Friends with Benefits? by lucia23
Fanning the Flames by live_laugh_love96
Fanning the Flames by Rachel Teen Fiction
We all live in the world of magic and elements, but we don’t know it. Fire, water, air, and earth used to rule the world, but a terrible war broke out. Each element wa...
From The Start (1st Draft) by Mollydx3
From The Start (1st Draft) by Molly! <3 Teen Fiction
(Editing and re-posting) After her parents get divorced, sixteen-year-old Rosalie moves to Massachusetts to live with her mom. It’s there she meets Alexander, a mysterio...
The Devil's Belonging book one by marthe3103
The Devil's Belonging book one by Marthy Fantasy
‘’ let’s head back to the council. Let everyone know what happens with people trying to gather and steal the talismans from us ever again.’’ The boss said angrily and hi...
Falling by paigemae23
Falling by Paige Cunningham Teen Fiction
Angela is your typical teen girl, does Okay in school, has great friends and gets on well with her sister Rose. In fact, besides her lack of a love life, is pretty happy...
City of Glass by BardConstantine
City of Glass by Bard Constantine Fantasy
Talan is a homeless boy who lives by his speed and wits, but what he wants more than anything is to get into the City of Glass. Beautiful and tantalizing, it beckons to...
Crush, crush, crush by DoSoolly
The darkest corners of my mind [poetry] by cold_blooded_freak
The darkest corners of my mind [po... by Brianna MacLean Poetry
These are some of the many poems that have entered my mind and wound up onto paper.
The Mannequin Child by JTWarren
The Mannequin Child by J.T. Warren Mystery / Thriller
The mannequin an emotionally scarred couple finds by the side of the road in a trash heap looks too much like their dead son. Is this a delusion or an otherworldly conne...
The Hunters by paigemae23
The Hunters by Paige Cunningham Paranormal
Paranormal as you've never seen it before. Blurring the lines between good and evil, this new take on the paranormal genre will have you hooked untill the very last page...
A Good Clean, A Harsh Clean by BrianMartinez
A Good Clean, A Harsh Clean by Brian Martinez Mystery / Thriller
A man walks into a bar, his hands smelling of bleach. All he wants is a drink and an alibi, but what he gets is an encounter with a loud, old man. As they talk he realiz...
You've Been Tagged by markschmoyer
You've Been Tagged by Mark Schmoyer Mystery / Thriller
Chase Mitchels gets an email from Facebook saying he's been tagged in a post by Unknown. The post says, "In 24 hours, Chase Mitchels will be dead." Who is Unkn...
This is  my  life  (working  title)!! by butterysunshine