stuck ↬ jack avery by itstristenraine
stuck ↬ jack avery by 「tristenraine」 Fanfiction
"great. now we're stuck here" in which emma reuter gets snowed in school with the one and only, jack avery. started: 8/25/17 [highest rank: #272 in fanfic]...
The Lost Dragon. (GOT Fan Fiction) by Lauren_Loving
The Lost Dragon. (GOT Fan Fiction) by LB Fanfiction
In the North she was known as Violet. A name given to her purely based by the color of her eyes. Someone snatched her up during the sack of Kings Landing seventeen years...
A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Dracula by ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡ Vampire
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
berg dies by queere
The Blizzard - Akatsuki no Yona by aquadolphin258
The Blizzard - Akatsuki no Yona by Dolphin-chan Fanfiction
The epitome of elegance and grace; beauty and majesty; skill and sass. Yukino, just who are you? Are you Soo-Won's step-sister? Are you Yona's friend? Which side will y...
She will always be the one by EadieWali
She will always be the one by EadieWali Spiritual
"Zaabit Bhai!! What are you doing?" I begin to walk back as his sturdier figure became close. "You aren't supposed to be here, Zaabit Bhai" I begin t...
Snowball (BoyxBoy) by Script_Hero
Snowball (BoyxBoy) by Script_Hero Romance
Leon is a werewolf, a beautiful white wolf. But he isn't strong like all the other wolves of his pack. He is a disappointment to his parents and to all his superiors. So...
GoT One-Shots! by MegLPie
GoT One-Shots! by Meg Fanfiction
Game of Thrones One-Shots I've written. Feel free to request as always!! I do not write smut!! I do not own any Game of Thrones characters/story lines. They belong to G...
Of Shadow and Blade • {Jon Snow} by EReader33
Of Shadow and Blade • {Jon Snow} by EReader33 Fanfiction
"You had a knife to my throat and could've killed me, and yet you didn't. You hesitated." Jon's tone wasn't angry, rather it was gentle and inquisitive. &qu...
SNOW &HONEY by sarynm12
SNOW &HONEY by sarynm12 Fantasy
Join honey on a journey as she makes love. Rated R very sexual sories. Sexiness sex stories. Makes you veery horney.
Blue Moon by burntbrulee
Blue Moon by Golden Werewolf
“Why did you mark me?” I asked. My words came out huskier than I intended, causing me to blush bright red. He stepped forward, pushing me back into a corner. I couldn’t...
Snow Bound. by Peardabear
Snow Bound. by Peardabear Teen Fiction
In which two high school graduates get stuck in a cabin together, waiting for their family's to return and quickly falling in love with each other in the process. This...
Recovery | Wattys 2017  by AubreyParsons
Recovery | Wattys 2017 by Aubrey Parsons Teen Fiction
Scarlet McKinnon has never been one to get into trouble. She's nice to everyone, has a poster-family, and only one potential enemy. So, when said enemy finds her beaten...
The Grail: Legacy by heater0387
The Grail: Legacy by Heather Fantasy
Camille has the ability to become anyone but the one person she wants to be: herself. Memories gone and on the run from a man hellbent on exploiting her, she manages to...
This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Claws by Rae Ann Werewolf
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
Victor by Night | Finnick Odair by itsjustannie
Victor by Night | Finnick Odair by annie :) Fanfiction
Sagitarra Scrymgeour -- Sage, for short -- has already fought her way and conquered the title of Victor during the 72nd Annual Hunger Games for District 5. Still recove...
ICE by Serayna
ICE by Ashley Taylor Fantasy
Where sexy demons run wild and a powerful Ice Queen is created.
Surviving Sam [ONGOING] by veryhungryhippo
Surviving Sam [ONGOING] by emma dee Teen Fiction
❅ One girl. One boy. One gigantic snowstorm. ❅ In which Rosie Whittaker gets stuck with Sam Kingsley under a roof, all the while enduring (and surviving) one of the bi...
Red-Nosed | ✓ by bateaux
Red-Nosed | ✓ by kell Teen Fiction
Kinley and Theo haven't seen each other since the ninth grade. Kinley wanted to keep it that way. Copyright © Asia Keller 2014
Snow Boots (#3) by evethespy
Snow Boots (#3) by уιℓєι Short Story
"You've reached Westerden Ski Lodge, how may I be of assistance?" "Hey, can I rent some snow boots and skis? Maybe even a girlfriend, if you've got any...