WRONG // (Harry Styles) by alison-archer
WRONG // (Harry Styles) by alison Fanfiction
❝This is wrong Harry,❞ I pant as he rips off my top, exposing my bra. I soon give into him as his arms lock on my waist, lifting me onto the kitchen counter. ❝Be quiet b...
WILD // (Harry Styles) by alison-archer
WILD // (Harry Styles) by alison Fanfiction
❝You drive me fucking wild,❞ he says, pulling at his hair. He moves closer again--this time grabbing me by the waist. I let out a groan as he kisses my neck. ❝Shut the f...
Ugly (Dark Harry Styles AU) by vallyally17
Ugly (Dark Harry Styles AU) by Valerie Styles Fanfiction
Payton, a 19 year old college girl, had to pretty much grow up on her own. With her promiscuous mom, coming and going and a missing father, the only people she had to le...
Love Won't Last Forever (Sequel to FWLF) by helloreality
Love Won't Last Forever (Sequel to... by Rachel Fanfiction
This is the Sequel to "Fear Wont Last Forever" so if you have not read that one, please do! *Disclaimer* Involves some triggering chapters and boyxboy content...
This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry) by AVeryLarryStylinsmut
This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry) by Kay Fanfiction
Harry is staying in his vacation home for the summer. Louis is his pool boy.
London's Calling : Ed Sheeran Fanfiction [Wattys 2015] by -raggedyman-
London's Calling : Ed Sheeran Fanf... by -raggedyman- Fanfiction
Stuck in a new city, Leylah finds herself in the midst on new faces that push her away. All but a man in a hoodie with raggedy sunny orange hair.
•super•Hard Work by BangtanSmuty
•super•Hard Work by BangtanSmuty Fanfiction
This is the time for the Noonas out there! In this smutty story between Tae x Jimin x Jungkook x reader! you're Bangtan Noona who keeps the dorm care! Enjoy 😋
Sinbad and You by gekokujougirl
In The Car (Harry Styles Dirty Imagine) by Jellystyles
In The Car (Harry Styles Dirty Ima... by Jelly Fanfiction
Warning: Dirty and Sexual Content (16+) Imagine: Harry and you were going on a date. When he started his pickup truck at the back of his yard, the engine died off, leavi...
Enderlox and Skybrine: Nothing Can Keep Us Apart BoyXBoy (Skylox) by Jade626
Enderlox and Skybrine: Nothing Can... by Jadieee Fanfiction
I was thinking and then this idea came in my mind why not make from that one shot (excaly 2 shot) a story YEAAHH so here it is
michael clifford - search history by fanfiction-n00b
michael clifford - search history by fanfiction-n00b Teen Fiction
Michael Clifford has a HUGE crush on you, then you use his laptop and see something you're not sure he wanted you to see.
The Parabatai Dreams (Jace Herondale X Alec Lightwood)(smut, lots of smut) by FangirlWritesFanfic
The Parabatai Dreams (Jace Heronda... by FangirlWritesFanfic Fanfiction
ONE-SHOT. Parabatai can share intense emotions and dreams. What happens when Alec Lightwood finds Jace Herondale in his bedroom after waking from a sultry dream? warning...
one direction smut boyxboy by sensitive1D
one direction smut boyxboy by sensitive1D Fanfiction
so yeaahh... this is some smut from ALL the boys hope you like it :)
His Soft Side (Jack Gilinsky fanfic) by haydub24
His Soft Side (Jack Gilinsky fanfi... by Hay Fanfiction
Jack Gilinsky was know as the biggest player in his grade, but what happens when he thinks he meets the one to finally settle down with?
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven *Dirty* by AkireSamoht
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven *Dirt... by Akire Samoht Fanfiction
You end up in the closet with...who?
Since 20 Years Ago- Troyler AU by OnceUponATronler
Since 20 Years Ago- Troyler AU by Divvie Romance
Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley were best friends when they were babies. At the age of 5, Troye's family moved to Australia and they haven't talked ever since. This summer...
Losing Youself (Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco Fanfiction)//Finished by Summers13
Losing Youself (Fall Out Boy and P... by Summers13 Fanfiction
When Brendon and Erica's relationship starts taking off, tragedy strikes. Will Brendon ever regain his memory? His whole future could completely change... depending on t...
Social Casualties || 5sos Zombies by brainthoughts
Social Casualties || 5sos Zombies by brainthoughts Fanfiction
It's the zombie apocalypse, the lads of 5sos and three new friends face the undead on their tour bus. Zombies prove to be the least of their troubles as they travel to t...
I Do (A Troyler Fanfiction) by wearetylerspeople
I Do (A Troyler Fanfiction) by Wearetylerspeople Fanfiction
Troyler is getting married! Of course they're in love, but are there other reasons for their sudden leap of faith and love? What about the fans? Read as Tyler Oakley and...
Stockholm Syndrome || Larry Stylinson Fanfiction by LarryIsMyWholeLife
Stockholm Syndrome || Larry Stylin... by Batel_Stylinson_Food Fanfiction
When Harry was kidnapped, he thought it was just a joke.. but soon enough he found out that he was wrong. He thought it was the end.. but for Harry, it's just the beginn...