Sashay Texts (COMPLETED) by sashayscabello
Sashay Texts (COMPLETED)by ‏ً
"hey stranger" "do I know you?"
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Emison:True Love by pllsalt
Emison:True Loveby pllsalt
Emily has always loved Alison and it turns out Alison loves Emily she just hasnt told her. It's about time she does. Even with her biggest secret ever. Will she tell Emi...
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razzle dazzle ➴ voltron trash by -ahsokatano
razzle dazzle ➴ voltron trashby todoroki.
lotor is confirmed a glow stick
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sapphire | jumanji by ixamxbeautiful
sapphire | jumanjiby serendipity💘
Alex Vreeke fanfiction Bonnie is a girl with a lot of problems. But on the inside she always thinks of everyone else first, especially her little sister. Her little sist...
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Texting | SM (On Hold) by CuteTypo
Texting | SM (On Hold)by Leyla ପଓ゚
Famous singer-songwriter, Shawn Mendes, accidentally sends a text to someone, thinking it's a girl a he met at a party the night before. *I'm warning you 99.9% of the c...
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Assassin's Creed One-shots #2 by FadedHonor
Assassin's Creed One-shots #2by Faded
Well it's official! this is my second one shot book! I'm both excited and nervous about how well this one will go. I hope it does better or the same as my other one! I u...
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According To You (Just Like You #2) by ChasingMadness24
According To You (Just Like You #2)by Kyra Blackthorn
"Only you can bring me to my knees and make me want to kiss and kill you all at once." Blake Hart has had an image of the perfect college plan since she was te...
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Home (Shallura/Klance) by Burt11157
Home (Shallura/Klance)by Burt
AU where (spoilers!) Shiro doesn't disappear and they dafeat the Galra empire. They are able to return to earth and carry on their lives. Allura and Coran have landed th...
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assassin's creed one-shots (FINISHED) by FadedHonor
assassin's creed one-shots ( Faded
I'm taking another shot at a one shot book. it's filled with preferences, one-shots and whatever else I come up with. Requests are always open unless I say otherwise. Do...
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Klance Bodyguard!AU Comic by Burt11157
Klance Bodyguard!AU Comicby Burt
Original artist is littlecofiegirl on tumblr, please check them out cause they have amazing art! Thanks you for choosing this book! ~Burt
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Truth Behind Lies (Lauren/You) by __GooDVibez__
Truth Behind Lies (Lauren/You)by Fallen Sky
You are a normal teenage girl when all the sudden Simon Cowell knocked on your door and took you to have another life which is living with 4 other people as a youtuber...
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Assassin's Creed Imagines by Impendingambervice
Assassin's Creed Imaginesby Impendingambervice
Highest rank: #45 in fan fiction! A collection of Assassin's Creed imagines! Requests are welcome :) I do not own Assassin's Creed! All are original and written by yours...
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Toxic (Harry Styles) by stylesmyth
Toxic (Harry Styles)by Ash.
Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear. There's something about unexpected moments, you can't plan it, you can't prepare for it, and maybe that's the most special thin...
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VOLTRON CRACK by alonewithfiction
VOLTRON CRACKby alonewithfiction
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The Life Within 51 by photofrnd54
The Life Within 51by Katie
This is my first story ever on here. I hope you all enjoy it. It's all about the life and ups and downs that the people at 51 go through on and off the job. It is a litt...
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After All This Time | Dom Sherwood [1] by munchkinxcait
After All This Time | Dom Caitlyn ♔
C O M P L E T E D ((SOCIAL MEDIA)) ((DOM SHERWOOD X OC)) "After all this time, I still love you."
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Adopted By The Shaytards by DepressedCarrot
Adopted By The Shaytardsby K A Y
14 year old Harry Taylor has lived in foster care his entire life, but now the Shaytards decide to adopt another child. Harry gets mixed in with the wrong crowd too ofte...
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Trust Me by Emison__Sashay
Trust Meby Emison ❤
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Nobodies Assassin (I) by AssassinoKenway14
Nobodies Assassin (I)by Anna
Description on the inside. This is a Percy Jackson and Assassin's Creed fan fiction.
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