From Water to Fire | Naruto Various × Female!Reader by saigeyissweg
From Water to Fire | Naruto Variou... by saigeyissweg Fanfiction
{CAUTION: I Saigeyisweg do not own any of the characters, you own yourself. Or the plot, I only own your plot in this story, and your history, background in this story e...
More kids! (Shikamaru Nara x Reader) [One-Shot] by ShadowRacoon
More kids! (Shikamaru Nara x Reade... by ShadowRacoon Fanfiction
That's my first Naruto FanFic. I hope that you all like it! ^^ Story (c) TachibanaSan Gif (c) noiziotix.tumblr Shikamaru Nara and Naruto (and Shikadai) (c) Masashi Kishi...