Climax: Erotica One-Shots by beautifullybrutal
Climax: Erotica One-Shotsby 🐥
Kinky one shots for all you nasty people. *Requests are opened!*
  • roughsex
  • romance
  • erotic
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Labyrinth | Ongoing | Editing First Book. by K-L-Lord
Labyrinth | Ongoing | Editing K.L.Lord
?(Contains Book 1&2 both complete)? Each year 12 virgin maidens are chosen to enter the Labyrinth, although there has never been one to solve it, none have ever returned...
  • soulmates
  • werewolf
  • fate
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Dark x Mark ~ One Shots  by InsecureSquirrel
Dark x Mark ~ One Shots by Alex
Markicest one shots (Dark x Mark) fluff and smut! This is my favorite ship, and there isn't enough books of it out there, so why not make one myself? Also NOTE: The lat...
  • lgbtq
  • shortstorycollection
  • boyxboy
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Pocket Collection Of Short Stories.. by Noxholic_miss
Pocket Collection Of Short __Nabgeous__
Looking for some sweet n sour tales on Shivika ? then you probably have reached to a perfect destination. this book contains OS on ShivIka on different plots.. peep in...
  • ishqbaaazi
  • shortstorycollection
  • shivika
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My first [editing] by Su___ftr
My first [editing]by NusWrites
Life can really surprise you . I'm Isabelle brown . at the day I got my new job , I also lost it ... I have to keep secrets from the closest people to me . That's where...
  • blackmail
  • love
  • originalstory
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❀ OUR BEAUTIFUL DAYS ❀ by angelic_ann
❀ OUR BEAUTIFUL DAYS ❀by ✯ a n n ✯
❝She whispers, 'I'm afraid of falling...; He smiles, 'I'll always catch you.' She fell and he caught her. Both were smiling.❞ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ A collection of short stories, ab...
  • indian
  • drama
  • pranushka
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INSTAGRAM Stories by rizurangatira13
Zaman now kalau ngga eksis namanya ngga gahol. Biar eksis kudu punya sosmed-sosmed ketje. Salah satunya INSTAGRAM. Upload hal-hal caem sampe yang ngga paling penting. Ka...
  • seventeen
  • twice
  • fanfiction
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Scarred Soul Quotes by loveandquotes
Scarred Soul Quotesby ☆Aastha☆
[28/04/2017 : #15] ______________________________ Just a try to bring life to my passion for quotes and short stories! I guarantee you all will love it, so please show y...
  • life
  • relationship
  • poetry
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"Deviant Tendencies"  by SirNilo
"Deviant Tendencies" by SIR-NILO
Erotic Short stories intended to free your mind. Explore what many people view as "deviant". Don't shy away.. Embrace it. Enjoy.
  • eroticromance
  • musings
  • shortstorycollection
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Short Stories And Poems by MechanicalKingdoms
Short Stories And Poemsby [E̸n̸d̸e̸a̸v̸o̸u̸r̸]
A group of intertwined stories and poems loosely based on my own experiences and revolving around a mirror. Will be updated whenever I find the motivation.
  • generalfiction
  • poem
  • shortstorycollection
SasuHina Short Stories by ZilliaM
SasuHina Short Storiesby Zillia Midnight
The title says it all. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Also, this is a SasuHina if you don't ship SasuHina, don't read it.
  • rocklee
  • shikamaranara
  • tenten
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Short Stories of Fantasy by LoloxTheFox
Short Stories of Fantasyby Lizette
Read the Title XD This book will just be a collection of random stories. Although I probably will make some of these a series. Feel free to leave reviews of them in the...
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • shortstorycollection
  • gotthisideaonthebus
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Newsies   by uptownclass
Newsies by 🥀Ł.
One shots & Preferences.
  • racetrack
  • fanfiction
  • imagines
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Preetian Tales  by Pranushkoholic
Preetian Tales by
A collaboration of small write-ups. A tinge of humor is added to these purely imaginary updates, just to bring a smile on your faces. No offense to anyone or anything i...
  • anushka
  • prabhas
  • shortstorycollection
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florilegium by aighoe
florilegiumby a.
a collection of grief, sadness, euphoria, and a bunch of messy thoughts Highest ranking: #60 in poetry
  • anthology
  • fiction
  • florilegium
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When He Tells You He Loves You by M_mcglynn44
When He Tells You He Loves Youby Maggie
  • soulmate
  • everydaymovie
  • quotes
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Short Stories with Moral Lessons by Ulfang13
Short Stories with Moral Lessonsby Ulfang
Different little stories with different morals that may or may not be useful.
  • morals
  • shortstorycollection
Short stories - English GCSE by Ali647
Short stories - English GCSEby Alice
I'm going to upload here any short stories that I have to write for my English GCSE, because why not?! I loved writing them and I might as well share them - it would be...
  • gcseenglish
  • grade9
  • yourchoice2018
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Still Into You by The_Dauntless_Fire
Still Into Youby An_Audacious_Girl
#83 in Random 12/1/2018 "If two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back." She sighed closing her instagram account as soon as t...
  • indian
  • fiction
  • fanfiction
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NanoBites by most_bay
NanoBitesby most_bay
Tiny little tales under a 100 words... Best rank: #84 in short story **Everyone is welcome to share their own Nanobites in this book. If you want to participate, please...
  • shortstorycollection
  • humor
  • love
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