BTS 18+ by 17181920zoozoo
BTS 18+ by 17181920zoozoo Romance
WARNING SMUT ⚠ ⚠ This is my first time making a smut fanFiction but I hope you guys enjoy
touch; hyungwonho by bamtrbl
touch; hyungwonho by bamtrbl Fanfiction
it was something about his touch that had me going back for more. +
Jungkook ah, let's cook! by ThanhTran290
Jungkook ah, let's cook! by BTSxARMY Fanfiction
If you're a JIKOOK (Jimin X Jungkook) shipper , you've come to the right place! To make a surprise party for Jimin, Jungkook decided to make a cake for him. When Jungko...
WE GOT MARRIED.              (Key X Reader) by LovelyYunho
WE GOT MARRIED. (Key... by LovelyYunho Fanfiction
" Hello, My name is Key" you blushed at the man who stood Infront of you. he was shy but you were more shy because of it being the first time you'd marry him f...
sweaters; l.j.h [ONGOING] by -jaebumie
sweaters; l.j.h [ONGOING] by baby √ Fanfiction
"why do you wear sweaters all the damn time?" "i like to drown in baggy sweaters." she lied. ~ in which a girl wears sweaters all the time, and a bo...