The Rookie Pirates ~ Wattpad Featured by GuiltyFlower
The Rookie Pirates ~ Wattpad Robin Amor
Follow the adventures of Jessica Red as she travels the world in hopes to find the man who once saved her life. However, she can't seem to remember anything about him, o...
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Kik Me | YoonKook FanFic | by Got7ShineeDiamonds
Kik Me | YoonKook FanFic |by 💕 tae stan 💕
Famous idol Jeon Jungkook accidentally texts his #1 fan Min Yoongi. | some short chapters - some long chapters | Cover by me 💕 Highest rank #225 in fanfiction Current r...
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Reddie Nights by LosverJae
Reddie Nightsby King Asshole
One-shot book of Richie & Eddie + some other ships Suggestions/requests open and can include ANYTHING I DO NOT OWN IT OR IT'S CHARACTERS Highest Rank: #175 in Fanfiction...
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The Marriage Pact // Changlix by music_nxtes
The Marriage Pact // Changlixby 《shannon》
"Wait, lets make a deal. When we both turn 27, and we haven't fallen in love with anyone else yet, let's get married." "What? Why? That's stupid," Ch...
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stars ! reddie by galaxytozier
stars ! reddieby EUREKA !
❝Rich i love you but its twelve in the fucking morning❞ Highest Ranking: #175 in (Hot) Humour [REDDIE] TEXTING [ONESHOTS] Dedicated to: @galaxykaspbrak Lowercase intend...
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✧ groupchat by xilluminate
✧ groupchatby • m i n a •
a funny friendgroup gains another member. - what happens when someone adds the wrong number in to a groupchat? - § jenzie fanfic. -
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Friend-ship? || KESSA by kessaship
Friend-ship? || KESSAby Kessa♛
Tessa Brooks and Kian Lawley, the fans favorite ship. The only ship that doesn't sink, or does it?
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Baby Boy | VKook smut/fluff +18 by Siss-enia
Baby Boy | VKook smut/fluff +18by Kookie_in_my_Tae
"D-Daddy... what are you doing?" Jungkook smirked. "Don't be afraid baby boy, I'll make you feel good." - Jungkook is the young and innocent Taehyung...
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I Hate You,I Love You ❁Book 1❁ by mikolalila
I Hate You,I Love You ❁Book 1❁by ✩𝓚𝓪𝔂✩ & l.jh {{Soonhoon}} (Short chapters, less than 100 words) ★Book 1/3★ ~~~~~~~ Includes: Violence Angst Violent Language Many grammar/spelling errors ~~~~~~~ Started...
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Thighs | Yoonmin | Texting  by pandagift
Thighs | Yoonmin | Texting by pandagift
SugAss "Just wanted to let you know that you have some hot thighs" «Opposites attract each other... right?» __________________________ Just one of many Yoonm...
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Drarry texts  by drxrryship
Drarry texts by Melina Malfoy
(Text AU) Drarry texts Just imagine if they had iPhones at Hogwarts..... ok good now this is exactly what im writing about, this is a drarry (dracoxharry) fic so Yup jus...
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Bangtan Fan Army Awards 2018 [Judging] by BangtangFanArmy
Bangtan Fan Army Awards 2018 [ BangtangFanArmy
Bangtan Fan Army Awards is for all BTS genre's. This award is created for the wonderful undiscovered BTS Fanfictions. The fan awards is to incorporate the Judges picks...
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why peterick is real. by bishopsknifetrick
why peterick is 😤👌
dear fall out boy, i warn that you don't look at this book. (: highest rank: #212 in fanfiction ! ! ! ( even though it ain't even a fanfic ) completed: 27/12/17
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Undercover by TaeAndChim
Undercoverby TaeAndChim™
Where Jimin is a world renowned spy, and Jungkook is the most dangerous man in the world.
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finn wolfhard imagines by -millies
finn wolfhard imaginesby ♡
wow imagines
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Bts // One Shots by bookllama123
Bts // One Shotsby Kat
This is multiple short stories about BTS. Most are between a member and the reader but I may do some ship ones between members of the group. I take suggestions so don't...
  • kimnamjoon
  • fanfiction
  • ship
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BTS TEXTS [HU] by BTS_Saranghe_Forever
BTS TEXTS [HU]by BTS_Saranghe_Forever
Ebben a "könyvben" megtalálsz mindenféle beszélgetést a shippektől kezdve az egyszerűen értelmetlen és már csak ezért is vicces beszélgetéseken át, az agyérgör...
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A Touch of Grace by istolethecookiez
A Touch of Graceby Caitlin W.
Sometimes, guys tease you because they like you; and sometimes, they're just jerks. And in Gracelyn's case, Phoenix is just a jerk. Or at least, she thinks he is. Cover...
  • comedy
  • romance
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Instagram || m.y.g × j.j.k by allidoissleep
Instagram || m.y.g × j.j.kby noneofyourbusiness
Just another yoonkook Instagram story
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Camping and Watching (SLOW EDITING) by PandaCreatesMS
Camping and Watching (SLOW EDITING)by PandaCreatesMS
Marinette and Adrien find out each other's biggest secrets after coming face to face with a black cat. They are going on a camping trip for two weeks the class gets susp...
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