*{~Imagines~}* by bitchyf
*{~Imagines~}* by C_Jiara Fanfiction
~Request are open dm me for one~
~Instagram~ by uzumaki_da_naruto
~Instagram~ by Naruto Random
Behold the smexiness. You know you want it...
Fell!Poth by G4sterBlasterMaster
Fell!Poth by G4sterBlasterMaster Fanfiction
...there'll be gore violence cursing and maybe MAYBE lemon....there'll be lemon ;) This obviously takes place in underfell. Where goth and palette share feelings but nei...
The happy unicorn Jung-oppa! Jungkook x reader by Serina1360
The happy unicorn Jung-oppa! Jungk... by Serina1360 Fanfiction
You find a pretty unicorn in the forest of trees. The unicorn is very beautiful and has lushious green hair and has fair orange skin. As you visit over time you find it...
will cipher x reader x Bill Cioher x Lemon by LeviAckerman286
will cipher x reader x Bill Cioher... by Levi Ackerman Fanfiction
sup yalls im new and this is my first lemon so enjoy
My Highschool Crush by JenniferVillalobos6
My Highschool Crush by Jennifer Villalobos Fanfiction
This story is about my high school crush Sergeant Jackson;);););) (okay no this story is all made up well some parts, there's this sergeant in my school he yells and i t...
Anime boys x Reader (Oneshot) by MCD_Shipper
Anime boys x Reader (Oneshot) by MCD_Shipper Short Story
It says it all in the title. I really hope you enjoy. And you can request stories if you want to too.
Together! by Yuki_Yume_Dreams
Together! by Kawaii_B*sh_Yuki Fanfiction
Sunshine by motocrossgirl15
Sunshine by Jessy's Girl Romance
A shy girl who just a little different than most because she would rather hang with the guys than go shopping with a bunch of crazy girls. She and her friend are just g...
SansXGhost by Jacob_is_a_unicorn
my smol book of.... by demonic_devil_wolf
my smol book of.... by gerard_sassylemon_way Romance
If you want to bye y-a-o-i I sell it
Default Title - Write Your Own by daniel_da_boss
The Roses of the lonely by thescaryfracet