Saliendo Con un Youtuber [Logan G] by AndyG_2003
Saliendo Con un Youtuber [Logan G]by #TeamG
Ashley una estudiante de segundo de bachillerato, acaba enamorandose de alguien al cual no corresponde, el famoso youtuber Logan G, los dos pasaran cosas no del todo nor...
  • bytarifa
  • salva
  • youtubers
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Shoot to Kill - Harry Styles AU by MacyM29
Shoot to Kill - Harry Styles AUby MacyM
Eleanor O'Connor has spent her entire life learning how to blend in and vigorously training every day in order to defend herself. She has done pretty well up until now...
  • fanfiction
  • assassin
  • shoot
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Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Dorm [Completed] by Cellienda
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Cellienda
Krystal Hayden, treated as an outcast in this rich school she doesn't even want to stay in, aren't like any other girl. She isn't spoiled with money and can't meet any c...
  • panting
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  • talented
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Shot: A Jeffmads Fic by Quillique
Shot: A Jeffmads Ficby Quillique
It was just a normal debate between Hamilton and Jefferson. James was there to support Jefferson and back him up against Hamilton. Everything was going fine. Until a dru...
  • debate
  • shot
  • lgbtq
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Becoming his Old Lady (A Sons of Anarchy Story) by hicklife
Becoming his Old Lady (A Sons of hicklife
Elle beautiful, smart, funny and has always been as known as the rich kid with the rich friends and had the most beautiful mansion. She loved it all up until highschool...
  • adventure
  • ladys
  • sonsofanarchy
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10K imagines by readerandwriter114
10K imaginesby Albatross
****OPEN FOR REQUESTS**** I wrote some imagines about my favourite character, enjoy and comment to suggest new chapter ideas! I will publish them! I don't own Z Nation...
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Omega: the Sequel by vb123321
Omega: the Sequelby Monica
Warning: Contains spoilers. Do not read unless you have read "Delta: a spy novel" before reading this, or you'll be massively confused and you'll ruin it for y...
  • josh
  • omega
  • pierre
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Undercover Brothers - USA In Danger  by hridiv
Undercover Brothers - USA In Divyesh
Highest Rank #35 in Action Roger and Sarge - The FBI Agents are back with another mission. The son of the owner of a gunshop is kidnapped, isn't it a very short mission...
  • danger
  • terrorist
  • agent
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😈Blocboy Status😈 by Blocboy_Jb
😈Blocboy Status😈by 💯😈JB😈💯
just read
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Kid napped by the gang leader by slayingelui
Kid napped by the gang leaderby oooooo Shane
Lea elui ginet was not an average girl. She is a orphan that has no family to rely on. She one day walks from her ballet class and gets kidnapped. Will she escape or lea...
  • hurt
  • lea
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Love You Down.¤Book Two¤ [Urban/ Thug Love] ~Unedited by __ylrx
Love You Down.¤Book Two¤ [Urban/ Yaya
IF YOU DIDNT READ BOOK ONE ¤Fuck For The Road.¤ GO READ THAT BEFORE YOU READ THIS !!! With Issa missing and everything falling apart Cass has no choice but to turn back...
  • back
  • rain
  • thug
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Just Shoot by Houlane
Just Shootby Houlane
Ness Earhart inspirada por las historias que le contaba su abuelo, decide ingresar a la escuela militar para ser como él. Como todo inicio, se le complica pero aprende...
  • conflicto
  • armas
  • escuelamilitar
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jimin, tiene los ojos de luna. by mieldesol
jimin, tiene los ojos de 承
VENECIA: JIMIN © Then I bathed in the poem of the sea, infused with stars, the milk-white spume blends Grazing green azures where ravished, bleacherd flotsam, a drowned...
  • jimin
  • bts
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That's My Girl! #TMC Book 2 by Bunny_Heart12
That's My Girl! #TMC Book 2by Nicole
If the book one makes you smile then this book 2 will make you cry--- just kidding, it's frustrated. ^^, Dara-- No! She's now Akira Sandara Tanaka. She doesn't just let...
  • darahyuk
  • eunhyuk
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Protect Her (mafia) -Jungkook  by taebaelae
Protect Her (mafia) -Jungkook by Dream
She was the light in the night. He would do everything to save her. She was an innocent child who's dad was a head of a huge mafia.But what happens when his only child,h...
  • rm
  • taehyung
  • suga
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Art Book by CBTheCoolBoss
Art Bookby CBTheCoolBoss
random crappy art
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Beyblade Oneshots by tragedyqueen2004
Beyblade Oneshotsby Nicky Johns
I love beyblade beyond limits. And having a life with my fav characters Kai/Tala/Johnny/Brooklyn would be like a dream come true. I believe that there are many who shar...
  • raykon
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  • beyblade
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I'm a fool~H.S by Galaxinao
I'm a fool~H.Sby R♡
"روز انا اسف" _________________________________________ "كنت مغفله جدا لتصديقك و حبك" ~~~~~
  • love
  • hard
  • sad
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In my heart (frontier) by WhiteWolfLife
In my heart (frontier)by Cookies and cream
Nina Smyth is living in London with her brother, Micheal Smyth. Nina is a really sweet girl and loves her brother to death. But one-day Nina, Micheal, his girlfriend C...
  • furs
  • declan
  • frontier
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Photography  by TeabagProductions
Photography by Teabag Productions
Yea, I know. I'm not a professional photographer. Yea, I know. Not everyone with an iPhone is a photographer. Photography is a form of art. More goes into it than you th...
  • compilation
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  • pictire
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