#FatGirl Magic by ClaireKann
#FatGirl Magic by Claire Kann Paranormal
Daisy is a self-proclaimed loner who discovers she can use magic. But she's not the only person in town with secrets--when the ever-popular Connor finds about her, he sh...
The Girl He Left Behind ✓ by TahliePurvis
The Girl He Left Behind ✓ by T Short Story
Stacey Williams had always loved Axel Teller. But he had paid her no mind. She wanted more than the meaningless flings they had. She wanted her love to be re...
The Girl Who Said Goodbye [sequel to TGHLB] by TahliePurvis
The Girl Who Said Goodbye [sequel... by T ChickLit
Sequel to The Girl He Left Behind.
The Varsity Girls by TahliePurvis
The Varsity Girls by T Teen Fiction
One by one, six college students make a single bad decision that brands them for life - then brands them together.
Striptease | ✓ by CometsofMind
Striptease | ✓ by Aleisha Short Story
M A T U R E (READ WITH DISCRETION) Striptease: noun-a form of entertainment in which a performer gradually undresses to music in a way intended to be sexually exciting
Mr. Misty Eyed|| Revamping by Authoritative
Mr. Misty Eyed|| Revamping by ⎈ᏟᎻᎪᎡᏞᏐᎬ⎈ Short Story
"Gangsters don't cry therefore I'm Mr. Misty Eyed" -Twenty One Pilots © Charlotte Noir
Slut || ✓ by Authoritative
Slut || ✓ by ⎈ᏟᎻᎪᎡᏞᏐᎬ⎈ Short Story
About a girl Whose heart got broken One-too-many times By boys who never saw her worth •cover by my dear friend @oloberhugs #thepeopleofsociety #youngadult #stopslutsham...
I'm Not a Slut, I Swear by apathetic-avidity
I'm Not a Slut, I Swear by 文火 Romance
I wrote this to focus on the crazy difference between the standards of a male versus the standards of a female. Alice cheated on her boyfriend who now hates her and wil...
6 inch | park jimin [✓] by jimmychoos
6 inch | park jimin [✓] by gone. Fanfiction
❝ 6 inch heels- she walked into the club like nobody's business. she murdered everybody and i was her witness ❞ inspired by beyoncé's "6 inch" [ undercase inte...
Teenage Crisis | ✓  by Haiitslilly
Teenage Crisis | ✓ by l i l l i a n Short Story
DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was fourteen, therefore it kind of sucks! Stereotypes are just another cruel thing society created. 10 students at Lakeside High are liv...
Bed Warmer | ✓ {FREE YOUR SHORTS WINNER} by CometsofMind
Bed Warmer | ✓ {FREE YOUR SHORTS W... by Aleisha Short Story
Bed Warmer: (noun) A person who is only used for a one night stand and expected to leave straight away. WINNER OF FREE YOUR SHORTS #12 in SS © Aleisha. A...
The disguised wrecker  by trushitad
The disguised wrecker by trushitad Short Story
Hannah Ryder was know in Riverdale High School as the plastic. She was considered to be fake and heartless. She was the girl everyone envied or despised. She was the '...
As Bad As It Gets by xxTreblePineapplexx
As Bad As It Gets by P I N E A P P L E🍍 Teen Fiction
Three years ago nobody expected that Sayge Storm would be humiliated in front of her entire school at a high school dance. And nobody expected that it would be by her lo...
College Boys  by natanickii
College Boys by natanickii Romance
"Mature men are better than boys," *** Amanda Whitewood is the typical slut - she fucks everything and everyone. But some forget that she's human too. High sch...
Used to Be by dancingintherain24
Used to Be by Tay Short Story
S U M M A R Y : one party left her broken, one mistake left her scarred, one boy left her in ruins. this is the story about the night reagan kate's life was ruined, and...
Confessions of A School Slut ✓ by RitikaChabra
Confessions of A School Slut ✓ by Ritika Chhabra ChickLit
(Status : Completed) (Highest Ranking: #23) Have you ever wondered if all the things about high school that you think are facts are actually lies? Have you ever fantasi...
The Body Swap by adulate_
The Body Swap by Rutti Humor
"I'm black!" Nathan screams but the voice that erupts from his throat is a high shrill screech. "I'm white!" Blessing screams but she brings her hand...
Being The Slut by AryaTiwary
Being The Slut by Arya Tiwary Short Story
(COMPLETED) Slut that's what I am. Slut that's what they call me. Slut because I am not innocent. Slut because I am rude. Slut because I use makeup. But being a slu...
Meet the Baxtards by 3pointt14
Meet the Baxtards by 3.141592653589 Humor
The family burns basics. Trashes tropes. Their daughter isn't out for blood. She's out for the person who started the cliche that ended her. ✯ ✯ ✯ "Even though I...
seeker | completed by aesthesia-
seeker | completed by dna. Short Story
sex isn't vulgar, slut shaming is.