New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by lizard1600
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by Lauryn "Lizard" Lynx
You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from...
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A Nalu Fanfiction:Lucy a Elemental Dragon Slayer by Cloud_Writes
A Nalu Fanfiction:Lucy a Elemental... by Cloud_Writes
Ever since Lissanna came back my life has been miserable! Everyone ignores me excepted Levy,Mirajane,Wendy,Gajeel,and the Exceeds. One day I walked into the guild and I...
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Gaster OneShots 4 [Open] by BrownENH
Gaster OneShots 4 [Open] by Emily Skelewolf
THAT'S RIGHT! #4!!! (No images r mine) DEAL WITH IT!
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YouTuber-Zitate (95% vom FREEDOM-Squad) TEIL 2 by NekoWeird
YouTuber-Zitate (95% vom FREEDOM-S... by KindaWeird
2. TEIL XD Zitate von den Mitgliedern des berühmten FREEDOM SQUADS, bestehend aus Paluten, GermanLetsPlay, Zombey und maudado Ein bunter Mix aus Zitaten aus Freedom-Folg...
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Instagram  by JustARegularTeenager
Instagram by hiatus
• in which Jungkook runs a blog dedicated to Suga • *short chapters* started⇔04.18.16 completed⇔06.11.16
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Mystreet X Reader [] Kinetic Energy by Kaw_anne_16_ships
Mystreet X Reader [] Kinetic Energy by ヾノ。ÒㅅÓ)ノシ Ki~Chan
❦(Y/N), she's a funny, loving, girl who forces herself to move from the city she lived in, to a new place called Mystreet. This is because of her ex-friend that new her...
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sweet sensations by a-stronomy
sweet sensations by ♡ sociopath
❝ i figured it all to be love, but this isn't lovely ❞ leaving tonight ;; the neighbourhood
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KnB Randoms! :D by anime_addict_mavis
KnB Randoms! :D by I just wanna die
The title should tell you enough though...But I'll give you a description. Welcome to the randomness of Kuroko no basuke! For people who hates yaoi get the fuck out beca...
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BMC Boyf Riends One Shots by GalaxyGal-103
BMC Boyf Riends One Shots by GalaxyGal-103
I am pretty sure the title says it all. Don't expect an update schedule. Contains: -AUs -Suicide -Death -Self harm -Homophobia -Swearing -Angst -Fluff -Feels -Other sh...
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Eight Against One - A Lucy Harem by lGalacticl
Eight Against One - A Lucy Harem by Galactic the Determination Sa...
Lucy Heartfilia is a transfer student from Sabertooth High. She is going to the prestigious school of Fairy Tail High. That's when she finds out she will have to be spen...
  • gajeel
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Hamilton Pictures + Roleplay by TipsyLilRox
Hamilton Pictures + Roleplay by Smol Seababy❤
What the title says! None of these pictures are mine unless said differently. And if you wanna Roleplay something based off one of the pictures, tell me ;3 I'll gladly R...
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  • nsfw
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Ill Be There {♡TomTord♡} by MyaTheMeme
Ill Be There {♡TomTord♡} by ilovememes
!!PLEASE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS!! this is the shipping of the characters NOT the real life people! please take notice of that and be respectful to the eddsworld creators/vo...
  • tomxtord
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Echotale - Thought So (G!sansxFrisk) by _fransfics_
Echotale - Thought So (G!sansxFris... by A.P.M.B
FRANS This is a request and I have been really exited to start writing it! I really hope you like it! Echotale is not my AU! Neither is Jailtale! This is just my own lit...
  • frisk
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Oh Shoot! Shipping Opinions by PersonSayinStuff
Oh Shoot! Shipping Opinions by Elemeno, Queen of Red & Blue...
Elemeno reacts and rates ships. I know I had Pokémon Shipping A-Z, but this time, we just have them opinions. It ain't much of discussions...maybe. We can talk about: Po...
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If Mystreet characters used Facebook by eggheadJade
If Mystreet characters used Facebo... by Jadie~✄
[Highest Ranking: #58 In Humor] [Highest Ranking: #317 In Fanfiction] What if Mystreet characters were to use facebook? If they already do, what happens? Dramatic things...
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If We Fall In Love... [Garrance AU] {Book 1} (Completed) by katgamez2000
If We Fall In Love... [Garrance AU... by ~Kat~
"If we fall in love, we might get hate..." "I can live with that, just to be close to you." "I we fall in love, we might lose some of our friend...
  • aphmau
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ArtboOoOoOoOm (8) and stuffs lel by shimo_spooky_apple
ArtboOoOoOoOm (8) and stuffs lel by shimo_spooky_apple
Well here's an other one.. an other artbook of mine lelelel Enjoy that randomness and fanarts x)
  • southpark
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BBS Squad One-Shots by SquishyGhost
BBS Squad One-Shots by SquishyGhost
Just one shots of BBS squad ships I have. Most will be AUs inspired by prompts or random stuff. Mostly will be the ships H20vanoss, Minicat, and krii7y.
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