Levi x Reader Oneshots by leafifael
Levi x Reader Oneshots by leafi Fanfiction
A shit-storm of death, depressing stuff and rarely fluff. Stop commenting when I kill the characters xD Warning - It happens often. Way too often. Please don't bring oth...
Alpha's Little Omega by LoveStoryOfDeath106
Alpha's Little Omega by GalaxyLover106 Fanfiction
Prince Levi Rivaille Ackerman is the prince of Wall Sina. Who is taking the throne when his reach 21st birthday. It was 3 years ago when he met his little omega. In a al...
Personal Tutor by ErerismyOTP
Personal Tutor by feed me høe Fanfiction
Highest Rank #120 In FanFiction Cover by @Cutegirlgamer112 Eren- A young high school teenager who is top of his class and is declared valedictorian. He is a brunette wi...
Do You Still Love Me by xxdeathwishxx212
Do You Still Love Me by Lawliet TJ Fanfiction
SEQUEL TO DON'T YOU TRUST ME A lot of things have changed in the last four years. They are living happily together. Levi has taught Eren so much. Thanks to Levi Eren kno...
101 Reasons Why Eremin Is Canon by 580o05505
101 Reasons Why Eremin Is Canon by Whole Message Random
Some Facts I came up with on why eremin should be/ is Canon. I recommend reading the 1 and 2 chapter/chapters last.
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X R... by MegaBlazethecat Fanfiction
This is a wondrous set of boyfriend scenarios about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. All of the scenarios contain you and Levi spending time to together with a hint o...
Attack on Titan Truth or Dare by MLPAvatar202
Attack on Titan Truth or Dare by MLPAvatar202 Random
Watch as the AOT crew (Survey Corps) ask each other embarrassing/stupid questions or dare each other to do embarrassing/stupid things!! (I had a book like this already...
Attack On Crack by -PrincesOfThieves-
Attack On Crack by 🍀Robin Hood🍀 Random
Welcome to the fandom of Attack on Titan! I don't own all the pictures or/ videos
The Missing Princess by Koda-San
The Missing Princess by ¤|Koda|¤ Fanfiction
▪Book 1▪ 《Levi x Reader》 |Iudune Mini Series| |¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤| (Y/N), Princess of Estra has run away from her country desperately trying to escape an arranged mar...
Futuristic Reality | Rookie!Levi x Reader by FabulousCakeMaster
Futuristic Reality | Rookie!Levi x... by Joy Fanfiction
Modern AU ---- "A lone rose among the thorns." ---- Her alias was Rose due to her beauty and grace. But every rose has thorns. And that's exactly what she has...
Power  {Levi x Reader} by raven_lb
Power {Levi x Reader} by Raven Fanfiction
[Insert Cool Description to Grab Readers Attention Here] This story starts off with your days in the Underground and your daily struggles. It will *not* be like this for...
Choices by Falloutmaster34
Choices by Falloutmaster34 Fanfiction
Eren Jeager was an especially talented warrior. His skill was beyond that of a cadet or trainee. His skill attracts the attention of some very powerful people...
Eren's Savior (Eren x Levi) by BlueDusk8
Eren's Savior (Eren x Levi) by BlueDusk Fanfiction
Eren Jeager had an okay life in his pack. Sure he was an Omega and had issues with his father, but he had his mother and friends there to always support him. When his pa...
[Ereri] The Screams that Saved my Sanity by Pinklion7152
[Ereri] The Screams that Saved my... by Pinklion7152 Fanfiction
Ereri/Riren/LevixEren Yaoi (boyxboy) You don't like-don't read. Levi is a monster. He knows this of course. He lives in a dump of a house in the middle of nowhere to hid...
AOT Truth or Dare  by Yaoi_45
AOT Truth or Dare by Lauren Harvie Fanfiction
i just thought why not make a story where the characters have to do truths and dares you guys come up with and truths and dares me and my friends come up with you guys c...
Levi Ackerman Facts by kawaiiporkcutletbowl
Levi Ackerman Facts by ~L~ Random
{All the rights are reserved in our *precious* Hajime Isayama's SNK manga serie!} ~ Facts are found from unknown places ~ Spoilers and Truths about SNK Note from writer:...
Memories || Eremika/Rivetra || by Renee_Heart_Anime
Memories || Eremika/Rivetra || by Renee-Chan Fanfiction
EREMIKA: Eren was always alone when he was little but after drawing one line in the snow, he makes a new friend named Mikasa. They would play together for hours and neve...
Dark Shines (Levi x Reader) by heichoo
Dark Shines (Levi x Reader) by heichoo Fanfiction
ReaderxLevi. (Y/N) comes home one day to find a stranger in her home, rummaging through her cabinets. Scared and confused she tries to confront this stranger. Little did...
Attack On Titan Preferences by Miss_nobody731
Attack On Titan Preferences by 5sosand1Dlover Fanfiction
Attack on Titan boyfriend preferences Eren Levi Armin Jean
Roomates//Levi x Reader [COMPLETED] by HumanityNeedsMoreTea
Roomates//Levi x Reader [COMPLETED] by bilky jew legweak Fanfiction
COMPLETED: 9/4/17 #1 in the attack on titan fanfiction tag. --- YN LN lives in Japan. Like any other teenage girl she goes to school. Except her school is a little dif...