//cigarettes by hangfromstolendreams
//cigarettesby make it painless
"whoever invented love must have been high" //tayley
  • suicideattempt
  • smoking
  • tayloryork
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Perfect Timing  by lovelyartistic
Perfect Timing by ♛NOLA
"Please just let me in" I️ softly spoke looking at him through my lashes tears filling my eyes. "If you knew what I️ have done you going to wish y...
  • romance
  • mature
  • smoking
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look around at how lucky we are to... by cece0993
look around at how lucky we are luna_solstice
Theodosia just got herself out of an abusive relationship, and she has major anxiety, depression, and insomnia and self-harms routinely. Can anyone save her from herself...
  • miranda
  • smoking
  • daveed
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My army  boy by BvbCC16
My army boyby BvbCC16
Levi is back from surviving overseas in a high combat zone. What will he think when his cousin forces him to come out and socialize. Ereri boyXboy don't like don't read
  • smoking
  • military
  • âu
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That Gay Shit by -Travybear-
That Gay Shitby Travis
A book for my boyfriend mostly I guess or just random gay shit.
  • sexy
  • sexiness
  • goals
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Cold Days ✎ by DriedLeaf_
Cold Days ✎by Beckett ♂
To many people, purple can mean many things. To me, purple meant friendship, and the day I saw my best friend kiss my boyfriend was when I lost all the purple in my life...
  • freethegay
  • smoking
  • possessive
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La Vampira // a Lost Boys Fanfic by Nosfer-achoo
La Vampira // a Lost Boys Fanficby ℜose
"Velasco is a Spanish family name derived from the Basque 'bela'- meaning 'raven' or 'crow'" Salvatrice Velasco lives in the quintessential beach town of Santa...
  • markothelostboys
  • fanfic
  • goth
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Abused. by Andrew_Dallas Christian Charm
Tyler was fifteen when he came out to his Parents, However, His mother was the only thing that kept his father from punching, kicking, and strangling the shit out of him...
  • high-school
  • wattys-2018
  • abuse
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- Achievements! - by theotherme88
- Achievements! -by theotherme88
Smoking can be incredibly fun! Especially if you have achievements to attain. So I made a bunch of achievements for every smoker. Enjoy!
  • challenge
  • achievement
  • cigarette
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Bad Girl, Bad Boy. by hannah_elyce
Bad Girl, Bad Hannah Elyce
Alexa Daniels is a normal seventeen year old teenager with her own wild opinions and stands at her own one-person clique being the tom-boy/bad girl. But one fateful day...
  • cute
  • calexa
  • drama
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Sleep Paralysis ⇰ Marauders Era by Monosomniac
Sleep Paralysis ⇰ Marauders Eraby ⋆𝔅𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔢⋆
An irregularity in passing between the stages of sleep and wakefulness.
  • remuslupin
  • harrypotter
  • siriusblack
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HIS DOOM by Heartbroken629
HIS DOOMby notyoursnow
Sometimes life dosent appreciate you. Sometimes you dont appreciate life. In this book you will find the story of a young girl who found love. And then lost it. Because...
  • highschool
  • murder
  • suicide
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Hey Little Girl.. by NewMoonsChild
Hey Little Neo/Anon
What do I have to say, you should just read it, I love writing it. It's about Skylar going through her teenage years and most of us know what tragedy teenage years are.
  • growingup
  • hardtimes
  • drugs
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Secondhand [Happiness] by city_of_owls
Secondhand [Happiness]by KicktheEmily
It wasn't good enough that Mark did love her. It only mattered that V didn't. There were millions of fish in the sea, but the one she had her eye ons--turns out he wasn'...
  • romance
  • newadult
  • daydream
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Lilac Flowers  by RomanticDisaster
Lilac Flowers by Hopeless Romantic
Pansexual mess of a girl Rose, is in love with a girl who cheats on her with the guy who killed her boyfriend. She holds onto hope that her life will get better so she d...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • girlxboy
  • love
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Who Are You? by xBakersTrashx
Who Are You?by Baker's Trash
Most of the team hurried into fighting stances, tense and prepared for a battle. Red Robin pushed his way to the front- paying no mind when he stepped on Wally's foot- w...
  • timdrake
  • barbaragordon
  • youngjustice
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Summer loves Winter by strawberry_exract
Summer loves Winterby Maddy
Harry's broken. Louis fixes him.
  • sorry
  • niallhoran
  • smoking
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The First Strike of a Key  by Catohma
The First Strike of a Key by Cat Sohma
A hermit author with frequent writers block and a rowdy group home together is not a good combination. But just maybe a bit of attention and piano music will solve this...
  • teen
  • struggle
  • familylove
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Don't Bother Calling by sclareclipse
Don't Bother Callingby Sam
18 year old Sebastian Tate, had his life all mixed up. Due to his parents, love life, friends, and family. he didn't know what he wanted in life. He just got up and lef...
  • massachusetts
  • parents
  • gay
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Joint -Fillie by milliebobbybrowm
Joint -Fillieby milliebobbybrowm
  • alcohol
  • fillie
  • smoking
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