Of Past, Present And Future by KrishnaPriyaa29
Of Past, Present And Futureby Shyama Ramaa Bhargavi
A collection of my One Shots, Two Shots and Three Shots. All are Hindu Gods and Goddesses based. (Previously called Story Time!) #5 in Historical Fiction- 23/02/18
  • nila
  • shiva
  • lakshmana
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Photo Gallery of Siya Ke Ram (On hold) by Rithushree
Photo Gallery of Siya Ke Ram (On An aspiring writer
Contains my various collections of Pictures Of the Famous Star Plus TV Show Siya ke Ram. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upd...
  • bhavi
  • bharata
  • siyakeram
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Illusive Perception by KrishnaPriyaa29
Illusive Perceptionby Shyama Ramaa Bhargavi
How can you say they are equal? One form is greater than the other. Shiva is Supreme and greater than Vishnu, Brahma is the least important. Heard of all these common wo...
  • devis
  • lakshmana
  • shiva
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Lakshman's Daughter  by sathu98
Lakshman's Daughter by Sathurshini
<<Currently on hold>> Highest Ranking: #70 in HISTORICAL FICTION Queen Sita ends her life as she becomes unable to tolerate the bad-mouthing and injustice r...
  • romance
  • sita
  • father-daughter
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Only for you... When Ramayan took rebirth... by Radhika402
Only for you... When Ramayan Radhika Iyer
Ramayana ended with the Sita nirgamana. After Ram banished Sita, they never reunited before they departed for their heavenly abode. Their story was left incomplete. So h...
  • rewritten
  • ramayana
  • modern
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The legend of siyaputri by SeemaAnandh
The legend of siyaputriby achu
A weave through strands of modern and myth which includes a couple of teens Happy news to kids my story has very less of mature content . This is a journey to the rea...
  • indian
  • sita
  • goddess
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Lakshmi Vishnu Paratatva : Valmiki Ramayana #undiscoveredAwards #ladduawards by ReachingTheTruth
Lakshmi Vishnu Paratatva : DRAM
Lakshmi Narayana , whose name is enough to rejunivate life in any person, their tale and greatness is discussed in this book This book will talk about them; their avata...
  • spiritual
  • shatrughana
  • lakshmi
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The Story Of Prince Ram by LeoEaton
The Story Of Prince Ramby LeoEaton
#388 in Historical fiction as of 27/12/2017 Ayodhya's precious gem put to trails by treason and treachery. Follow Prince Ram as he undergoes various obstacles in his li...
  • bharath
  • dharma
  • shruthakirthi
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4 sisters by AmanSingh251
4 sistersby Aman
Urmila Mandavi tease each other. Urmila was lost in thoughts,since she met Lakshman and Mandavi teasing add fuel in fire. Sita comes to her rescue, says - it was I who a...
  • mandavi
  • mithila
  • shrutakirti
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Theo'logical' Perception by PandavaPriyaa
Theo'logical' Perceptionby Panchali
Whenever we hear the word Bhaarat, we remember the land of the Vedas in all its glory. We remember the Bharata Mata, holding the flag of India and accompanied by a lion...
  • parvati
  • radha
  • ramayana
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|| Raghuvansh And Nimivansh || by KrishnaPriyaa29
|| Raghuvansh And Nimivansh ||by Shyama Ramaa Bhargavi
The tale of Raghuvansh and Nimivansh, of their sons and daughters, of love, unity, and Dharma. Inspiration taken from the show 'Siya Ke Ram', with my own additions, del...
  • nimivansh
  • rama
  • beauty
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MODERN RAMAYAN   by Padmaja_s
HIGHEST RANKING: #32 in Historical Fiction Cover Credits to my lovely Sister @Rithushree Ramayan​ is a great Indian epic which shows the life of Lord Ram. Ever wondered...
  • modernramayan
  • lordram
  • mithila
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History Of Characters in Ramayana #TheCrazziestWins Awards by Madisunnylover
History Of Characters in MithrAkshaa
This story describes about each and every character in Ramayana such as Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Urmila, Dasharatha, Kausalya, Ravana and Many More. This is my First Work...
  • janaka
  • urmila
  • rama
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An   undiscovered  bond......(ON HOLD) by arnasharma
An undiscovered bond......(ON Arna sharma....
This story is about one of the overlooked bond of Ramayana....Sita n Lakshman........Want to know more about them ..then read n enjoy!!!!!!!!!
  • love
  • ramayana
  • urmila
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Enriching Life by KrishnaPriyaa29
Enriching Lifeby Shyama Ramaa Bhargavi
My attempt at writing poetry on Theology/Mythology. #147 in Poetry- 18/7/17
  • bhudevi
  • sita
  • lakshmana
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A time machine travel (Siya Ke Ram FF) (Editing ) by Vanshikrishna
A time machine travel (Siya Ke Vanshika
Note:- This fan fiction is totally imaginary and has nothing to do with reality. Just for fun! Scene 1st Location: Vishwamitra ashram Ram and Lakshman are guarding the...
  • action
  • science
  • history
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Breakthrough (Complete) by jaimaapitashree
Breakthrough (Complete)by Samarth
Hindu Mythology is vast, being one of the oldest in the world, yet having its relevance in world today, just a microscopic sight is required to unfold the mystery. Havin...
  • vishnu
  • spiritual
  • breakthrough
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|| Suryavanshi || by KrishnaPriyaa29
|| Suryavanshi ||by Shyama Ramaa Bhargavi
Maryada Purushottham. Raghukula Tilaka Maharaja Ramachandra. SitaPate Rama. Lakshmana-Bharata-Shatrughana Agraja Rama. Dasharathnandan Rama. MarutiSannutha Rama. He is a...
  • dashratha
  • sita
  • kausalyasumitrakaikeyi
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Bhumija by Rushali7
Bhumijaby Rushali7
Sita is the consort of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu, in Hindu mythology. Sita is one of the main characters in the Ramayana, a major Hindu epic. Born...
  • mythology
  • love
  • sita
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Lakshmiyah Satyah (Random Updates) by jaimaapitashree
Lakshmiyah Satyah (Random Updates)by Samarth
"Hey maa! I want all luxuries of life." "Hey Mahalakshmi, my case is pending, please get it in my favour." "Mata! Why you are not giving me weal...
  • stayabhama
  • sita
  • kalindi
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