Lost. by zariah_doll
Lost. by Zariahhhh Fanfiction
Troye Sivan is just a normal teenager, only completely lost in the most literal sense of the word. He has absolutely no idea where he is or how he got there. Troye is al...
Tyler's Little Sister by SprinkleofOakley25
Tyler's Little Sister by Jasmine🍃 Fanfiction
Alicia Oakley is the 16 year old younger sister to the queen of the internet Tyler Oakley. See how life is for Alicia, being Tyler's Little Sister.
Moirai by Stalia_Tronnor
Moirai by Stalia_Tronnor Fanfiction
Troye is a singing instructor. Connor is a photography teacher. They both have a family. They both apply for a job at the same school. Despite time, work and family, wil...
pull the trigger by -agustds
pull the trigger by con Fanfiction
"that's right, just leave me here... alone... just like i knew you would." {tracob}
Best Friend Or Boyfriend || Nathan Triska Fanfiction by Kirsten_Ann_Triska
Best Friend Or Boyfriend || Nathan... by Kirsten Fanfiction
Karli is a famous Younower and she lives in Kentucky. But when her mother gets transferred to a hospital in Arkansas, things get a little heated.
Bad Boy - tracob by Fool_for_troye
Bad Boy - tracob by Fool_for_troye Fanfiction
"Wouldn't it be the perfect crime, if I stole your heart, and you stole mine?" Trigger warning ⚠️ May contain suicidal content May contain sexual content
rescue by itkitspace
rescue by kit Fanfiction
a story about an abused soul hoping to be rescued tronnor au
Yours Truly, Me (Troyler) by TheSugarcubeSaga
Yours Truly, Me (Troyler) by Random Acquaintance Random
Tyler Oakley is a semi-famous YouTuber, who is adored widely and deeply by his fans. He, like most celebrities and famous people, get lots of fan-mail. But what happens...
kik ✧ tronnor by cherrybombbh
kik ✧ tronnor by kris Fanfiction
"Is this troye?" "no this is patrick"
Donald Trump Smut by aquateens
Donald Trump Smut by aquateens Action
Donald Trump X Reader [HIGHEST RANK: #48 IN ACTION] how could you resist his raggedy hair his wrinkly orange skin his whopping 2 centimeter peepee 4 in 5 Doctors Recomm...
Far From Perfect || Tronnor by cyclebabies
Far From Perfect || Tronnor by Brianna Fanfiction
"Don't let this one bad thing wear you down, because someday this will make you stronger." AU || Tronnor || written by cyclebabies || © All Righ...
listen to your heart by melletsbix
listen to your heart by . Fanfiction
it's kind of hard to make friends when you're not completely honest with them.
A Threesome by Fear_and_loathing
A Threesome by Fear_and_loathing Fanfiction
Meet June Haverly. She's you're average youtuber chick. She's a huge #Troyler shipper. She wants them to go cannon especially since they're practically showing her the...
The Fault In Our Stars by BiancaJaeschke
The Fault In Our Stars by Bianca Fanfiction
This was written during school back in 2013... I decided to post it on here and it is still giving me notifications from it and for that I thank you
Lovesick. - Tronnor ✔️ by nutellatronnor
Lovesick. - Tronnor ✔️ by nutellatronnor Fanfiction
Troye and Connor are both highschool seniors, they live next to each other and their parents are good friends. This is why they are forced to go on a camping trip togeth...
Past: Tronnor by connorfrannie
Past: Tronnor by emmaline Fanfiction
"Once you start to care for someone is when you give them the power to hurt you" Troye Sivan has been in a previous abusive relationship, but when he decides...
Adopted by Tyler Oakley by piperjohnson11
Adopted by Tyler Oakley by Piper Johnson Fanfiction
Lyric Harper DeBello is a lonely, sad teenager in Miss Trellis's Home for Girls, until an unexpected person adopts her and turns her life upside-down.
Hey, Blue Eyes  {Tronnor} by ludictroye
Hey, Blue Eyes {Tronnor} by •Call Me Cas• Fanfiction
{Tronner} "I want you. I'll color me blue, anything it takes to make you stay."
garden  by pureloving
garden by 🍊 Fanfiction
i looked down the staircase and back at him, taking a deep breath. "i love you, jacob." he smiled his big goofy smile even though his eyes were red and his fa...
This House Is Not a Home (Scomiche) (Troyler) by violetbee
This House Is Not a Home (Scomiche... by violetbee Fanfiction
In this horror story, Mitch Grassi is sent to Hemingway's Home for Orphaned Boys after being kicked out of the previous shelter. He's taken aback by the amount of suppor...