Harem x Male Reader by XDEATH_21
Harem x Male Readerby XDEATH
A 300 followers special... WARNING: There will be incest here Disclaimer: I do not own any media contents, You belong to yourself
  • harem
  • special
  • readerinsert
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The Holiday | Infatuation (Yandere Boys X Reader) by lostinjapanx
The Holiday | Infatuation ( Hika-chan :)
"We only have one job here... To make sure (Y/n) is happy." . . . (Y/n) is whisked abroad for an exotic holiday with her six guy friends, enjoying herself amon...
  • yandereboysxreader
  • yanderexreader
  • wattys2017
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sticky notes » winwin by mintseok-
sticky notes » winwinby .
❝ in which an anonymous girl sends her love epistles to the boy she likes named dong sicheng. ❞ started: 160810 completed: [ ongoing ]
  • nct
  • sment
  • kpop
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trampled flower » vhope [side FF] by wangzico
trampled flower » vhope [side FF]by ⚡
一 side story to "pricked" The most important thing is that Taehyung feels better. That's what matters to Hoseok - that his beautiful flower doesn't wither agai...
  • pricked
  • taehyung
  • vhope
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When Yuu met Seth by NovelistAnne
When Yuu met Sethby Anne
This is a side story to The Legend of the Blue Star! Heat specialist Yuu Hearthfire and Plant specialist Seth Coconut both get invited to the prestigious GSA Academy for...
  • mature
  • sidestory
  • boyxboy
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If I Fall To The Billionaire by hanneyame
If I Fall To The Billionaireby Jehanne Sumisim
Story of fiona and don (Clash of clan love story and when she met the mafia boss,cast) *Clash of clans love story* Fiona and don are together. Don is Sir's cousin *When...
  • sweet
  • love
  • hanneyame
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Beautiful Escape by zennyarieffka
Beautiful Escapeby Evan's Mistress
Hanya side story singkat Davit dan sherly. jangan meminta lebih. ini adalah bentuk ketidak bisaan saya untuk move on dari si bangke Dirga. baca ajalah, gak baca juga ga...
  • romance
  • zennyarieffka
  • sidestory
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Abducted ▣ Madara Uchiha by RedBurnGirl
Abducted ▣ Madara Uchihaby Angel
An aftertaste
  • naruto
  • sidestory
  • madara
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Side Story by silverwolf_0721
Side Storyby Bella
The side story of the "Buried in Lies" Trilogy is finally here! Read the story in Athyna's perspective, and truly understand her.
  • friendship
  • 0721story
  • girlpower
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You're Mine by carla_szacille
You're Mineby Carla Tulao
IMTME side story. Title: You're Mine Characters: Nicole Alishar Lim Jan Dexter Samonte
  • immarriedtomyenemy
  • sidestory
  • dexter
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The Argo- Side story, Mila & Jared by Cakeblaze
The Argo- Side story, Mila & Jaredby Cakeblaze
A side story for myself and my bean, from The Argo
  • hunk
  • mybean
  • adventure
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CRAZY INLOVE. by leblac
CRAZY jaehyun's potato
  • love
  • wbfi
  • sidestory
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New Life Online: Blood Fang (COMPLETED) by beatcr
New Life Online: Blood Fang ( beatcr
This is a side story from New Life Online Books of @scythus. Before someone asks if I have permission to do this, I shall say that scythus said that I could do it if I w...
  • fanfic
  • fantasy
  • sidestory
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New Life Online: Rise of a new Empire  by militos2
New Life Online: Rise of a new YMP
This is a scythus approved story. If you like NLO, you'll really like the story! So go ahead! Read it! Now, it's time for the actual description... In this world, ther...
  • sidestory
  • game
  • fantasy
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(extras and more!) by nijeanam
(extras and more!)by Thx4BL
this the descendants updates, important updates, side notes, and characters pictures mostly because I hate throwing in all that stuff to the story randomly IT WAS A GOOD...
  • sidestory
  • notafanfiction
  • characterfaces
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Virago by Amaranthine-angel
Viragoby Ally
Haniel's story
  • angels
  • seraphim
  • demons
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High Society: The tales from Victory by FrozenStarStories
High Society: The tales from FSP
In the unique region of Adivinar, they've opened the Pokemon league after twenty years. Many groups around the country have gathered to form teams to take on gyms. Apart...
  • pokemon
  • ptu
  • sidestory
Efflorescent by LoveCharmsXx
Efflorescentby Flower✿Child
Efflorescent: To burst into bloom; blossom ************ Original Characters Not so Original Stories (Copyright: The prompts I use are...
  • shortstories
  • maybe
  • ocstory
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The Cassanova Breaker   (ON-GOING) by AshleyAguas6
The Cassanova Breaker (ON-GOING)by Dyosang_Alien♥
Cassanova. Isang girl na kayang patinuin ang isang cassanova. Isang kwento kung paano nga ito na pa tino madaming nag tataka. Bakit? bakit nya papatinuin ang isang CASSA...
  • cassanova
  • ashleyaguas6
  • shortstory
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Unnoticed | ✔ by JhovLovesYou
Unnoticed | ✔by Jhov ♪
Highest Rank: #155 in Short Story "I hurt you without me knowing. Now, it's hard that I'm slowly losing you." - Jeonghan He's friends with her for 15 years alr...
  • sidestory
  • twice
  • fanfiction
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