Monstrous Hero- My Hero Academia x Fairy Tail (Oc) by aiimee9
Monstrous Hero- My Hero Academia 9
Koyuki Dragoon is an Ice and Water Dragon Slayer mage of Fairy tail. Her dragon parent's disappeared the same year as every dragon, year 777. After being discovered and...
  • fairy
  • hero
  • dragon
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When Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls Book 1) by Bella_Higgin
When Darkness Falls (Darkness Bella_Higgin
When darkness falls the vampires come out. Sixteen-year-old Kiara Morrow knows that better than anyone. She's been trained her whole life to wipe bloodsuckers off the fa...
  • asylum
  • trilogy
  • truelove
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Shadows Rising (Darkness Falls Book 2) by Bella_Higgin
Shadows Rising (Darkness Falls Bella_Higgin
After a lifetime of violence and bloodshed, Kiara Morrow has found happiness. It's been a month since she left her vampire hunting roots behind, and started a new life w...
  • trilogy
  • sequel
  • teenlove
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The Celestial Princess by GoddessLucy
The Celestial Princessby Lushee
After Lisanna returns from Edolas, everything Lucy's ever known has been changed. Over time she becomes the girl that no notices, much less cares about. It gets even wor...
  • otaku
  • heartfilia
  • mashima
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Laxus x Reader (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by CeganTheAyugipi
Laxus x Reader (Fairy Tail Cegan ~~
This is a Laxus x reader fanfic that takes place during and after the Grand Magic Games, where you, the reader, are participating as a part of team Fairy Tail! There wil...
  • tail
  • slayer
  • xreader
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Fairy tail's forgotten member by wolfdragon1
Fairy tail's forgotten memberby dragongirl
Thana is a little girl who joined fairy tail a little after Erza. Though she has been in the guild for eight years the only people that truly know her are mirajane, laxu...
  • scythe
  • magic
  • tail
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Hunter: Blood Moon by ellarose12
Hunter: Blood Moonby Jenni.
Vampires have slayers. Werewolves have trackers. Everything else has a hunter. --- Elise Bunting knows all about the things that go bump in the night. Just...
  • action
  • fantasy
  • werewolf
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Cinderella, The Monster Slayer by RunUCleverBoy
Cinderella, The Monster Slayerby ffa
Meet Elektra Potter. She's quiet, reserved, an introvert and unconditionally beautiful (though she denies the fact). She leads a normal life, she goes to school, takes g...
  • paranormal
  • love
  • fantasy
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Forever Night (Darkness Falls Book 3) by Bella_Higgin
Forever Night (Darkness Falls Bella_Higgin
Kiara Morrow and her vampire boyfriend, Luke, finally have their own home and their own life. But their happiness balances on a knife-edge. The murderous vampire, Ra...
  • paranormal
  • soulmates
  • fangs
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The Professionals// by Red_hot_user
The Professionals//by Red_hot_user
Read and find out
  • player
  • date
  • love2lay
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Fairy Tail's 5th Dragon Slayer by splatface99
Fairy Tail's 5th Dragon Slayerby E
Natsu Dragneel, Laxus Dreyar, Gajeel Redfox, Wendy Marvell. All of them are dragon slayers in Fairy Tail. Yet there's someone else about to join them...
  • dragon
  • friendship
  • slayer
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Tides of Virtue (Fairy Tail Fan-Fiction) by Ninjas07
Tides of Virtue (Fairy Tail Amy
This is a Fairy Tail fan-fiction: Natsu X OC (Serenity Rose, the Water Dragon Slayer). There are also some Gray moments if you prefer the Ice-Make stripper-boy. ~***~ N...
  • dragon
  • fire
  • fanfiction
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Dragon Season by AxNutellaxTurtle
Dragon Seasonby Ms. Heartneel
Everyone is excited for the Dragon Mating Season. Including Lucy, Levy, and Romeo. While the Dragon Season is starting three guild members start acting different. More s...
  • pg-13
  • romance
  • slayer
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Fairytail Mating Season by redfairyqueen
Fairytail Mating Seasonby 👑Red Queen👑
Mating Season a season that happens every 50 years in the spring. When a slayer, heavenly body user, or someone who used this magic in their life will be effected. They...
  • matingseason
  • fairytail
  • miliannaxorga
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Hunter: Begin Again by ellarose12
Hunter: Begin Againby Jenni.
Vampires have Slayers. Werewolves have Trackers. Everything else has a Hunter. --- It's nearly been a year since Elise Bunting walked away from the life she...
  • hunter
  • diary
  • werewolf
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Fairy Tail: The Adventures Of Rin Fernandes by theonlyphyn
Fairy Tail: The Adventures Of Phyn
Rin "Ice" Fernandes is the younger sister of Jellal Fernandes, her whereabouts unknown ever since she went under the radar at a young age. Being able to commun...
  • slayer
  • adventure
  • fernandes
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Lucy Heartfilia was found by Master Makarov at the age of 12. Shy and Cute Lucy had three magic: Ice dragon Slayer magic, Celestial Spirit Magic and Celestial God Slaye...
  • slayer
  • keys
  • friendship
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Falling For The Shadow (A Fairy Tail's Rogue Fanfic) by ashortino399
Falling For The Shadow (A Fairy ashortino399
When a girl comes falling through the doors of a wizard guild called Fairy Tail, the wizards have no idea how powerful this girl is. Or how her past that's been haunting...
  • fiore
  • ahri
  • natsu
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Phoenix Fire | Fairy Tail by -Rose_Fellia-
Phoenix Fire | Fairy Tailby Rose Fellia
Rose is a phoenix slayer. Cold. Calculated. Cynical. That all changes when she joins Fairy Tail. --- Disclaimer: Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima. All characters be...
  • magic
  • immortal
  • slayer
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Lucy & Wendy (a fairy tail fanfic) by tsubaki52703
Lucy & Wendy (a fairy tail fanfic)by Tsubaki Maye
We were loved, then she came back. Now we're hated, we can't take this pain. They're no longer our family.
  • wendy
  • rouge
  • betrayal
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