Helpless by madams2000
Helplessby Meredith Adams
This was not a Soc Darry's muscles could scare off, not a nightmare Soda's arm would chase away. This was inside me, eating away, and no matter how much my brother's wan...
  • ponyboy
  • sickness
  • greaser
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holding on • jenzie by blissfulsmiles
holding on • jenzieby TRINITY XOXOX
mackenzie ziegler is a perfectly happy woman, living in sunny los angeles with her best friend lauren orlando. her singing career is just getting started, and she's bein...
  • kidneysurgery
  • maddieziegler
  • jenzie
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the list {fillie} by velvetbluue
the list {fillie}by A N G E L A ✨
"i'm going out with a bang, not a whimper wolfhard."
  • milliebobbybrown
  • sickness
  • fillie
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The Warlock (boyxboy) by Mysty-Nyx
The Warlock (boyxboy)by Kenny McCormick
Logain is dying. He knows that he won't be around for much longer because of his illness and his life has been more than unsatisfactory. He hasn't done anything worthwhi...
  • kingdom
  • kidnap
  • fairytale
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Supernatural Sickfic Oneshots by bbgirl18
Supernatural Sickfic Oneshotsby bbgirl18
I've decided that i am going to write some stories about our favorite boys from Supernatural... and how they deal with the non-supernatural illnesses.
  • fanfiction
  • pain
  • balthazar
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Until The End (Girl×Girl) by sam_sam16
Until The End (Girl×Girl)by sam_sam16
Madeline Pross is a hard working student. She just got an internship at one of the best hospitals in the country and will be working with Doctor Kalb, considered one of...
  • journey
  • heartbreak
  • sickness
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Her Secret ~ Scott McCall [1] by multi_fandom2015
Her Secret ~ Scott McCall [1]by multi_fandom2015
Emma Bradley had gone through a lot in the past year. The death of her parents was a shocking event, but what happened after it was what scared Emma. Through everything...
  • romance
  • mccall
  • wattys2016
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How To Lie  by Lockyheart
How To Lie by Lexi
{First Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kyoya Division ~ Summer 2016} {First Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kyoya Division ~ Winter 2016} {First Place ~ @OHSHCWattyAwards ~ Kyoya Division...
  • kiss
  • kaoru
  • sickness
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Lurid (BWWM) by ReignXBlack
Lurid (BWWM)by Dark Destiny☾
⚠️THIS WAS MY SECOND BOOK SO HALFWAY BEWARE?⚠️ A girl named Reign has been sick the eighteen years she's been alive. She dreams about a gorgeous boy with dark brown hair...
  • sickness
  • black
  • danger
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She Said I Do (But She Don't)  ✔ by laigo004
She Said I Do (But She Don't) ✔by Lily McKnight
#99 Romance [20/12/2016] An independent woman proposes an open marriage to her deceased brother's best friend to help pay his company's debt with the money her brother...
  • family
  • pregnancy
  • complicated
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Our Maze NewtXReader by Space_Sirens
Our Maze NewtXReaderby Space_Sirens
You wake up in the box, you remember nothing. You don't even remember your name at first. Everything is strange and foreign to you except one person - a boy called Newt...
  • themaze
  • newt
  • deathcure
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sick - im jaebum by aegyoashton
sick - im jaebumby mads
a boy with a textile disorder meets a girl who can't feel pain *includes mental/eating disorders*
  • got7jb
  • got7jaebum
  • fancic
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Schizophrenic ✔ by TiffanyRobles16
Schizophrenic ✔by Tiffany Robles
Schizophrenia • A brain disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. • Symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking. • Treatment is usua...
  • complete
  • wattys
  • schizophrenia
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Never Let Go |Attack on Titan Fanfiction| COMPLETED by foxybabee
Never Let Go |Attack on Titan 🦊
Eren Jaeger was born with a rare disease that immobilizes him and keeps him in a wheelchair most of his life. He has never had love nor has he wanted it due to his condi...
  • mature
  • fluff
  • yaoi
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STORY OF THE CHUBBY by African_Directioner_
STORY OF THE CHUBBYby African Directioner
Cecilia 'Chubby' Hastings can't wait for high school to be over so that she can get away and go as far as she can. She doesn't have many friends so her presence wouldn't...
  • chris
  • chubby
  • plussize
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Slipping Away (KnB fanfiction) by AizawaMio
Slipping Away (KnB fanfiction)by Aizawa Mio
Their friendship last eversince Winter Cup ended and now, they made a promise to have a match again in National. However when Seirin fought Kaijo, suddenly a certain blu...
  • kurokonobasket
  • illness
  • fanfiction
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When The Lies Brush Past My Lips(My Fake Boyfriend: Book 2) by Kay_Turner15
When The Lies Brush Past My Lips( Kay_Turner15
He knows only a lie. A lie that I came up with to protect my self and them from the truth. It would kill Elijah to know the truth and I couldn't let him face that kind...
  • sickness
  • fear
  • evil
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Children of The Nine (Book One of A Dance Beneath the Sun) by charlieNowell
Children of The Nine (Book One Charlie Nowell
It is the 82nd year of the Federation... Eggan Stamp is poor and life is hard. He dreams of new opportunities on the Frontier, but will he find the riches he is searchi...
  • epic
  • magic
  • mystery
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Once Upon Qadr #wattys2017 by sajmra
Once Upon Qadr #wattys2017by ♕Queen Saj ♕
Once Upon A Time, there was a young Princess. She was beautiful and kind and loving and caring. She was adored by all, for she was never found without a smile on her fa...
  • truelove
  • sickness
  • prophetayyoub
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always and forever//jasper Hale [3] by destinee0828
always and forever//jasper Hale [3]by Dessie
Alex and jasper are preparing for their wedding but when a bunch of murders happen in Seattle causes the cullens to worry that an enemy is behind the disappearances. Whe...
  • jasperhale
  • death
  • newsisters
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