Disney genderbend x reader( REQUEST OPEN)  by gen1567
Disney genderbend x reader( Gen_The_Fire_Fox
Request are open I do any Disney character and i do lemons only if requested
  • aladdin
  • jesserabbit
  • genderbender
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Disney One-Shots by ShadowGirl1996
Disney One-Shotsby ShadowGirl1996
Hey guy. My cousin loves Disney so I wrote this for her. In the one-shots everyone is the same except the character that is being paired with the reader.
  • fairytail
  • beautyandthebeast
  • cinderella
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Dancing on Glass by RenaFreefall
Dancing on Glassby Rena Freefall
#26 in Fantasy ~ In six months, Cinderella will be free. At nineteen, she comes into her inheritance and will be rid of her wretched stepfamily. All she has to do...
  • general
  • adventure
  • tragedy
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Genderbent Disney & Dreamworks Characters X Reader by JenaVeng04
Genderbent Disney & Dreamworks 🌼 Gypsy 🌼
Basically a book of reader inserts about our favorite Disney villains, and heroes as the opposite gender. The art isn't mine. Comment what you would like for me to do an...
  • malemoana
  • littlemermaid
  • maleariel
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Oh My Disney by Dean_Alison
Oh My Disneyby Genevieve Elle Krass
Disney Images. Please No Hate
  • cinderella
  • alice
  • images
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Red Roses - (FCRAs 2016 Winner) by RenaFreefall
Red Roses - (FCRAs 2016 Winner)by Rena Freefall
**Winner of 'Miraculous Magic' category in the FCRAs 2016** Lorelie May does not go into the forests. She knows there are monsters within those trees. She faced and...
  • gs400
  • wolves
  • curses
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The Bad Boy's Sleeping Beauty  by Trisha_Mahone
The Bad Boy's Sleeping Beauty by Austin's_labyrinth
Book 2 in the Bad Boy series. This book can be read separately from the first book; The Bad Boys' Cinderella. * Roses are red, Violets are blue, Go back to sleep, The...
  • funny
  • badboy
  • projectbadboys
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The Talisman: a 1001 Nights retelling by ESJohnson
The Talisman: a 1001 Nights 🔥-d a w n-🔥| فجر
  • sleepingbeauty
  • athousandandonenights
  • assassin
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Sleeping Beauty (mxm) (short story) by ravewriter
Sleeping Beauty (mxm) (short story)by ravewriter
[This story is mxm; mature and unedited] August lives in a small house in the middle of the forest, next to a small stream, with his three auntie's, aunt Flora, au...
  • lgbtq
  • mxm
  • bxb
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Steel Roses by RenaFreefall
Steel Rosesby Rena Freefall
#27 in Fantasy ~ When the chance to run arrives, Beldon doesn't think twice about escaping into the shadows of an enchanted castle locked in an eternal winter. He j...
  • fcras2016
  • tragedy
  • sleepingbeauty
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Sleeping Beauty Syndrome #OnceUponNow by Fallzswimmer
Sleeping Beauty Syndrome Ali Novak
Rory Briar might be a sleeping beauty, but her life is no fairy tale... A modern take on Sleeping Beauty.
  • onceuponnow
  • romance
  • depression
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~Fairy Tale Land~ (Possessive! Males x Reader) by The_Dark_Mist
~Fairy Tale Land~ (Possessive! Sasha Hayes
||❝ You are my Princess and I'm your knight, I kill for you so don't blame me if you see my whole body turn red. Because, this is the red that proves my love to you ❞||...
  • fairytale
  • littleredridinghood
  • obsessivemale
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A Pokemon Fairy Tale (Under Editing) by Dfly17
A Pokemon Fairy Tale (Under Esme - Teagan
Once a upon a time......... That's not how their story starts. Misty has two horrible sisters, Leaf always keeps her green cape close, Dawn has very long hair and May...
  • mystery
  • littleredridinghood
  • sleepingbeauty
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Sleeping Roses by RenaFreefall
Sleeping Rosesby Rena Freefall
Kilan is on the run. From men he knows all too well in a forest he does not know well enough. And running into that tree didn't help. But when he wakes up, the for...
  • homosexual
  • disney
  • romance
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Painted Roses by RenaFreefall
Painted Rosesby Rena Freefall
Rosalia is used to enchantment. With a brother who freed a beast and a friend who slept for over a hundred years, coming across enchantment doesn't phase her much. ...
  • curse
  • wattys2016
  • drama
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Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~ by Squeaks7
Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~by SJ Moquin
There is a fine line one walks in life. A fine line between good and evil. A Bloodline... ~*~*~*~*~*~ College senior, Delanie Basile, survives on heavy doses of coffee...
  • alternatehistory
  • onceuponatime
  • mythology
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Sleeping Beauty // Kellic by sirenkellin
Sleeping Beauty // Kellicby 🕷
Vic is the son of the cheerful princess, Aurora. Like his mother, he is innocent and free spirited. Kellin is the son of one of the most feared villains, Maleficent. Lik...
  • kellinquinn
  • sleepingwithsirens
  • gay
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Twist (Disney w/a gay twist) {BoyXBoy} by CoDy_007
Twist (Disney w/a gay twist) { CoDy_007
******PG-13****** Modernized stories of some of the beloved Disney characters as gay men. See how much them being guys changes your whole look on them. This book will co...
  • thelittlemermaid
  • sleepingbeauty
  • gay
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Disney Facts by charliestypewriter
Disney Factsby s.a
  • thelittlemermaid
  • aladdin
  • snowwhite
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The Initiative (A Sleeping Beauty Remix) by DumDumPops4
The Initiative (A Sleeping Cayleigh
Aria Lewis is a member of the Initiative, a group of young Aces meant to protect Sarias from those who try to destroy it. Having just woken from suspended animation afte...
  • ace
  • sleepingbeauty
  • acemark
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