
(Y/N) is a guardian of Prince Raj Shenazard of Tanbarun. One night a grand ball was planned. Someone snuck into the castle and robbed someone. Do to her quick thinking (...
Guarded Love Obi x Reader by __hiaa__
Guarded Love Obi x Reader by username Fanfiction
The story belongs to Izz22 on deviant Art. I own nothing of this story. Please go check out her account.
The Girl With Blue Hair by blueberryfusion
The Girl With Blue Hair by мσσи¢нιℓ∂🌙 Fanfiction
❝ Always wear your invisible crown.❞
Zeyuki: Destined by XxRemeeexX
Zeyuki: Destined by Kuudere-Chan Fanfiction
Zen Wisteria, the second prince of Clarines, younger brother of Prince Izana. Born with silver hair and sky blue eyes which adds to his natural charms. Occasionally, he...
The New Guard Of Clarines by love_peace_ships
The New Guard Of Clarines by GalaxyGirl_101 Random
Mae was born and raised in The Claw of the Sea. Yep! Born and raised by pirates! The captain was her mom. She was getting more violent with her punishments for her crew...
Blue hair Goddess (Snow White with the red hair) (Obi x oc) ON HOLD by grace5151
Blue hair Goddess (Snow White with... by grace5151 Fanfiction
A young girl at the age of 15 was mostly in fear of her life due to her strange turquoise hair. She travels alone carrying burdens of her past until she gets kidnapped a...
Akagami no Shirayukihime (Izana X Reader) by Alex_Izumi
Akagami no Shirayukihime (Izana X... by Alex Romance
You are order to be the aide/spy of the prince of Tanbarun by your boss, to collect information. Unexpectedly when you become Prince raji's aide/spy he tells you to find...
Obi x Reader by itzmeduhstilllonely
Obi x Reader by Broken Fanfiction
(Y/N)= Your Name (F/C)= Favorite Color (L/N)= Last Name Okay so this is my first fan fiction so please don't judge me I'm begging you. Anyway; You are a 21 year old girl...
When Your Here, A Snow White With The Red Hair Fanfic by LouiseAndKelvin
When Your Here, A Snow White With... by HIATUS Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] This is part 1 of my 5 book story so yeah
The Mysterious Girl  by EmmaLeaFowler
The Mysterious Girl by Emma-lea Random
A Young girl who slowly falls for the first prince of Clarines Prince Izana.
Forever and Always by Madi90792
Forever and Always by Madi90792 Romance
It's finally time for Shirayuki and Obi to return to Wistal castle when all of a sudden prince Zen's comes to them, what for? Later Izana, Zen, and Shirayuki are summone...
{COMPLETED} My Little Princess ~Memories and Reasons~ (Obi x Reader) by OororaKirari
{COMPLETED} My Little Princess ~Me... by Ōrora Kirari Fanfiction
"I'm different from any other princesses. I'm different from any other people. Am I even a human?" People have their own reason to live. What if a person only...
Akagami No ShirayukiHime: Obi's New Love (Obi X Moyenne ~OC~) by Hitaharuko
Akagami No ShirayukiHime: Obi's Ne... by AJ Fanfiction
Obi's love for Shirayuki will never continue, but his love for another girl will start. As a girl from Clarines finds her way into the castle gates, Obi is ordered to st...
Daisies {Obi x OC} {Akagami No Shirayukihime} On Hold by iluvfloweys
Daisies {Obi x OC} {Akagami No Shi... by ~>loser lol<~ Fanfiction
"Well miss, I'll be back." Obi told me as he was walking out the front door. "Wait! Where are you going?" I ask him. "On a little journey for s...