A Vampire's Pet by Cannoness
A Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to shit long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire King made an agreement. The rich and po...
  • pet
  • vampirelove
  • vampire
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Bethany by DancingOreos
Bethanyby DancingOreos
Bethany a 17 year old girl who is a house slave at the Young Plantation cleans, cooks, and serves for Mr. & Mrs. Young as well as their admired and spoiled son Isaac You...
  • bwwm
  • romance
  • slavery
The Pharaoh's Dancer by Tic_Tok
The Pharaoh's Dancerby Sandie Lee-Ellen
"Do you know what to do, Amunet?" A voice as sweet as silk whispered into the young girl's ear. Amunet didn't look over her shoulder, but shifted uncomfortably...
  • assassin
  • abuse
  • egypt
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Slave to him by dr-eamer-
Slave to himby Shelley
Vampires covered most of the world, the land, seas, mountains and some humans are in control of Demetri, the ruler of vampires. No human is allowed to step in their land...
  • violence
  • castle
  • royal
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Forbidden by Darcy2402
Forbiddenby Darcy Swallow
11/26- #193 in historical fiction In 1855, love doesn't matter to most. Especially to Hannah Durham's father. He just wants to sell her off the get married as fast as po...
  • civilwar
  • love
  • 1800s
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The Girl With The Sunset Eyes {Historical Interracial Romance/ #1 Blake Series} by MeepyM
The Girl With The Sunset Eyes { MeepyM
{London 1795} Katherine Ayim is resold illegally after running away from her master. Her new owner is known for his benevolent nature and approachable character. But, t...
  • attack
  • thames
  • sexual
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The Maidens by storyunicorn223
The Maidensby storyunicorn223
Zuri and her beloved best friend Amai are both 'African beauties' their parents both from the same tribe, the Zuruhu tribe. Though the two best friends were not born in...
  • historical
  • suggestivethemes
  • matureaudience
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Rodrick X Reader Lemon Blackmail Bdsm by SkyBlueBanana
Rodrick X Reader Lemon Blackmail SkyBlueBanana
"You have no choice, refuse to be my slave and I'll tell everyone your little secret."
  • threats
  • kinks
  • swearing
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The Physical Collision (H2Ovanoss) by andreazuj
The Physical Collision (H2Ovanoss)by Bottom Vanoss
[Book 1] BOTTOM EVAN!!! --- Every once in a while a ceremony is formed in every full moon. Humans cheer and celebrate as they drink their red wine with their "alli...
  • vampires
  • mpreg
  • collision
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auction || klaus mikaelson by feministic
auction || klaus mikaelsonby feministic
pain. love. suffering.
  • slavery
  • mikaelson
  • klaroline
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Deprived by Shifting2wolf
Deprivedby Too much inspiration
Pale, inhumanly fast, unparalleled reflexes and even better senses, Vampires were well known in the supernatural worlds as they took their place amongst the Apex predato...
  • human
  • abuse
  • lgbt
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The Devils Backbone by Skipology
The Devils Backboneby Sofiiel
Fanfiction based on the History Channels Hatfields and McCoys. Chyna is a young ex-slave girl, she had been property of the McCoy's but now that the Civil war has ended...
  • slavery
  • boydeholbrook
  • historicalfiction
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Will of Iron. by saoigreen
Will of saoigreen
Book Two of the Forged Series. Her home was destroyed by the Finder, but she found solace among other lost souls who came together to form the Legion. Their fight has o...
  • elves
  • griffons
  • aviana
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The Devil's Angel-NaLu- by CHarmaineH19
The Devil's Angel-NaLu-by A dreamer
Heaven and Hell, An angel and a devil, Black and white, Light and dark... Like a fitting key that matches its lock, and like the sinful Romeo and Juliet. They were made...
  • lucyheartfilia
  • fairytail
  • somedrama
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Home of Freedom /Larry, Ziam by McBoggini
Home of Freedom /Larry, Ziamby OutLaw
Czasem wystarczy jedna osoba, kilka słów i parę minut, żeby nasze życie legło w gruzach. I czasem wystarczy ta sama osoba, by nasze życie wzniosło się do nieba. Można...
  • louis
  • ziam
  • larry
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The Slave: A SetoSorcerer/ ClassicPsy/ Waglington Story by missmatched123
The Slave: A SetoSorcerer/ Emma
Seto is living in fear as a slave under Lord Brice Solace. Seto knows what to do and what not to do by learning the hard way. He's given up on freedom, but sometimes opp...
  • wizards
  • classicpsy
  • slaves
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My Pet Neko{BoyxBoy} by R-O-C-K_MeAgain
My Pet Neko{BoyxBoy}by Molly Brightwell
Kalen Terrence was used to being mistreated. He was sold actually sold by his parents. For fourteen years(he was currently eighteen) he'd been abused by his masters. Tod...
  • boyxboy
  • slavery
  • fluff
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The Windcaster [Featured | Fantasy/Adventure| Complete ] by KatrinHollister
The Windcaster [Featured | Kat Hollister
Tia, a wind magic trainee, desires to leave her life of monotony in a cosy seaside town. When summons arrived for the wind masters, she travels with her mentor to the ca...
  • oppression
  • femaleprotagonist
  • anime
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His Slave  by Bosy_elselhdar
His Slave by Bosy elselhdar
As a merciless man Owns the most dangerous and the biggest slavery auctions in the whole world. He never thought that he might fall for one from the first sight. He neve...
  • prince
  • possessive
  • lovetriangle
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Little Loki by rainbowchild17
Little Lokiby Rainbowsheep77
Innocent Loki was turned into a child and tortured. Thor takes him to the avengers but Clint's kinda a dick so... Really long chapters.
  • clint
  • steve
  • loki
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