The Rabbit And The Fox by islapmofos
The Rabbit And The Fox by islapmofos Random
He hated how the older man stared at him, like he was a piece of meat. Like he was a rabbit and Eddie was the fox.
Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/Matthew Daddario [2] by grvysontodd
Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/Matthew... by skyler Fanfiction
" you've hurt me more than once, aleks. Why can't you just let me be happy? " " because I still love you " [Features Cast of Marvel Cinematic Univer...
TheCreatureHub/Cow Chop Preferences by heavydirtyseamus
TheCreatureHub/Cow Chop Preferences by JENNA MARIE™ Fanfiction
the creatures are cool so i made preferences about them // Language Warning //
Run (A Slymau FF) by WillowTailBreeze
Run (A Slymau FF) by Willow Random
Run... Run... that's all my mind said was run... Who was I running from?... Him... --- I know, I suck at descriptions :3 But I has made a Slymau boo...
Toy Soldiers {SSoHPKC/Creatures  Fan-Fic} by MissCreatureDoll
Toy Soldiers {SSoHPKC/Creatures F... by Möe Fanfiction
The Creatures had life going good with booming careers, until they would become dumbfounded by the discovery of Seamus' past life. *this fan-fic will depict some people...
Slymau-Mcd/Smh by -MeBeKewi-
Slymau-Mcd/Smh by Kewi Fanfiction
It's a Slymau fanfic. Duh. Alright, fine I'll talk about it a little bit. Aphmau ran away from her past. There. Done. No spoilers. Also, I suck at writing descriptions...
Spiritually Active [Book 1] (Creature Hybrid AU) by mintberrysunrise
Spiritually Active [Book 1] (Creat... by Izzy Fanfiction
A fanfiction surrounding the Creatures becoming actual hybrid creatures! catJordan, bearDanz, wolfSeamus, foxEddie, houndJames, and rabbitAleks. Pairings: NovaHD, SlyPKC
Love Is Like A Videogame (A SSOHPKC fanfic)  by sopazz
Love Is Like A Videogame (A SSOHPK... by Sopaz Fanfiction
Ava didn't expect to fall for Seamus, it's against the rules. He was dating her best friend Ashley but something about his sarcasm and cuteness drew her in and she could...
Electrifing [MCD&SMD CROSSOVER FF] by princeroki
Electrifing [MCD&SMD CROSSOVER FF] by percy Fanfiction
two years it been since she's been gone. thus he cries at her grave and her lit pillar. she cries over crystals with her diamond tears. he wanted to have some fun but he...
Which Life Do I Choose? A Slymau FF by LadyLight055
Which Life Do I Choose? A Slymau FF by L.L Girls Fanfiction
I haven't come up with a decision...... Should I go with my friends that I have known for life that I love and trust, or stay with the friends that love me? I don't know...
Friday the 13th: YouTubers Die by CorgiJones
Friday the 13th: YouTubers Die by Grant Jones Fanfiction
A group of Gamers decide it would be best to get away from the electronics and go to Camp Crystal Lake in Illinois to enjoy some nature time. But when Lauren finds someo...
A Crush Changes Everything (Novahd) by Koovahd
A Crush Changes Everything (Novahd) by Koovahd Fanfiction
•Novahd• High School AU (Cover art credit: Jamestheknight)
NovaHD "The End"- Sequel by ToxicSarcasmicFusion
NovaHD "The End"- Sequel by ToxicSarcasmicFusion Fanfiction
The couple went through a tough time when their relationship had just begun. Will jealousy ruin the rest of their adventures? Let's find out in book 2
A Slyfoxhound lovestory by CoolGirl098
A Slyfoxhound lovestory by swag Fanfiction
A Famous gamer moves across the street from her best friend, but will they become closer and soon become more than friends?
Lies | A Slymau Fanfiction by DisenchantedBlood
Lies | A Slymau Fanfiction by |Fermi Paradox| Fanfiction
Quiet's a word to describe Jess Phoenix's life. Quiet, peaceful. Words that describe her. She maybe lost in her words or her thoughts, but she's always light-hearted and...
Just Keep Fighting (Creatures Fic) by Breekinz
Just Keep Fighting (Creatures Fic) by Bree Fanfiction
Seamus eventually talks his sister Emily into coming out to visit. One of the main reasons for her reluctance, she found his friends rather annoying. Will her opinion ch...
Slymau ( a Mystreet x Super Minecraft) by heyyyyyyyyyyg
Slymau ( a Mystreet x Super Minecr... by heyyyyyyyyyyg Fanfiction
This is where Jess (or Aphmau) is before Love Love Paradise. And Aaron didn't ask her out.
*DISCONTINUED* S.M.D (Super Minecraft Daily) by ShiyouTellsStories
*DISCONTINUED* S.M.D (Super Minecr... by Shiyou Fanfiction
DISCLAIMER: This story has been discontinued because I felt like this won't go anywhere, because this story was made around 2015, and I believe my grammar has improved...
Creature Talk (A Creatures fanfic) by sopazz
Creature Talk (A Creatures fanfic) by Sopaz Fanfiction
Jess has known Sly for years and when he asked her to stay in his apartment for a few months, she was quick to escape her problems in England and hop on a plane. She fin...
Desolate ≫ImmortalHD by fairly_winchester
Desolate ≫ImmortalHD by ms. flack Fanfiction
"I'll make your life hell Aleksandr." |© Caitlin Marie Cover by Asking-Aleksandr :)