OUAT texts by Ouat_Apple
OUAT texts by Jemma Jones Random
Have you ever thought "huh I wonder what the characters in OUAT text each other" ? If you have, then honey have I got the thing for you. Here, you can read th...
Father Figure  by imakestories
Father Figure by imakestories Fanfiction
When Emma was 18 she got pregnant by her boyfriend Neal. Neal left Emma and their son Henry when Henry was two. Emma was lost and alone and her best friend Killian Jones...
Once on Instagram III by gallifreyanfairytale
Once on Instagram III by Grace Fanfiction
400 parts and I'm still not satisfied. Welcome to the third book in the Once on Instagram series. I hope you like Outlaw Queen, Rumbelle, SwanFire, and SwanQueen and Wic...
Abandoned by imakestories
Abandoned by imakestories Fanfiction
When Emma Swan was 16 she and her boyfriend Killian Jones (17) had gotten pregnant. Though when Killian found out he decided to finish High School in London and Abandon...
Memorize Me by the-little_mermaid
Memorize Me by SwanQueen Addict Fanfiction
Set after 3x11 Going Home, after Pan's curse hits. This fic ignores ANYTHING that comes after this episode. What if everyone hadn't met Zelena in the Enchanted Forest...
The Magic Within ↠ Once Upon A Time by JazzEmerald21
The Magic Within ↠ Once Upon A Time by Jazz Emerald Fanfiction
"You thought you've read every fairytale out there? Trust me, there are more stories that not even one book can hold..." Just when our heroes thought life coul...
Reunited by imakestories
Reunited by imakestories Fanfiction
Emma Swan and Killian Jones were in love since they met back in the 6th grade when Killian was a new student in Storybrooke. It took them awhile but Freshman year of hi...
Once One Shots 3 by imakestories
Once One Shots 3 by imakestories Fanfiction
Im doing more Once One Shots. Since alot of ships wont be in the new season. I decided to do this to keep my favorite ships alive. CaptainSwan Snowing Rumbelle VioletBel...
Friendship by imakestories
Friendship by imakestories Fanfiction
The two groups live in the same building. Right across the hall. They have been good friends with each other ever since they all moved in. Their friendships grows as doe...
What Is Love by imakestories
What Is Love by imakestories Fanfiction
A girl (Emma Swan age 22) getting away from the life of living on the street with her loser boyfriend. A man (Killian Jones age 23) getting away from his family, their c...
Once on Instagram [EDITING] by gallifreyanfairytale
Once on Instagram [EDITING] by Grace Fanfiction
What if...the Once Upon a Time characters had Instagram accounts...? please :) don't :) skip :) chapters :) and :) wonder :) why :) you're :) confused :))))) [SEQUEL IS...
Once Upon A Time by alisonswan94651
Once Upon A Time by Catherine Ortiz Fanfiction
There is a town in Maine. What happened in here Once Upon A Time ago? Find out in here.
Fake Romance  by imakestories
Fake Romance by imakestories Fanfiction
Emma Swan(27) lied to her friends and family about being in a perfect Relationship. Killian Jones(28) lied to his newly wedded ex that he found his true love after all...
The Reason I Hate High School by RachelmRandolph
The Reason I Hate High School by Capt. Swan Fanfiction
The flight to Storybrooke left Emma with her thoughts...
In Between The Lines by wherethelightis29
In Between The Lines by wherethelightis29 Fanfiction
Robin and Regina star in popular TV show as each other's love interests. Outside of the show, the two are best friends along with their other co-stars: Emma, Mary Margar...
Killian "Hook" Jones Imagines by TMNT221BHobbit
Killian "Hook" Jones Imagines by Megatron Fanfiction
//Once Upon A Time Imagines of The Hot Pirate!// These are just one-shots or moments between the reader and Hook. If you know how I work, you'll know that these chapters...
A Little Jones by LaurenPrendergast7
A Little Jones by Lauren Prendergast Fanfiction
Captain swan fluff. (AU) Post dark one. I will try and update every other day.Reviews are appreciated!
The life I wanted for you (A captain swan fanfiction) by makyhook
The life I wanted for you (A capta... by makyhook Random
The life I wanted for you (A captain swan fanfiction) This is a Captain swan fanfiction, in this story the curse never happened. and how Emma grew up with her parents...
Years Later by imakestories
Years Later by imakestories Fanfiction
Killian Jones and Emma Swan were the high school it couple. They were together all four years. Then they had to say goodbye. The last time they saw each other they were...
Be With Me by CaptainSwanis_Life
Be With Me by Captain Swan is Life Random
Emma Swan has a perfect life: perfect family, perfect friends, and perfect boyfriend. But she has a troubled past that only her family, boyfriend, Killian "Hook&quo...