The Professor  by hicamm
The Professor by hicamm Romance
COMPLETED// Clarence Wilson is a 19 year old girl, who has just graduated high school and is now onto college, which is basically the real world. She thinks she'll go th...
My Little Kiwi [H.S] by HSFanFicTion1994
My Little Kiwi [H.S] by HSFanFicTion1994 Fanfiction
Grace Matthews is the lucky girl who got to be the carrier of Harry Styles' baby. But after about a month, she left him with no explanation, or even a note. Now, 10 mon...
Blunder games : exposing the secrets  by angelshiva
Blunder games : exposing the secre... by shivi Miglani Random
so description time....ummm...what to tell? ya, don't take Tittle of book too seriously... It is different.... Bcz it is just for uniqueness 😂😂😂 Otherwise this book...
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book 1) by guitarfreak8810
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book... by Emma Random
Aimee Voltaire thinks she's an average teenager when the truth is... well, she's just not! Her parents put her up for adoption when she was a baby, and as she's grown up...
Głupota głupotę pogania, czyli głupie teksty i sytuacje by NaimenAkai
Głupota głupotę pogania, czyli głu... by Naimen Random
Książka zainspirowana "Tekstami ze szkoły" Optypesyreal i "Anatomią Głupoty" Hoyukii. Pojawiać się tu będą różne głupie teksty wypowiedziane przeze...
Thunder Storms (#1 - Semper Fi Series) by caffrey1974
Thunder Storms (#1 - Semper Fi Ser... by Mary Action
Renee Alexander is a Veteran Army Medic now working as a surgical nurse. A huge storm knocks her power out, and her neighbor, Adam Hartman comes to check on her. Instant...
girl group snapchats by TWICEOLOGY
girl group snapchats by ' 綺麗 ' Humor
imagine your gg bias or girl crush sending you snapchats! requests are accepted!
BTS Scenarios by Mythicalily
BTS Scenarios by Łíłÿ Random
Basically this is a book of compiled, "What would BTS be like in this situation XD". I (J)Hope you like them! <3
Zodiac Signs ♡ by ZzodiacSigns
Zodiac Signs ♡ by Zodiac Signs Ω Random
Interested in your Zodiac Sign and you want to learn more? Or in your friend's Zodiac Sign? Then comment which one are you! Emotions, feelings, love or hate, lucky numbe...
The AdamsFosters by jollyshiner
The AdamsFosters by Jaylee❤️ Fanfiction
A fanfic of the fosters
DC Superhero Imagines by _TheQuestion_
DC Superhero Imagines by _TheQuestion_ Fanfiction
Imagine yourself in situations with your favorite superheros
It is all about hijabis by inlovexxwithhijab
It is all about hijabis by Random
I can guess you understood it from the name. It is all about struggles, situations, tips, hijab hacks, and more. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *Feel free to ask me ANYT...
Ms. Nerd Meets Mr. Badboy by Dark_princess4
Ms. Nerd Meets Mr. Badboy by Dark_princess4 Teen Fiction
Love♡ ~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤ Language: Tagalog/English Genre: Teen Fiction Status: Ongoing Date Started: 09-01-17 Date Ended: **-**-**
He Came Back (NaNoWriMo 2011) ~completed xD~ by _allyondra_
He Came Back (NaNoWriMo 2011) ~com... by Allondra, Andaya, Abby, Aljen... Teen Fiction
Arianna Martin has a secret... She and her friends are training to be part of a gang. Apparently, girls were now allowed in it. And that just made Ari even more excited...
Express Yourself  by CelestialStarMusic4
Express Yourself by CelestialStarMusic4 Random
This book is, as the title states, an express book. Not just for me, but for others too. People don't feel comfortable expressing themselves. I for one, encourage expres...
Situation!! IN  "Examination!!" by _kalidoscopic
Situation!! IN "Examination!!" by kalidoscope!! Humor
#77 in humour when you are all alone ... when you have someone beside you.... when teacher leaves the class... ARE all SITUATUIONS which happen in EXAMINATION!! they ha...
99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying People by Twinklin_Lights
99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying Peo... by ツ Humor
Welcome and beware this book may change your life :3 CAUTION: Please keep in mind that this book is purely fiction and anything deemed inappropriate in this book is pure...
His Assistant [Wattys2016] by Conf3ttiFalling
His Assistant [Wattys2016] by Ariel (AJ) Masa Romance
Delaney Parker is excited about starting her new job as the personal assistant to Chase Collins. She already has met two amazing girls who she clicked with right away. S...
Had Me With Your Eyes by xiRaalx
Had Me With Your Eyes by xiRaalx Fanfiction
Walking with him gives me this sense of security. Being with him gives me a sense passion. Talking to him allows me to know more about him... He is the everything I can...
New Boyz & Ray Ray (MB) Love Story Book2 by iJustWriteStories
New Boyz & Ray Ray (MB) Love Story... by M I R A C L E Romance
Book #2 is here ! Lies...secrets....fights....drugs happen all over again but this time with the kids ! A Love Triangle can break a friendship