Gaster OneShots 4 [On Hold] by BrownENH
Gaster OneShots 4 [On Hold] by Emily Skelewolf Fanfiction
THAT'S RIGHT! #4!!! (No images r mine) DEAL WITH IT!
YouTuber-Zitate (95% vom FREEDOM-Squad) TEIL 2 by NekoWeird
YouTuber-Zitate (95% vom FREEDOM-S... by KindaWeird Random
2. TEIL XD Zitate von den Mitgliedern des berühmten FREEDOM SQUADS, bestehend aus Paluten, GermanLetsPlay, Zombey und maudado Ein bunter Mix aus Zitaten aus Freedom-Folg...
✿ Minecraft Diaries OneShots by PhoenixForces
✿ Minecraft Diaries OneShots by ♚♡ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʜᴏᴇɴɪx ꜰᴏʀᴄᴇs♡♚ Fanfiction
❝ You Made Me Feel Beautiful When I Thought That I was Nothing ❞ ━ 100 words never said. Minecraft Diaries, Mystreet, and Phoenix Drop High oneshots, brou...
Threat Level: Tornado [Saitama x Tatsumaki] by DreamerGate
Threat Level: Tornado [Saitama x T... by Joseph D. Ward Fanfiction
After the Sea King injured or killed numerous heroes, Tornado was called in to face him. But a misstep by her almost cost her her life. But then a bald hero we all know...
In Disguise ↠ + j.jk by btsmahal
In Disguise ↠ + j.jk by Misty // 밋티 Fanfiction
So much can be hidden under a mask, including an identity. Instagram themed fanfic. Highschool, Model, and Instagram AU. Highest ranking:709 in Fanfiction
~Sanscest and Undertale Ships~ {Requests C L O S E D} by ABirdThing
~Sanscest and Undertale Ships~ {Re... by Terrifying Waffles. Humor
*jumps off a cliff into hell* let's get this crap started, bitches. so much regret was put into this. and seriously, if you request something when it says "Closed&q...
I Hate You So...So..Much (Dom/D'Trix X Lilly/IISuperwomanII) by nirvana123456
I Hate You So...So..Much (Dom/D'Tr... by Nirvana123456 Fanfiction
I Hate You.... After an incident on one faithful day, Dominic and Lilly cut all means of communication, vowing to never talk to one another again...but After 5 months an...
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by lizard1600
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by Lauryn "Lizard" Lynx Fanfiction
You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from...
Shipping RP by Page_Dawn
Shipping RP by Offline Random
My Opinions On Pokémon Ships (REQUESTS OPEN) by AlolanNikki
My Opinions On Pokémon Ships (REQU... by 💜Crack Ship Queen💜 Random
Just my opinions and ratings on ships. This should be fun. I've had a change of heart. I take requests now! :3 {Was #243 in Random} Thanks for the support everyone! Ever...
sweet sensations by a-stronomy
sweet sensations by ✘福 Random
❝ i figured it all to be love, but this isn't lovely ❞ leaving tonight ;; the neighbourhood
RANDOM COMICS I FIND by Vamp_verse_Jasper
RANDOM COMICS I FIND by ȶʀǟֆɦ Random
The title says it all.
Instagram  by JustARegularTeenager
Instagram by Kai Fanfiction
• in which Jungkook runs a blog dedicated to Suga • *short chapters* started⇔04.18.16 completed⇔06.11.16
Mystreet X Reader [] Kinetic Energy by Kaw_anne_16_ships
Mystreet X Reader [] Kinetic Energy by ヾノ。ÒㅅÓ)ノシ Ki~Chan Fanfiction
❦(Y/N), she's a funny, loving, girl who forces herself to move from the city she lived in, to a new place called Mystreet. This is because of her ex-friend that new her...
The New Life (Tomtord)  by Cookie_Kitty163
The New Life (Tomtord) by Cookie_Kitty163 Random
Long ago the 'accident' happened (about 6 years ago) Tord quit the red army BECAUSE he regretted everything he did... Tord lived In a smol Apartment... One day tord was...
30 Day OTP Challenge! by Kitstenk
30 Day OTP Challenge! by I'M A TAILOR SPYING ON THE BR... Fanfiction
Exactly what the title says! This seemed really fun, so I wanted to do it :3
Echotale - Thought So (G!sansxFrisk) by _fransfics_
Echotale - Thought So (G!sansxFris... by A.P.M.B Fanfiction
FRANS This is a request and I have been really exited to start writing it! I really hope you like it! Echotale is not my AU! Neither is Jailtale! This is just my own lit...
Ask The Sanses by Sinna_Sinner
Ask The Sanses by Sinna or TinTin Random
I haven't really seen a lot of these lately so, why not? Also art on the cover does not belong to me credit goes to them.
YukinaAiko's pokemonshipping opinion by yukinaaiko0858
YukinaAiko's pokemonshipping opini... by SerenaProtectionsquad Random
basically what the title says. request are always open
wayhaught gifs by yellowmorrissey
wayhaught gifs by soñador Fanfiction
❝just what the title says.❞ ;)