BL Novel Recommendations《Ongoing》 by ShizunLi
BL Novel Recommendations《Ongoing》 by Kosu
BL Novel Recommendations 《BL = Boys Love = boyxboy & manxman relationship = Shonen ai = Yaoi》 《These BL Novels are not available here in Wattpad. Try to fi...
  • novel
  • boyxboy
  • seme
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Code Unknown: Guild Adventures In A Different Dimension? by SatoshiTadashi
Code Unknown: Guild Adventures In... by Satoshi
Ace is not your average teenage boy. He can surpass any superhuman abilities, making him a powerful individual. And because he is too overpowered, his perspective from...
  • dragons
  • comedy
  • adventure
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One Piece Trash by BleedingSphinx
One Piece Trash by Headfirst4Halos
A book containing One Piece trash specifically fandom trash, the best kind of trash. Basically a collection of things found on the internet, things about One Piece sur...
  • zoro
  • lemon
  • nicorobin
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Set Backs. || PURPLEPHONE by 19VincentPurpleGuy87
Set Backs. || PURPLEPHONE by Remember to smile, you are th...
The second book of a much loved series that has been ongoing since March. Thank you all for 15k reads, fanart, fanfiction, and nothing but positive reviews. <3 -- Vi...
  • pgxpg
  • purplephone
  • fnaf
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Hatred Paradox (T2) - ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM -[EN PAUSE] by Jujudrow
Hatred Paradox (T2) - ASSASSINATIO... by JujuDrow
  • karma
  • assassinationclassroom
  • oc
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Bratvá On Ice - [El secuestro de Yuri Plisetsky] by Desaidas
Bratvá On Ice - [El secuestro de Y... by Dan Akeda
Caminar distraído en una solitaria calle de Rusia puede ser muy peligroso y aun más si no sabes que la Bratvá asecha en todos lados. Nadie quiere involucrase con la...
  • yurio
  • victor
  • ice
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Look at me - Damon by BlueBanana11
Look at me - Damon by Perry is so hot
This is a fanfic about the BGT judges Simon Cowell and David Walliams. Everybody knows that David's in love with Simon and when David breaks up with Lara Stone, Simon fe...
  • damon
  • cowell
  • bgt
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Choosing One [Modern!Izuna Uchiha x Modern!Tobirama Senju x Reader] by GraySteel
Choosing One [Modern!Izuna Uchiha... by V O N
[Name] has known since the beginning that she was going to get married, but she doesn't expect it in this way. They both proposed as kids, but now it's for real, and [Na...
  • love
  • tobirama
  • shonen
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Ten Days (Yaoi BoyXBoy) by Akikou
Ten Days (Yaoi BoyXBoy) by Kou ♂
WARNING! Yaoi BoyXBoy! Sono Tsukiya has always been unpopular, overweight, and bullied through his years of high school. His life was dull with the same torturous cycle...
  • tendays
  • cute
  • akikou
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Our lives in Another World( Black Butler Fanfic) by keka246
Our lives in Another World( Black... by keka246
Racheal and Sofia are two of the happiest and oddest people you'll meet. They've dedicated their lives to their favorite anime, Black Butler, and like everyone else they...
  • sebastianxoc
  • demons
  • cielxoc
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A Complicated Love with a Complicated Choice by LeoHri
A Complicated Love with a Complica... by SYLPHY
Kirino is only a regular boy who loves soccer, studying at Raimon Junior High. He, currently being mistaken as a girl could lead to misunderstandings, but his best frien...
  • kariya
  • fanfiction
  • inazumaeleven
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Yu Yu Hakusho: Into the Dark Age by AbbyDavis6
Yu Yu Hakusho: Into the Dark Age by abbynormal64
Koenma had prepared for the dark age set to befall human kind 500 years from modern times. Yet the prophecies did not reveal that the wheels would be set in motion long...
  • romance
  • anime
  • yuyuhakusho
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Hinata, NO! by KingSilver47
Hinata, NO! by Alexis S. Silver
Kageyama notices that Hinata has been acting weird. Certain objects has gone "missing". Sometimes there were teeth marks on random objects like paper or pencil...
  • haikyuu
  • pica
  • hinakage
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Gay One Shots! by PundyingPundyne
Gay One Shots! by PundyingPundyne
Yay. Mostly ships I love, but can't seem to find much fanfiction of. Most are anime, but some are games or other things. Warning! Yaoi/Shonen Ai! (And a few Shojo Ai/Yur...
  • weeaboo
  • gay
  • weeb
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Madara Uchiha x Reader - Be Loyal To Me by xXShinobi11Xx
Solo Dilo ~OneShot~ by TsubaeAragi
Solo Dilo ~OneShot~ by DracoCantus
Pequeña historia que hice durante ratos libres sobre 2 de mis personajes Contiene contenido no aptos para menores~ <3
  • shonen
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
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¿A quién eliges...?║Anime. by -Kuuko-
¿A quién eliges...?║Anime. by 『«Bye:'u』
『¡Muchos animes! ¡Muchos personajes! ¡Muchos shipps! Pero si te dieran de elegir entre un personajes u otro, entre un shipp u otro ¡O! un anime...
  • harem
  • husbados
  • yuri
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Por qué a mi??? by isaacdanybu
Por qué a mi??? by isaacdanybu
Tipico que cuando cres que por fin tienes una vida normal :) Todo se arruinaaa :( y esta es la historia sobre como mi vida dio un giro de 180 grados centigrados (q...
  • hard
  • vida
  • pervertido
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Scan en version française  by AikoSaia
Scan en version française by Ama-Senpai
Pleins de Yaoi traduit en français pour vous! Sur ce je vous laisse apprécier. Cette "histoire" comporte du contenu Homosexuels, donc les homophobes dégager!
  • scan
  • manga
  • yaoi
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Naruto One-Shots by saskade
Naruto One-Shots by Sasuke Uchiha♥
Some chapters of random Naruto themed one shots to help ya through whatever might be happening today. ♡ ••Started: 9/8/17•• ••Status: Ongoing; SLOW UPDATE••
  • hatake
  • kakashi
  • sasuke
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